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Change to Phone Alerts, Flashes & Icons

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A rather simple change, but one that I think could make my life, and I'm sure many others', a lot easier.

Right now, if you receive a text message on your phone, you have no idea if you don't hear the initial sound, which doesn't last long and isn't particularly loud. With people talking, engines and general noise it can be easy to miss.  This can leave unanswered messages sitting there.  You could expect people to open their phones and check messages, but just like real life with a lock screen, it's much easier when you can see it at a quick glance in some form to save you stopping, opening your phone, going to messages and doing it that way.

Furthermore, new unread texts aren't differentiable to old read ones.  This makes it harder again to keep track of when you get texts from multiple people, especially logging in to new ones.  Having these in bold text if unread would be very useful.

I would also like to see a change to the phone bar image whilst 'minimised' , where it flashes between inverted black/white colours for example when you get a message or have one waiting, and perhaps an extra icon at the top of the phone to symbolise that you have one unread.  Once you have read the message, it would stop having the flashing or icons.

With the addition of being able to easily block numbers, there's no negative to this as if someone uses this to annoy you, you can just block the number anyway.

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Support this suggestion.

These phone alert messages can be used for a ton of things without taking up chat and could be a good temporary indicator of an event you should look further into.. like receiving a text, getting a call, or even notifying of unread messages on login.

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Support this one it is much cooler.

+1 for your idea too. But this one here is amazing. 

Whilst Xoza's idea is good and I support it, it is for something else.


My suggestion is primarily for a notification system and one that would remain on the phone, easily noticed without needing to open the phone at all.  This is something that Xoza's suggestion would not resolve.  Again, great suggestion for Xoza but it's just a different suggestion.  

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