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Gangster Disciples

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I arrived in the city with no idea what to do or where to go. My start was quite typical, delivering money to the countless ATMs around Los Santos. With a bit of money in my bank account, I had taken multiple trips to high end wondering how anyone could make such absurd amounts of money, but continued on with my money delivering grind. Instead of purchasing a luxurious vehicle, I drove around a Blista Compact and started to dabble in criminal activity. I had always seen a large presence of the same few colors driving around the city, blue and orange. I did not know much about either gang at the time, but little did I know that would change.





I was trying my luck with chopping cars when I met an individual named Dewey Lewis. He was sporting orange from head to toe, and he told me about The Wanted. I was interested in learning more about the group, and we exchanged numbers. Little did I know, they were in the midst of a war and I would have to wait to pursue any further interest. Fast forward a couple of weeks and the war ends, and I start talking more with Dewey. I eventually met with Dewey and a few other members of the group and was considered for being a pre-prospect. I had become a full fledged member after some time and gained a little over 200k in my bank account. The first thing I decided to do was purchase a Schafter V12, being my first high-end vehicle that would allow me to race with The Wanted. We would race multiple times a week, allowing me to show my skills with multiple cars over my time in The Wanted. Months of being in The Wanted served me well, meeting countless friends and even getting married during that time. We at one point claimed Stab City, giving us a turf to hang around along with our HQ. Everything was going perfect and I expected nothing but the best for our future.






Then one day Los Zetas, a gang that was once neutral with us, randomly started attacking us and before we knew it, we were in an all-out war. While we knew the war was impossible to win, we fought for weeks. Things were going decent and it was surprisingly fun, until the day. I received an urgent call and was forced to leave the city for a family emergency. What I expected to be a swift trip turned into a three month journey. Throughout the three months I had zero contact with anyone from The Wanted and had no idea how they would fare during the war. Once the emergency had concluded, I was eager to return to Los Santos. Despite my anticipation, I was welcomed with nothing but disappointment. The Wanted was dead, my family was gone. My story ends here, or so I thought.








I contacted Jamaar Bovarium, ex-leader of The Wanted to see what he had been up to after the death of his gang. Him, along with multiple other members of The Wanted were either part of Los Zetas or they were hanging around with them. To say the least, I was excited to join another gang, another family. Especially one with multiple members from The Wanted. I spoke to Ricky Brasco, a recruiter for Los Zetas, and asked him if I would be able to prospect for them. He immediately said yes and took down my information. Minutes later, he tells me that I am blacklisted and my excitement completely diminished.



Unsure of what to do, Jamaar suggested that I speak to Jay Gamble. I was initially unsure about the entire thing, but decided to speak to him about why I was blacklisted. Turns out, I had said and done a few ignorant things during the war with them. The only thing I could do was apologize, and it ended up working in my favor. After some time, I was allowed to prospect for Los Zetas. I had multiple other ex-Wanted members prospecting with me and I knew it would be a journey, but a worthwhile one.



After some time, I was accepted into Los Zetas. It was a great feeling, and I had only a bit of time to take it in before a war was announced. The Council was going to attack The West Coast Assassins. I was excited, being a part of the strongest gang and going into what seemed like an inevitable victory. Despite racking up multiple kills over weeks, the war did not seem very rewarding. It was very lackluster and draining, especially with some of the things that took place. Regardless, it was a victory and my time in Los Zetas continued.



I made countless friends in Los Zetas and I would roll around with multiple people daily, hitting labs, robbing stores, and chopping cars. I partook in multiple callout-training sessions and developed an excellent skill. After some time, I reached the rank of Soldier and was looking forward to my future within the gang. Then one day, we had a meeting. Flint Capone had told everyone that Los Zetas were disbanding, and again, I was unsure of what to do. I had put time and effort into another gang that had come to an unexpected end. Although, Los Zetas went out on top, and it will forever be that way. We made sure to make the message clear by attacking a few gangs on the same day. Dojin-Kai and Murda Block were our targets, and we sent them a message. Not only was the message sent to them, it was sent to everyone in the city. Los Zetas are not dead and they never will be.








I was put into the same position as I was with The Wanted, unsure of what to do. I still hung around the same friends from before, riding in cars with them and sharing frequencies. Part of me wanted to join The Triads, and another part of me wanted to join The Aztecas. But the rest of me felt unfulfilled from Los Zetas and wanted to continue with some of the ex-members. Oti Maxwell found a handful of members from Los Zetas and created a new gang, Gangster Disciples. While I was apprehensive about trying to join because of my position within Los Zetas, I gave it a shot. I spoke to Zac Reeves about the idea and he told me I would be allowed to hang around. I took this as an opportunity to prove myself once more, which I did over some time.


4ogykzt.pngWeeks passed of robbing and killing many people, robbing stores, and even banks. I was finally accepted into GD. Unsure of what was ahead of me, I looked forward to my future yet again. I had made new friends in the gang and we had made multiple connections with some friendly faces, mainly The Aztecas. They were very kind to us from the start and have continued to be to this day. They had imported us tens of guns and tens of thousands of bullets, and we could not thank them enough. We would chop cars for them, rob stores with them, hit banks with and for them, and the relationship felt better than ever.






The same could not be said for The Triads. They had shown quite a relationship with The Irish, ex-members of gangs we have killed off, and neither us or The Aztecas were a fan of them. Regardless, we continued doing our thing and focused on the enemy at hand, The Rooks. Months passed of the same monotonous routine, waking up, searching for The Rooks, and then repeating. Until one day, The Aztecas had told us that The Irish had done a few shady things involving weapons and vehicles of ours. Unsure of what they exactly meant, we spoke to The Irish and they tried deflecting the blame onto The Aztecas. We were forced to choose a side, and that side was obvious. Tension built between us and The Irish until blood was spilled. Considering that The Triads were as bored as us, it was only a matter of time until they wanted to step in. Vince Draco wanted to hold a meeting with Oti about a lack of respect between the groups. The meeting was brief and insults were thrown on both ends, and it was obvious what was to come. This leads us to today, The Irish and The Triads joining together to attack GD. While this seems like an easy victory for them, we have more than adequate assistance from not only The Aztecas, but LFM and many close friends that have never been fond of The Irish or The Triads. I will not speak much about the war, but it reminds me quite a bit of the West Coast Assasins war. I will continue to build on my story, as I feel GD is only a beginning for me. Only time will tell.









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Becoming a Youngin' in GD makes Revelt become wilder on making money.
Making drugs, selling drugs, selling guns, and other illegal businesses that can feed him with more money. Revelt and Dre were inside Ocean Lab, collecting some plants and cooking drugs.


After making some drugs he wanted to stash his drugs to sell it later, unfortunately, cops pulled his vehicle. They ask him to step out of the vehicle while he sits as a passenger in the vehicle and done nothing wrong. He had a Micro SMG & .50 Caliber at that time and don't want to lose it, so he tried to defend himself from the cops that ask him to step out from the vehicle.


He unslings his micro from behind his wrist and pointing it to elise, taking both of them as a hostage and yell at them to cuff each other. While held them under gunpoint, he heard more siren coming up to his direction.


He can't hold both of them longer than he expected, one of the officers pulled up to him and demanding him to drop the gun and surrender, instead of drop the gun and surrender he starts an open fire on the officer who gave demands on him.


He got injured with 2 GSW on his right arms and one GSW on his chest, his life saved by the medic who responded to the situation. He ends up in jail 4 Years for attempting murder of a police officer, carrying a heavy weapon, and other charges. The world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes.

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I had just moved into Los Santos, lost and unknown of what lays ahead of me. I asked people around town about how money was made and was told to go mining, a job that paid fairly well. Although I didn’t have any means of transporting these ores around I decided to ask a man in a black suit if he had a vehicle that I could use to get me off my feet. After getting to know each other, this man in this black suit showed me the ropes and even took me on mining runs with him. A few weeks had passed of me using and borrowing his Mule and he brought up a business idea for me to make easy money with less effort. Realizing I hadn’t really known what he did for a living, I got interested and next thing you know, I’m deep in dirty work pushing guns out into the streets and I became part of his gang called The Rooks. I had also started working for LSC as a side hustle of being a full time Criminal in Los Santos and managed to save enough money for a Massacro, my first luxury vehicle. 




I was kicked out of the gang and thrown off a crane, ultimately being hospitalized for attempting to overthrow the leader of The Rooks. A few months had passed after waking up from a coma and was welcomed with a text on his phone informing him that he is no longer welcomed as a Rook. An empty void filled his stomach as he heard news about Tanjiro, his brother who had also been a part of The Rooks. Tanjiros skin was sliced off where the tattoo of a raven was located and this brought Ray’s blood boiling. Ray gathered a few people to set up an ambush and get revenge on The Rooks, ultimately ending up with him and the people who worked alongside him, in their favor. 






A few months passed and winter had fallen. Eventually everyone got tired and wanted to settle down after countless amounts of bloodshed. Tanjiro wanted a way out of the criminal life and became a real estate agent, buying and selling houses while the rest of the crew ultimately flew out the city and was never seen again. Ray Jensen didn’t want his story to end and decided to hit up a friend he had met from LSC, Draymond Woods. He had quit LSC and joined Los Zetas, the powerhouse of all criminal organizations. I started hanging around Dray and Los Zetas and saw a familiar face, Jon Ramos. He was a friend back when I wasn’t in a gang and was wandering the city like a lost dog just like me. Somehow after a few countless of months, we ended back up mobbing the streets once again. After a few weeks, I was able to make it as a pre prospect for Los Zetas. A war with Vory had broken out with Los Zetas and with no surprise in my mind, Los Zetas ended on top. During this war I had proved myself to my recruiter, Skinny, that I was fit to be able to represent blue and start rolling with them from now on.






Me, Jon and Dray had gotten quite close and decided why don’t we become brothers. We decided to legally change our last names to Woods, Dray’s original last name. We would gear up everyday, pack out my V12 that I had purchased not too long into being a Zeta, and rolled around doing everything together, but things don’t always go as fairy tales say they do. The Woods family fell apart and had separated while not too long after, Los Zetas had done the same. The news of Los Zetas disbanding spreaded across the city like a wildfire. As the last few minutes of being a Zeta came to an end, we all said our goodbyes to each other and headed off our separate ways. The name Los Zetas will forever be embedded into Los Santos. 






After the departure of the Woods family, the only people that were on good terms were me to everyone else while everyone stayed distant with each other. The one person I talked to the most after the family had gone its separate ways was Dray and we were approached by our Lieutenant, Larry Wrzosek. Larry offered to take in both Dray and I into the Wrzosek family and gave us time to think about it. Over some time, wanting a new start, me and Dray decided why not? We both wanted something new and decided to change our last names and became Wrzoseks.


A few weeks pass after Los Zetas have disbanded and I had a few options to choose from. I either take on the path of being one of our long lasting allies, Los Santos Triads, or become one of the new additions to the council, Aztecas. The decision was hard but I felt like I wouldn’t have fit in with any of the two gangs and decided to roll solo for a bit and do my own thing for a short period of time. After some time, I was personally offered a spot to join Los Santos Triads but denied it as I had other plans for my future. Gangster Disciples was an option that I had considered as it consists of mainly ex zetas that were handpicked by Oti, the leader of the gang. Dray was already in Gangster Disciples and after a talk with a few other members along with Oti, I was in. 



This was only the beginning

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Coming to the city, Jay knew absolutely nobody, struggling on his own doing the basics to survive. This included petty thefts of .50's and selling them for extortionate rates back on the black market, everyday hustling tryna catch a come up. One day he drove into LSC and met Jaden Spencer, a random guy who asked  for a ride to Paleto. Jay agreed, but with the intent to rob him. Over the span of the journey Jay realised Jaden was a good guy, he knew more about the city than Jay and was a useful person to know. So for a while they hung out together catching small licks come ups every now and then. Jay and Jaden met an Irish and a Norwegian lad, who ran an organisation called "The Brotherhood". For the next few years, Jay and Jaden worked flat out with and for the organisation, laundering money through business' such as rental companies and escrow organisations, in reality all  of the money was coming from drug sales and robberies.

Russo's first few weeks taught him a hard lesson about the city. First you don't fuck with gangs bigger than you, they will tear you to pieces. Second, don't fuck with the biggest gang of them all, Los Santos Police Department.



Jaden introduced Jay to the his plug, [REDACTED]. He said he was a part of a bigger organisation. We spent ages wondering what it was, but we kept pulling off jobs for him, they started small, such as selling guns here and there. Then we started bringing large business orders in, cooking tables imported from Mexico to heavy weapons. Business was good. We were told one thing, and that was to kill council at all costs. So we did, a small crew was formed and we hit "Council" with our full force. It started off easy, but their numbers grew, to the point where it was the whole city trying to fight us. [REDACTED] left us, joining the group that is known by as the Irish. With most of our good men gone with him, Jay, Jake and Mike were left to rebuild. We took the crew from the shithole it was left in, to something great in a matter of a few weeks. Pulling off bank heists with as little as six people, quickly regaining our turfs in Del Perro. Yousef and Vlad were cooking making our local dealers happy.


As time went on, the Triads and Irish, formed a strong alliance, one that did not go unnoticed by Mike's good friend Oti and the leader of the Azteca's [REDACTED]. Mike kept us in touch with our new allies, however our own leadership was not at peace with our desire to declare bloodshed against our two biggest enemies.


Jay created the NIC, a group that would be used as a proxy for the Rooks and Moreblood to fight Triads and Irish. NIC, would not of been made possible without Rafi, Jake, Sam and Mike, and everyone else in it, they became brother for life. NIC standing for N*gg*s in Charge, it sure fulfilled that name. Over the coming few weeks, the rival gangs were dismantled into small crews, some fled the city never to return.



The NIC, became close with Gangster Disciples and LFM. Fighting along side them everyday for weeks. Until [REDACTED] called an end to it. As the leader of The Rooks, we had to obey his orders, which were to "stop fighting Triads or leave us". So Mike hopped on the phone to Oti, secured a meeting and discussed about us joining. 


Oti took, myself, Mike, Jake and Anthony into his crew. It took some adjusting as we had previously known them as the enemy. However, they quickly showed that their loyalty to one another was unmatched, a family bond that was the clear reason to their success in both Los Santos and Chicago. We felt more at home here. Our day to day business kept on going, make money in the day and have fun in our free time. We had cookouts and smoked blunts by the beach, but we always had an eye out for any of the Irish or Chinese lurking...


Occasionally they would pop into the area, getting involved in our business and putting their noses where it didn't belong, but we handled it.

Oti and Carlos, called a meeting. Getting the two gangs together, we discussed the plague that roamed Los Santos, The Irish. The Mexicans decided to hit the Irish, and anyone who was seen helping them. This left a big decision for our enemy and former Mexican ally, The Triads. The Triads decided their relationship with The Irish was extremely valuable to them. They were caught helping them, causing Azteca's to hit them too. 


The rest is yet to unfold. Gangster Disciples has become a permanent home for Jay, and the feeling of Brotherhood that he first got in the city, was finally restored. The future looks promising. 


Credits: Seth - for helping with the overlay.

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