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La Familia Michoacana

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As the first non-founding member of La Familia Michoacana to hold the position of Under Boss, Taylor Garcia had to work harder than most to achieve the things he wanted.


Now, did Taylor think he'd come this far when he had first started out? Absolutely not. But it didn't stop him from putting everything he had into the things he loved.


Giving up when circumstances became difficult would have been very easy, he had been through his fair share of wars after all, but sticking with it, rebuilding and helping the Familia move forward was the plan.


He always tried to work above his ranks, and has always been helping his Hermanos with drops or working on relations with other gangs in the city, keeping La Familia's name at the very top.


With new turfs in the city for the Familia to look after, Taylor had reached out to his older brother Carlos Garcia, who was a mechanic in a small city in Mexico called Guanajuato.

After picking him up from the airport, Taylor showed Carlos around Los Santos and took him to the Butcher Chop near La Familia's HQ where they talked about how they could look to take control of the city. Carlos utilises his skills and helps La Familia take cars apart, he is a respected member of the family.



Whilst other organisations that will not be named are specifically telling smaller gangs not to work with La Familia, we do not worry about such implications when working with others, allowing them to move freely, focusing on relations.


It seems others in the city are still worried about La Familia, rather than focusing on their own business.

With La Familia still holding most of the turfs in the city, the PD attention on us was something we had never experienced before, with most of our members sat in cells, it was time to make a change.


It was getting to the point where the most basic criminal activities were becoming difficult and driving around in a red car was enough of a reason to get pulled out of a vehicle.


Whilst the colour red will always hold a special place in Taylor's heart, for a cartel, a colour is just a colour and doesn't mean a thing.


Those that have been with the Familia on our journey from the beginning will be well familiar with the masks and outfits now being utilised to evade police attention.



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From the start to the Finish
from the start of LFM to the end of it we stood strong as we fought countless enemies that wanted us to go down but we proved them wrong. Crews to gangs that tried to ruin or business and intervening and what happened?... the Mexicans put them in the ground 6 feet under.







it was a good run homies it was a fun ride.

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So glad I got to RP with this faction. Such a good bunch of homies that deserved everything they earnt. Disappointing circumstances to go out on but at least it was together with our Mexican amigos.

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I am going to miss every single one of u guys u guys have brought nothing but great rp to this server and to see the gang that helped me threw times and stood with me as my allies in lost mc was the best this really does bring a tear to my eyes boys I will never disrespect this faction I have always had the highest respect for u boys thank u Tyrone for makeing this amazing faction u started and lfm will always be remembered. Thank u for the the good times u gave me in my time here in eclipse. Aka josh will here.

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Much love to all my homies at LFM, def made your mark and even tho it was short, the legacy will not be unforgotten and the RP and everything you achieved during your time on the server SHOWS that you belong on the highest tier of gangs to ever exist on ECRP @Driqz shout out to u as well for being homie since Day 1


sad to see crim rp hitting rock bottom

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I have known a handful of the OG LFM members since early 2019 and have always had respect for them. Like many, I was apprehensive about the creation of LFM, but @Driqz, @DrWeeden, and many other OGs from The Wanted & Seaweed turned LFM into a very successful gang. I was fighting against LFM at some points, and fighting alongside with you for much longer. I have nothing but love for all of the LFM homies, you will be missed!

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