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Adding the government website onto the phone

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With how it runs currently, all government factions have to tab out and do work within the forums such as responding to emails, doing all paperwork, and keeping track of employees. The implementation of this would be similar to Life Invader where you need to sign in and it’s just an updated UI of the current government website. 

This for one will lower the cases of incidents where people are missing out on RP or not responding to situation due to sound being cut when tabbed out. Having it on the phone will make the UI small enough to where the player can see around and hear the surroundings so no  rp has been missed.

Another reason this would be beneficial is because it doesn’t separate my time from the server on a website, I can use the IC website ICly via the phone. 

As someone who keeps track of staff and districts, this addition would mitigate several problems and over all would be a great addition for all government employees to better keep track of emails and such. 

The addition of this of course would not be the new way to use the government forums, but having the option to respond to an email or to reference a file would be very nice - I’m sure most government employees can attest.

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+1 surely, with the recent addition of life invader it most definitely proves something like this is possible. the forum itself is going to be accessible out of game still, yes, and it should be because i already see writing emails in game via the phone is going to be a pain in the ass especially with some factions utilizing formatted replies, extensive bb codes usage and whatnot, with that 'small' screen it'd be infuriating to scroll up and down, find issues, correct them, preview and do that all over again. some kind of notification tab could be useful as well giving us a heads up that we got an email just like the text system works, a beep and a pop up message.

also adding onto this, maybe the in game laptop could serve a new purpose, maybe add the government site to the laptop itself and have it stretch out over the most of our screens (the size of the laptop weapon import page per say) so you can easily fill out forms, reply and email without having to tab out, open the forums, navigate to the desired forum and so on, this would not benefit crims as much, if anything it would be a blow because people would be buying laptops out leaving them empty handed at times, maybe the laptop price and overall use could get a makeover?

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