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Author and pictures chosen by: Maccy Kentworth




A new day dawned and an arranged meeting was due, most members were out of town for the majority of the day but Maccy and Bez began by putting in a few hours at work and then joining Asbjorn for a spot of fishing. They talked between themselves about the content that would be brought up at this meeting and agreed it was nothing that needed to be kept within the Grid. Asbjorn informed them both that Jamie and Hazel had been hard at work refurbishing the exterior of Jamie’s ranch property to serve as temporary HQ, since the Nation had some trouble with thieves when they were all parking outside of the Weazel Towers apartment complex. Most of the Grid and a Burner met up later that day at the ranch and everyone expressed how much they liked the refurbishment, a calm and quiet place where their meetings would not be interrupted. The first topic was that of the nightclub/HQ they wished to purchase. They decided that by Sunday they would have collected the money between all founders, including some kindly donations from their Burners and they would draw up a contract for joint ownership with buyout terms if anyone was to decide to break away from the Nation. The second topic of agenda was asking about members' feelings on some of the people who had expressed interest in the Nation and it was decided that these people would be extended an invite to spend more time with us during hangouts and brought in when the time was right. The final topic was that of the item that would identify someone as being a member of the club. Although she was unable to be there, Winter had suggested to Bez and Maccy that the club use button badges that could be placed on either a members clothing or their car seats. These would mainly indicate ranks but the possibility would be open for the Nation to decide on many other badges that members could earn. It was decided by a full house that these were a good idea and would be handed out as soon as possible. Maccy then suggested that the members present go for a cruise around the city for both photo opportunities and to public spaces to introduce themselves to more citizens of Los Santos.




They agreed to start their journey at Vinewood Bowl Amphitheater so all parted ways at the ranch to collect the vehicles they wanted to bring with them, and take a few to LSC for some quick modifications. On the way Maccy and Bez made a quick stop to help an injured woman in the middle of the road until a medic was able to respond to her call. Once they had, Maccy and Bez continued on to LSC where they met up with some more of the members.







Once everyone arrived they parked up and got out to chat about potential places to cruise to, whilst they were discussing Maccy took the opportunity to snap some pictures really quick. It was at this point a friend of Don’s and someone Maccy was familiar with turned up asking about a wedding. He eventually gave up on trying to find the wedding he was looking for and tagged along at the back of the group, offering to take photos for the Nation which was much appreciated. The first destination they travelled to was suggested by one of the Burners, Axel, and was a great choice indeed. They headed out of the car park and up the hill towards the vinewood sign taking some pictures atop the letters together, and of their cars. Don then led them to a small parking area with a beautiful overview of the city where they spent some time before heading to the location Maccy had suggested





He suggested the one place he knew that would be public but not a veritable parking nightmare for all of the Nation's cars. As soon as they pulled into the lot people began to approach, Don called Maccy over the radio and said someone interested in the Nation would be meeting them there and there were soon many conversations going on between members of the Nation and the public at the pier. The small quiz that the Grid had devised was sent to the potential Burner and he filled it out promptly. During this the nation introduced themselves as a legal car club a few times after the inevitable 'What gang is this?' was thrown their way and people wished them well and said they looked forward to seeing what the Nation would do. They then headed to the last location on the list and Maccy quietly asked each member what they thought of the potential new Burner, all were happy with the concept of him joining so Maccy offered him a copy of the logbook and they made their way to the HQ to show their new Burner Gary the location.






Seth Cincaid

Former LSMC patched member and DOC workaholic, most members of the Nation knew Seth well and his abilities, he was offered an instant position as a member of a division and unsurprisingly picked the front runner role for his ability to work security and love of cars going fast. He was always considered family by most of the members and fitted right in where he always belonged.

Viktor Walker
Proud member of the DOC and a Sergeant in their special forces division, Viktor comes from a background of hard work and yet manages to help us relax with his chill attitude. Although something of a hard worker, Viktor was introduced at a local event and found us to be just the sort of chill people he had been looking for. Even during his first few days Viktor proved eager to be of help to the club, including offering rides, transportation of newly bought furniture, and even help stand security in the parking lot. Without a doubt, Viktor Walker is an excellent addition to the family.

Tyler Allison

A shining star among the Weazel News workforce, Tyler is a model for just the sort of people Burnout Nation seeks to associate with. Soft spoken but with no lack of flair, Tyler is a Burner that makes an impression on whoever they meet. Joining alongside his romantic partner, Tyler was quick to add to the positive energy that our club prides itself on. With a friendly attitude and approachable personality, faces both new and old find the young Burner a pleasure to be around. Burnout Nation will certainly shine brighter thanks to the hard work and bright attitude of Tyler Allison.


Hank Chase

Hank was the first Burner to go through the proper recruitment process and take the quiz that Don had devised with help from the Grid, recommended by Diego, nobody really knew Hank so it was decided that he was welcome to come hangout with the Nation for the meantime. At first quiet he soon began to open up and talk to everyone and seemed like the kind of person who would be a fit for the Nation. Upon confirming that Hank would be brought in for an official recruitment meeting Diego handed an envelope to Maccy with a donation from Hank to the club purely because he believed in what they were doing and wanted to see them achieve great things, it was accepted with gratitude after Maccy explained it was not necessary and the next day Hank was handed the first edition of the logbook and brought in as a Burner.


Gary Taylor

Maccy, Bez and Don's manager at Bayview and always a laugh and friendly guy to be around. Don had been trying to get Gary to join him in his car ventures for quite some time, but as a member of the Police Department, Gary felt that these were too close to illegal citizens and didn't want to be associated with street competition. This is why when the burnout nation started Don instantly hit Gary up explaining that it was a legal car club with LEOs already part of the club, no racing unless it was completely legal and sanctioned. Gary then joined the group at the pier and took the quiz providing an excellent answer for his reason for wanting to join and was brought in after having a good time on with the Nation on the rest of their cruise.

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Authors: @MeowBez Bez Meowington & @WinterBlack Winter Black


We knew when starting Burnout Nation that we had to set ourselves goals, and we were determined to achieve them. We spoke about many things, and the one that stuck out the most was owning our own club, such a mix of personalities meant we knew we would have multiple club nights to offer to cater to all music tastes. We had many ideas bouncing around already and that spurred on the club members to begin their search.


A couple places were mentioned as having potential and we decided we should check them out. They all looked like a good fit, but we knew getting the cash needed to purchase would take some time. The next day Hazel came to us with some amazing news, she had talked to Karl Suptic and he had mentioned wanting to sell his club, Insignia, which Hazel had a hand in building. She told him we were looking to buy our own, and an agreement was made that we would purchase it once we had the funds. Perfectly sited between Paleto and the main city, it became the main focus of the club to acquire it as quickly as possible. The club members began to build up their funds and with their determination and hard work, it didn’t seem long until the Nation was ready to purchase the club.

With the Grid together, they stood prepared before the club to make their next leap in the Nations history, and with a quick sign of the contract and the exchange of money… 

Club Insignia was now under the ownership of the Burnout Nation. 




Viktor Walker, Tyler Allison, Liam Chase (formerly Hank Chase) and Axel Raven were all agreed upon to be brought up to the rank of blazer, a full member of the club. From here they would be allowed to join a division of their choosing whenever they wished but the grid had decided unanimously that all four members showed exceptional promise as members of the Nation and it was decided they were perfect fits for our little family.


Danielle Castle

While out looking for a place to take a breather from the usual commotion of the Del Perro Pier and the amount of fishers on it, Frost decided to step off the pier for a moment and go for a drive along the beach. While doing this, he came across Danielle. Frost was naturally curious about why this lone fisher was all the way out here and realised that they both shared a similar reasoning. Frost desired to get away from the masses at the Pier, she wanted to get away from the masses of the city. They spoke for a bit and eventually Frost had mentioned that he’d recently started Burnout Nation along with a few others. At first Dani was skeptical, it’s Los Santos - everyone with a color usually belongs to some criminal organization, however Frost assured her by not only showing his badge and confirming that he is a medic, but also explained who the Nation was for. She believed him, however still felt she wanted to see it all for herself, which he understood. Further down the line, he took her to a few nation hangouts and events, and the Nation decided she seemed like a good fit for the family. The option to join was presented to her and she took it, making her another one of our first Burners.


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“Well, we did it. Let’s go.” she said as the six of them walked away from the HQ that was once a place they were welcome. It had been a journey of ups and downs, memories she would keep forever, but together they had all decided it was time to move on and make something new.

Fishing was something they all enjoyed, money was easy and conversation came even easier. Many nights spent discussing life and futures, plans made and thought out. Nothing was done in an instant, this was something that had to take time and care to truly come together.


A name, what kind of name would be best. So many options were considered, everyone added to the pot, and in the end the one that won was Burnout Nation. It was to be their very own car club, legal and full of friendly welcoming faces who were just looking to meet new people and just have a good time in a city that sometimes seems lonely, scary and confusing.


(Full family photo, soon tm)

Plans were made and goals set, so to achieve them everyone got to work making money. Bez continued her work at Bayview and soon found herself being promoted from Trainee to Junior Mechanic. She really enjoys her time there, she gets to meet people but also help them which is something she thrives on doing.

Before long Burnout Nation had achieved their first goal, a club! Club Insignia was theirs! Bez can't wait for it to be open to the public and show all the great ideas they have.

Burnout Nation is growing into a strong family feel group and everyday they become closer and Bez is amazed by the growth, and having twenty members and cannot wait for what happens next… 


Maybe a wedding?..

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“Let's have a BBQ, but a mexican BBQ!” Asbjorn said to Maccy and Bez after the feast they had in the HQ.. “Oh yeah?” Maccy asked inquisitively. “Yeah I’ll work on some classic mexican style BBQ, and you guys invite The Aztecas to come along and hangout.” Asbjorn replied. Maccy promptly sent a text to Alicia who replied with a yes and the planning began. Asbjorn knew exactly what he wanted to make for the rowdy bunch, after the block party with tequila and tacos, he was more than inspired to cook for the Aztecas and themselves, the green nature surrounding their HQ would make for a perfect and sunny evening. The Ranch was gonna be the hosting grounds, Hazel bought a large BBQ/smoker and set it up ready for the feast. 


The day arrived and Asbjorn got to work preparing the food, from the wee hours of the morning to prepare the brisket for the brisket tacos, with the help of his two minions Hazel and Bez, he had all the help he required to make this a night to remember.




The turnout wasn’t as many as expected from either Burnout Nation, or The Aztecas due to people having other priorities to attend to, but the people who did come more than made up for it. It was an easy going evening, with plenty of food and booze flowing, the mood was energetic and soon music was played and dancing ensued. 


It left Burnout Nation in high spirits and excited for more meet and greet events in the future.

Whilst fishing ideas began being tossed around about activities the club could do together that would be more fun orientated. ‘’Hide and seek, but with our dinky cars.’’ Asbjorn proclaimed with a mellow tone, not sure if his idea would stick, but he hit the nail on the head.



They all arranged a time and place to meet and once there, they all followed Maccy as he set the boundary for hiding, once that was done a seeker was selected and the game began. Everyone sped off and found their spot, waiting to be found. Friendly banter and teasing over the radio encouraging the seeker to find their targets. 




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It was May 10, 1995, the day the world welcomed Danielle Castle to it. Unlike her brothers, she was born in the United States while her older brothers were born in the United Kingdom. Danielle over the years only enjoyed hearing her father call her Danielle and hated anyone else who said it, so she gave herself the nickname Dani. She was the youngest of 3 kids, having 2 older brothers were rough, meaning she had to fight to keep her place with James and Bradley. Their father’s gun range that he bought with what money he could take with them from being a gun smuggler back in the UK was booming, and he could buy more to help support the family. Charles brought James, Bradley, and Dani to the gun range to teach them how to shoot, Dani was only 7 years of age when she learned how to shoot her first pistol. Throughout the years she was taught at home by her mother who got a license to be a homeschool teacher, at 12 Charles and Susan sent Dani off to boarding school in California to get a better education. Little did Dani know this was the last time she would hear from her mother, father, and brothers for a long time.
Dani spent most of her life at the boarding school, wondering when she would hear from her family or be able to see them. Time passed when she was 18 before they graduated from the boarding school and sent into the world alone. She took it up to herself to study and going to college. At 22, she graduated college with a college master’s degree. Leaving and heading to the last place she knew her family was, she got a plane ticket and flew to Colorado. Her luck was not with her finally, deciding it was best to get a job while trying to find them, getting a job in the sheriff’s department. She went up the ranks over the two years she worked there up to sergeant before resigning and moving to Los Santos when she got a lead from an unknown number claiming to be her brother and to move there.


Dani arrived at Los Santos and went straight to trying to find her brother, doing all she could to find this mystery number who called her. Finally, finding someone after almost giving up, she looked in the phone book at one of the old payphones to see maybe if there was a Bradley Castle who lived there. She saw the name, and her hopes came back; she took down the number and called it. Sure enough, they picked up asking who it was. Dani cried and spoke to him for a little. At first, they didn’t know who it was before she explained to them that possibly they were siblings. That her brother was 29, and their parents were Charles and Susan Castle, to her luck this was her brother.


Dani’s life was complete. She found part of her family and decided never to leave her family’s side anymore. Over her time, she got a job at Los Santos Customs and went up in the ranks getting a position in Human Resources. She met someone who she thought changed her life they were together for a while before he got down on one knee and asked her to be his forever. She was the happiest girl alive. She texted her girls, asked when a bachelorette party worked for them. Everything was ready for the wedding, Dani and her friends were so excited for her, but a few days after she was getting ready to plan the bachelorette party with her bridesmaids. He came over and told her he wanted to end it because he lost feelings for her and loved someone else.
"I don't want to be with you anymore Dani, I will always love you, I don't feel in love with you anymore... I love someone else."
Those words struck her hard. He was the first guy she lowered her guard around, the first guy she introduced to her older brother to get his blessing, the first guy she truly loved. Yes, she had loved through her life but she thought this was genuine love oh was she wrong. It broke her. She had to take some time off from work for some time and hid in her house. It was almost a month since it happened and her friends were spamming her phone to see if she was okay as no one had heard from her or seen her. Finally, one day she decided she’d leave the house and go out to relax. She didn’t bother to braid her hair as she didn’t expect to see any of her friends. Wrapping her mask around her face to cover her face, getting her Sanctus from parking and heading over to the pier to fish, after arriving she didn’t feel very safe or very comfortable with the number of people that were there. Slinging her bag over her shoulder, she got on her bike and moved down to the beach near High End and fished alone.


Suddenly a car came driving up the beach. She wasn’t paying much attention till she heard them spoke to her, turning her head to look at them with her mask still on. They spoke for a little and found out his name was Frost Jack. He made her laugh when she still upset and asked if he could join her. She was waiting for a friend but said he could. They talked for a bit, laughing at remarks each other said. He asked why she was out here alone and she explained she needed some time alone after being dumped by her fiance for another girl. They both had a bit of stuff in common as he was also trying to get away from people. She smiled under her mask at this man who was making her laugh. Finally, her friend arrived. Frost and Kirky knew each other. She eventually had to call mechanics because Kirky crashed into her bike, while out she brushed her hair and braided it back up, feeling better now. After they fixed her bike, she made her way back to the beach where they were, Frost was leaving though as he said he had some stuff to do but gave her his number in case they wanted to this again.

Over the next few days, Frost and she exchanged quite a few texts. He told her a bit of himself and she did the same. She eventually applied for some ride along at the medical department as she was interested in the department then it gave them a chance to get to know each other more. He had brought up he was a part of a club, she was skeptical about this “club” as her brother had been a part of Dojin-Kai and her father also partly took in illegal activities thinking it was another gang. He reassured it was not and told her the club he was a part of was called Burnout Nation, after his shift he took her down to see them and they all welcomed her there with open arms and were all so friendly even though she was shy to meet them. Frost told her this was only a small portion of their club and that they had a little thing planned the next day and asked if she could come to meet the rest. The other founders who were there didn’t have a problem with it. Dani seeing how friendly everyone was, and that everyone was also legal, just like she made her excited to meet more people from this club.



On the day of the little planned event, it was just driving around getting pictures with everyone and then a meeting. She was ecstatic but nervous Frost reassured her she would be fine. Arriving at the location everyone was there, people she knew from work, and people come from other companies. She introduced herself to everyone who didn’t know her. Seeing everyone so friendly like and chatting she felt at home for once, since moving to Los Santos, she only had her brother though they didn’t speak often. She felt she was missing something, and the feeling she felt when she was around everyone here was what she was missing. A family. A place to call home.
After driving around and feeling at home, she brought it up to Frost that she was interested in joining, happy to say she considered it while around every. Legal people and people who were so close, like family. Something she wanted to have in her life whenever she felt alone. She knew she could go to them and not feel alone anymore or sad. Frost brought it up to them, and they thought about it for a bit, giving her a piece of paper to fill out a bit about her for them she took it with happiness then filled it out with all her information so when they decided they could contact her. She handed it back to them then they spoke about it. She shyly stayed away, not wanting to introduce on their conversation. They called her over telling her they didn’t mind her being there with a shy smile she came over and looked at them all then suddenly Maccy Kentworth came to her with an enormous book that had all the rules they followed in the club. She glanced through it quickly as she saw there wasn’t much they followed as but the things they did she fully agreed with, nodding her head at them then thanking them. So began Dani’s life with the new family as a


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Born as Camellia Rose Black into a comfortable life in London, Camellia had next to nothing to worry about, apart from how her clothes matched and what kind of tea to drink next. 

Her wealth and influence came from her father, a well known CEO within the banking business who was known as a kind and generous man, someone Camellia looked up to with such admiration... Whenever she could get a minute with him. As she grew older, her time spent with her father grew less and less… And the rumours and whispers about him grew more and more. 

In his absence, Camellia’s gentle aunt, Ivy, raised her, teaching her the morals of the modern world and how to look out for herself as well as look out for others. With her father's influence and her aunt's teachings, she began to reach out and help people and charities in her early 20’s… But something always seemed off, people would accept her help but almost quickly usher her out as soon as they could once they heard her family name… Was it something to do with herself?... Was it her family?... She heard whispers about her father and the questionable things he did… Threatening people, blackmailing, laundering money… But it couldn't be true, it wouldn't be her father at all, he was a hard working man who just stayed late at work to finish up some loose ends…


Eventually, enough was enough, the whispers and rumours were getting too much, she had to confront her father herself at work. Upon facing her father she became anxious, her heart racing, was the man in front of her the father she knows and loves, a man who wouldn't harm anyone?... Or are the rumours true, is this man sat behind his desk in front of her the monster she's been hearing whispers about? 

“Father?...” She nervously muttered under her breath, trying desperately to avoid eye contact 

“Yes?” He responded curiously, sensing her anxiety

“Ive heard rumours… And whispers and i’ve just heard so much and I don't know how else to think about it because it's just getting too much and… and.. And” She started with blurting out everything that was on her mind, barely pausing to take a breath but she stalled and stuttered

He stood from behind his desk, firmly walking towards her before reaching out his arm, Camellia closed her eyes and flinched, fearing the worst for her accusation before feeling his warm embrace.

“They're not true my little flower, they're just trying to pull our name down with what we’re doing, we’re doing a new project which is just a little bit controversial… But it's for the good of the people.” He pulled away with a reassuring smile on his face “Nothing nasty, nothing being hidden from you.” Almost all of Camellia’s fears melted away and she nodded back to her father, feeling reassured in what she thought was his honesty. 

Later that night, she awoke in the night to a smash in the hallway, rushing towards her bedroom door, she heard shouting, leaning her ear towards the door she began to listen 

“Get away from me! I am going to the police, I’ve had enough of the lies and deceit! You lied to your own daughter! You told Willow you’d never put Camellia in danger and yet everyday that you are doing your shit you are pulling her closer and closer to it and she's completely oblivious!” 

“Its better to keep her unaware of the shit I have to do to keep our lives the way they are! Your sister, MY wife died in peace and comfort with our lifestyle that I fucking provided.”

“She would be turning in her grave now if she saw the crap you've gotten yourself into.”

Camellia slowly opened her door, peeking through to see smashed glass in front of her door, along with her father and aunt by the staircase. With her aunt's last comment, she saw a change in her father, his posture changed significantly and a rage came over him, and before her aunt could move, he pushed her down the stairs. Camellia held in her gasp, but she was paralyzed in fear, she couldn't believe what she was witnessing… The monster had come out in front of her… She watched her father stand at the top of the stairs before he calmly pulled out his phone to make a call, and before he could turn round Camellia quietly closed her door and leaned against her bedroom wall, trying desperately to hold in her devastating sobs. Camellia heard footsteps crunching the glass outside her door before hearing him walk away. Once again, she opened the door, peering out to check for any signs of activity before quietly darting down the stairs to see her aunt crumpled at the bottom of the stairs. Rushing to her aunts side she carefully touched her aunts arm, hoping to find some signs of life…

Her aunt stirred, giving a weak smile to Camellia before trying to speak.

“Camellia… Take my car… And run.” She said in a hoarse voice. 

“I cant leave you here, we’ll leave together and you can explain eve-” Camellia tried to reason with her aunt, but she was interrupted

“No, go. Theres a letter for you in my car, in the glove box… My keys are in my pocket… Just… Go.” With every breath her aunt became quieter, but Camellia stayed by her side, refusing to leave. Suddenly, she heard her fathers voice explode “What are you doing?!”

Camellia snapped her head back, watching her father at the end of the corridor on the upper floor, her fight or flight instincts finally kicked in as she grabbed her aunts keys before running towards the garage, trying to escape her fathers reach. Storming into the garage she hit the door switch before fumbling with the keys to get into her aunts car, rushing to get into the drivers seat. Camellia finally drove off, but before her home vanished into the horizon in her rear view mirror… She heard a gunshot. 



Camellia came to Los Santos as a last resort, feeling lost, hopeless and aimless. 

She had reached out to Bez a few months prior to Burnout Nation starting up, looking for somewhere new to try to rebuild her life. Camellia had nothing to her name, no family, barely any possessions and the last of her money spent on escaping to Los Santos. 


And even though she had moved countries… She still felt like she couldn't shake her past. Before starting out in Los Santos, Camellia changed her name to Winter. 

She wanted to grow from her past, camellias grow in the Winter, with proper care and protection they can thrive in the Winter, and Camellia wanted to thrive in her new life. 


Winter initially followed Bez around, being taught the ways of Los Santos and tagging along with her adventures. Eventually joining in with the Motorcycle club that she was in at the time. However, Winter still didn't feel like she had a purpose or was even fully living her life within the city yet. Once the time came to leave the motorcycle club, Winter followed Bez and Maccy, fully putting her faith into them and their new pursuit. 


Once Burnout Nation began to start up, Winter felt like she had more of a purpose in Los Santos, she felt energised and motivated by her friends around her when ideas were bounced around and excitement was shown by everyone in their new promising adventure. She made more friends and became more dedicated to the wellbeing of Los Santos. 



With Burnout Nation set in a nice cruise towards their goals, Winter felt like it was time to apply for EMS. She had seen them in action and had friends within the Emergency services. It was time for Winter to build her own purpose and a solid name for herself within the City. After anxiously waiting for the result of her interview, Winter was accepted into the LSEMS! Ready to be trained for all sorts of situations and ready to make a difference to Los Santos.

One thing to mention though, although Winter is within a car club… She is not the best driver… and not an ok one at that either. She’s terrible actually as most of the Burnout Nation can tell you. She had never driven herself before coming to the city and she only began to drive once she moved to the city.. With her questionable driving in her "trusty" little Panto making her notoriously known for being a bad driver, it was time to get a new car. One that had better handling and one that was less likely to fly around the corners and inevitably end up crashing. With a new car, she was ready to thrive in Los Santos. 


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