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[Selling] 190z and Exemplar (UPDATED)

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Selling off both a 190z and an Exemplar. The 190z is up at High End and I've got the Exemplar up at Low End in the city.

The Exemplar is set at about the halfway point as far as aftermarket maxing. It's up for 50 thousand on the lot.

The 190z is set with heavy bodywork done, the exhaust has been relocated to the side of the engine bay rather than the back, and the engine is stuffed with as much aftermarket modding as we could manage. Got it up for 200k, 125 down from the stock price.

Pic of the 190z below, fabulous sport classic that's a load of fun to drive, and sadly no pics of the Exemplar. Set black with white wheels.


For any questions about either car hit me up with a text. 214-4739


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