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Gangster Disciples

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Lester Acosta, better known as “Lez,” was a Soldier for the LFM. Before the LFM, he had no idea how to handle himself in the field. He was also not adept at aiming at people; he was very inexperienced with weapons. After being recruited into LFM by Bobby, he had started to be more active in the field. He had become a more precise shooter and more importantly, he had learned the basics to being a useful member; he learned callouts, ambush spots, and the mentality that many gangs carry.




An unfortunate incident happened in the LFM  which resulted in Lester Acosta getting discharged from his gang shortly after reaching Soldier. After taking some time off to think, Lester had decided that he wanted to serve a bigger part in any gang that he decides to join; he wanted to be able to take leadership positions. To achieve this, he decided that he needed a Hakuchou Drag. So, Lester Acosta made some money and redeemed some assets. After gaining the Hakuchou Drag, it was time to look for an appropriate gang that would fit his needs and most importantly, that would have a cause that he can get behind.





His time in the LFM would not go without any benefits, with the time that he spent in LFM he did not only gain knowledge on how to operate efficiently on the field, he also gained a lot of contacts in gangs such as the FSO, Aztecas, and Gangster Disciples. The main contact gained in his time was Ricky Brasco, an Ex-Zetas High-Command and now Sergeant of the Gangster Disciples. He had heard his name many times but had never met "The Shooter" himself. That was, until one day he was arrested in a gang-related crime. At Bolingbroke Penitentiary, he met Ricky Brasco. He had asked him for some advice and most importantly, had established, or at the very least started a relationship with Ricky.



This relationship with Ricky Brasco had helped him start the recruitment process into the Gangster Disciples. After gaining his Hakuchou Drag through the help of loyal friends Frank Gurino and Jake Ryan, Lester decided that he was fit enough to go into the ranks. So, he contacts Ricky Brasco for the recruitment process and is then given Oti Maxwell’s number, leader of the Gangster Disciples. From there, Lester Acosta texted Oti and was given the OK to roll around with them. After contacting Martin Bruise, Lester Acosta slapped on a pair of Gangster Disciples pants and within five minutes of the call, Lester Acosta was being drafted into battle. The Gangster Disciples had been at war with Daichead Gadai and The Triads. This would be the first of many fights against both gangs.



Lester Acosta is not a rich man compared to the other men in Gangster Disciples, but he believes in the cause and is down to kill anyone for the Gangster Disciples. Without many funds, Lester Acosta would be forced to use .50s, a trusty weapon but nonetheless puts him at a disadvantage. He must use it to its full potential; range. At first, he served mainly as a scout, but soon Lester Acosta was initiating fights and putting in work for the Gangster Disciples and against Daichead Gadai and The Triads.



Now, as an official Youngin’ of the Gangster Disciples, Lester Acosta hopes to learn from the Ex-Zetas High-Command and use their knowledge and experience to improve on his own abilities. Lester Acosta is very open to learning new skills and is always down to go to any training. He went to "Callout Training" although he thought he had very advanced callouts and still managed to get some minor tweaks to perfect them through the mentoring of the High Command. His ultimate goal is to gain enough skill and experience to where he can be considered into a Leadership Position.



“He who cannot be a good follower cannot be a good leader.”



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GD, Aztecas, and LFM was planning to rob a bank. 15 minutes before the robbery, there was a callout going on the radio that Crimson was about to hit the bank and canceled because we were about to take it and telling Crimson not to touch the bank. We heard about Crimson, Triads, and Irish had a meeting about something that we don't know exactly what it is but we saw Triads Rapid GT was passing the bank and looks suspicious to us. We chasing them down until up to chiliad lab
tF4LnOx.pngWe know that there is an ambush inside chiliad lab, while waiting for another member to regroup and preparing their heavies outside the lab, there was a white sultan classic pass by entering chiliad lab, by the color its crimson's color and one of their member's vehicle.


While shooting one of irish member there was a callout on the radio that Crimson are helping them.


We were not surprised when crimson are helping them as the time pass by we keep hearing about crimson relation with Irish and Triads


'Don't finish the crimson and bring them to the middle of chiliad lab, take their mask off and search for their IDs', Carlos shouted on the radio after the shootout finished.


'Why you guys helping them and get involved in this situation ?', Revelt asking them while they're injured on the ground before Carlos execute them. 'We were just following order of our high command.
'You guys are dead, your gang is done', Helsinki shouted while holding SMG on his hand.
'You guys make a mistake', Carlos shouted and pull the trigger of his shotgun to both of their bodies.

We end up leaving their bodies at chiliad as a message and chop all of their vehicles.




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Mike started to get comfortable with his new family The Gangster Disciples. Him and the leader Oti Maxwell started to roll around a lot together and had each others backs. The gang was in a good place recruiting loyal soldiers and doing as they pleased. They would hang out with the other allied gangs at places like Sea Lab and the Azteca church. The gangs would drink beers together, Smoke blunts and gamble with each other and have good laughs. The enemy was usually no where to be seen so there was plenty of free time to chill.








 Oti called all of us to Zeta HQ for a meeting. We all arrive promptly to hear what he had to say. He told us him and Helsinki and had to go to the annual Peace Summit of gangs in Chicago at first we didn't really understand as the Los Santos branch of GD had just recently started. They would go to meet with gangs such as other branches of GD, BD, Vice Lords, Bloods and Crips. The gangs needed to go over overall relations in the country as a whole as things were looking rough and too much gang violence was going on. They said they weren't sure how long they would be gone for as these things usually took time. The gang understood but didn't want their leader gone as he would pave the way for the gang and make sure the gangs goals were met. 

With that they set out after the meeting and took a flight out of Los Santos straight to Chicago to start settling the beefs. The gang would talk over how they wanted all the gangs to settle their beefs for now as Los Santos itself had plenty of problems to settle with the gang violence at hand and couldn't afford to be fighting 5 more gangs at the time. The group would miss Oti and Helsinki alot but knew what they would want us to do. They needed us to continue to grow to become one of the strongest gangs in the city and to take out any opposition that came their way.

Mike knew he would have to step up somewhat and help the others come together as a whole. He would take the things he learned from Oti and used them to his advantage to help keep the group moving in the correct direction.






The gang needed some new leadership and needed an interim King for the time being. Thankfully Oti was prepared for a moment like this and had someone ready to take his spot for the time being. With the new appointed King came some new higherups to help him keep things in line while Oti was gone. The gang had a meeting to go over all this information and the gang was told what was expected from them during this time. After this was set forward the gang headed out to meet with their 3 allies and explain who was in charge on our side and that operations shouldn't change and that we still had the same objective at mind to kill those who disrespected our gangs.

The new leadership was welcomed by all the gang leaders of our allies and we moved forward to discuss what was going on in the city. Triads and Irish were trying to force smaller gangs like Crimson Syndicate and The Ballas to join the war on their side. This was something that didn't sit easy with anyone on our side so we set out to fix the situation for Crimson Syndicate. After some talks and some relocating Crimson was happy with the new arrangements given to them and were happy to get out of the previous business deal they were in. Things seemed to be getting back to reality in the city once and for all.





The fight was ongoing for a little more then a month and we were getting tired of the cops being called on us at almost every situation involving the enemy side. We relaxed on fighting so much in preparation for a real war. We decided to to have a mass at the church where some prayers were passed around and some song and dance was had. Every gang besides the enemy was invited to this event. Everyone had a great time and even some newer groups like the Yakuza popped in to enjoy it. This grew our bonds not only as a whole organization stronger but as a joint force on a mission to eradicate the city from any gangs who didn't respect policies they once upheld themselves. It was time for a change in Los Santos and we would be the start of it.





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The Halloween Party at Mirrorpark Tavern went off very well, all the visitor enjoy their time at Mirropark Tavern with the drink and food including the Halloween Costume event until the nightmare happens on the radio people lock picking car outside the club.
He went outside The Tavern and change his outfit before he gets on onto his bike, making a radio callout for two suspected persons who stole a mamba from the parking lot. Someone told him on the radio to leave the mamba and wait for other people that want to try to steal another car.
Someone on the radio making callout there's a guy trying to lockpick a car, the person trying to stab Jules, he gets into his car and takes out a gun from the glovebox and start shooting at Jules after as Jules trying to stop the person from lockpicking a car, Jules got fatal injured and sent to hospital after that, Revelt get off from his bike found a .50 on his bag and takes it out and start shooting the person who shoots at Jules. The Person is
[CENSORED] both of them went into prison as cops been sitting there watching around and shot at Revelt at the end of the day.




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