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1. Trucking Jobs / 2. Rent fee for renting a truck

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This one needs to change. Players can already collect oil in drums, so you would want to pick up from the oil dropoff location, not straight from here, but nice concept.

Hi I was thinking also about making a route more interesting, we wouldn't mess with peoples drums. just that is a good spot to park a truck. As in oil drop-off location there is not enough space to park your truck, with all the RV's it's always packed. 

Above the oil drop-off location is super good place, but unfortunately is already in use for something else( we can't talk about it on forums).

do you have any other suggestion for collecting location?  

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Trucking JOB (TIMBER) “npc orders”

1. You spawn a trailer for logs at the palato bay. No.1 on the MAP




2.drive to Paleto Forest and load the LOGS.(we have two options, please comment on options). On the MAP No.2a and no.2b

1. Easy pick up next to main road on the MAP 2.a


2. Go all the way up to the sawmill (maybe too complicated or a nice challenge for a truck drivers) no. 2.b on the MAP


3. Deliver all logs to wood processing factory in LS. No.3 on the MAP


This route could finish here.
Or we can add no.4

4. Deliver planks to the Port for the export. No.4 ON THE MAP



MAP FOR THE JOB https://imgur.com/bXewaY3


ps: I know that it would be good to deliver all the wood to furniture shop, but I think that around there is already a lot of traffic. It would be super difficult to deliver to doorstep.

Please comment and Thanks for Reading.
Thor Smith 

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hm... I was sure that is refinery with all that smoke. Do you have any other suggestions what could be the refinery? 

Yep https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/Palmer-Taylor_Power_Station

Refinery's are in the industrial sector.

Take a look at my list though, there are a lot of good ideas there. It doesn't even have to have more than one contact point. Additional deliveries could be 'triggered' when another delivery is complete.

  • Get Job
  • Get Trailer
  • Load
  • Unload

Chained NPC deliveries would be really cool actually.

  1. Wood from mill goes to wood processing
  2. /newjob/
  3. Wood from processing goes to Oil Refinery
  4. /newjob/ (maybe at the same time)
  5. Oil from fields goes to Oil Refinery
  6. /newjob/
  7. Railroad ties from refinery go to rail yard.
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+1 to all government groups ordering supplies and truckers delivering, this will do a lot by giving the groups an upkeep and give the truckers more jobs


+1 on the NPC generated jobs!

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