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La Familia Michoacana

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The racketing sounds of brass shaking inside a bag before they’re laid out on a table. Inserting them one by one, pressing down on the spring. Placing it in and loading the chamber. Pulling the trigger and seeing the life leave their bodies. This has become quite the routine for Alex as well as most other members in the Familia. Casings were scattered on the streets like cigarette buds after being used. Filling the streets with ash and dust coated with the blood of the enemies. Taking the life of any Irish man or woman who dared to stand as the opposition alongside their yellow-skinned allies.


As the battle rages on, the bodies have continued to pile up. On top of the white and yellow bodies, the browns bodycount also continued to rise. The Familia’s brothers and sisters, speakers of the Spanish tongue, Los Aztecas, eventually stepped into the conflict. Initially only waging war against the Irishmen, it was inevitable that ties would sour with the Chinese and the conflict creeped to them.



Alex alongside with Jacob was called by the President. As they opened the doors to their property, the signature Santa mask was seen standing by the center of it all. They were asked to debrief on their findings within the conflict so far, before being briefed on any changes and things worth mentioning. A piece of cloth covering his face, as Santa continued to speak his mind drifted, thinking of all the losses he’d taken so far. Snapping back to reality, they were dismissed from the building, leaving the President to continue with his business. Alex thought to himself regarding him, always ever so mysterious, he could never understand his plan or his intentions, but he trusts him.


Driving around in his Elegy, the Blackbird, well now its red, but regardless he took a brief break from all the action in the city. Taking the time to reminisce on the past and his future, before the silence of the road was broken by the whooping sirens and flashing lights. As he pulled over, he lowered his mask and placed his gun inside the glovebox, rolling down his windows. All was going well with the traffic stop, before the detective took a sniff inside Alex’s car and smelled some of his beer spilling, yet to be cleaned for a decent amount of time in the midst of all the conflict.

Alex was taken out of the car, continuing with the conversation he’s having with the Detective. Going on his radio a couple times, Alex tapped his foot a couple times, waiting nervously. “Its your lucky day Mr. Holt” the Detective said to Alex. Turns out there was no traffic units available to do a proper test of his alcohol levels, hence why a makeshift sobriety test was done on Alex. Continuing on with the ridiculous acts, Alex actually enjoyed the process for once, distracting him from his larger problems.

Passing the test with flying colors. He shared some laughs with the friendly Detective before being sent on his way. Going back inside his car, smile on his face, he slammed the door shut. After doing so, his glovebox dropped down from it, revealing his gun once more. Immediately his mood changed, he was reminded once more of the horrific life he was in. Eyes on the road, he returned back to business.


Switching vehicles around. He was now riding with Jacob inside his classic Mamba. The both of them were ready for action. Screwing on the silencer on the end of the barrel, extended magazine in hand, they both threw on their Micro SMGs on their backs. Driving around looking for any of the opposition, they couldn’t find any and so they had no work for the day. It wasn’t until a radio transmission was heard from the Aztecas detailing that they require more vehicles to chop at Grove street. It seems that the mechanic there is running short on illegal parts to sell and the group is losing influence in the area.

Alex and Jacob got to work, breaking into multiple vehicles using Alex’s experience with growing up on the streets. A single hairpin could be used by him to break into any vehicle they ask him to. Taking them to Grove street where Corey from the Aztecas was waiting for them, the duo made a decent sum doing that for some time. It wasn’t until they were in the process of breaking down a Schlagen GT when the hair on everyones back raised. They heard a helicopter. Mounting up in their vehicles, they heard it, sirens whooping.


Driving with the police directly behind them, the Alex and Jacob knew they can’t outrun them with a helicopter on top. They drove into the industrial areas and made a sudden turn, attempting to trick the police into thinking they had crashed their car. They saw the car and dismounted immediately, Micro SMG in hand, the duo started unloading a hail of bullets at them. Having some cover using their cruisers, a gunfight broke out in the alleyways. However, their fate was sealed, there was too many units to fight off all. Throwing on a hell of a fight, Alex blew through all his magazines, throwing away the piping red hot Micro SMG and taking out his sidearm. Returning fire, before being shot down himself.


Discharged from the hospital. It was time for Alex to be brought to justice. Being placed in the back of the cruiser, he sat there silently, looking straight at the cop in front of him using the rearview mirror. Unbeknown by the cop, he had left one of Alex’s hairpins in his back pocket. Reaching to it ever so slightly using his cuffed hands, he finally got one between his fingers. Putting his expertise to use, he started to fiddle with the cuffs, still making sure the cop wasn’t suspicious of him. He broke out a slight smirk when he felt a slight snap inside the locks, he held on to the cuffs making sure they stay put unlocked to pretend he’s still cuffed.

As they arrived to the prison complex, the door to the cruiser was opened. As soon as it is, he charges at the unsuspecting guard and breaks free of his cuffs. Running away from the intake. Now with both hands able to be utilized, he climbs up the ladders and jumps down the catwalk, trying to break out before reaching a dead end. Seeing he’s not going anywhere, Alex places his hands up and surrenders. It was one hell of a try though, at least he knows know he managed to get 1 step further than most people in trying to break out.


As he sits on the prison courtyard, smoking a smuggled in cigarette in hand. He looks up to the sky and thinks about his brothers and sisters outside and how the fight is going. He wonders if they’d still be alive by the time he gets released. Wether the fight will even still go on. If their group will still exist. Just like the smoke from his cigarette, its unsure where the future will lead him to. Regardless, he keeps his spirits up, training for when he does come out from the wretched walls. Viva La Familia.

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After being promoted to Enforcer with La Familia Michoacana, Taylor Garcia had been working hard to ensure it didn't stop there.

Taylor had been putting absolutely everything into the organisation as he realised that this was an opportunity to prove himself even further.

He had come a long way since he first joined and was still showcasing daily what it meant to put the family above everything else.


He had been working on his connections with other gangs, organising and securing over $700,000 in heavy guns, ammo, pistols, attachments and more for The Familia in the time he had been Enforcer.

These drops for the hermanos came at a great time as the war between La Familia Michoacana, Gangster Disciples, AztecasThe Irish and Los Santos Triads continued to tear up the streets.

There had also been attempts from Fog in recent weeks to set up, bait and catch La Familia lacking, however, any of these plans are yet to succeed.


The Irish and Los Santos Triads have still been losing some of their drops as they've been continuously hit, even seeing some intercepted by PD.

Taylor had also recently witnessed some of The Triads leaving chases only to end up at the bank again, further signposting their fall from grace.


La Familia's numbers have continued to grow during this time, with gangs around the town surprised at how many loyal members we've been able to recruit and train.

When others thought we may have struggled, the vatos have established why La Familia have become a force to be reckoned with.


The relationship between La Familia, Gangster Disciples and Aztecas has still been flourishing and it's been a massive step in the right direction as they look to make a change in the city.

We'd often meet up before hitting drops, banks or opps, to go over plans, share jokes or even enjoy a chocolate bar before everything kicks off.


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1 hour ago, Ryzoft said:

Not sure why you're also writing us out on an OOC level as well. Confused. Crimson Syndicate was a huge factor, seems atleast worth a mention right? 😕

The story is just from his perspective i wouldn't take it to heart. More Blood has of recent been alot more involved in the war with 10-20 of their members always with us and they also weren't named. From his perspective you guys haven't been involved as of recent which i think most of us have seen.


Anyway great stories guys and great faction in general constantly good interactions with this group every single day!

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Pearson "El Gamblerino" Smith


Pearson and Zhavia would enter the city as unknown civilians looking to survive, they would quickly make there way to the pier where they met a lot of interesting people who would teach them the ways of how Los Santos works and the hierarchy between Criminals and Legal workers.

After a few days they would create a plan as many individuals would come to the pier harassing Zhavia and she would use her cunning ability of preying on the Male's dumb inability to think and allow them to simp on her in order to gain fast cash. This would work out well as she would easily make 100k by the dumb simp's offering her money in exchange for some time. Pearson would still be hanging around the pier however Fishing was very slow and would barely allow him to buy anything. Out of nowhere an unknown man would come to make friends... He would introduce himself as "Walter Melon" saying he has made over 100k at a notorious bar in the city called "Tequilala". Pearson would be very intrigued in this as before he migrated to Los Santos he had studied and played poker for more than 8 years, giving him a massive advantage from the other Gamblers who would be willing to stake there thousands of $'s. Pearson would head there and quickly make a lot of money. He would withdraw his only $10,000 and quickly turn this into $100,000. He would laugh at how easy it was to make a lot of money and quickly tell Zhavia "Honey, we can easily make a lot of money in the city and she doesn't need to worry".Capture.thumb.PNG.732fe60225e49e6b3851c01aaf6dd3d2.PNG

Pearson would spend the next few days grinding in Tequilala making over $1m dollars in quick succession. He would along with Zhavia focus on ensuring they are stable within the city, Quickly Buying an Apartment, multiple cars, and look for a gun supplier to ensure they are protected. Doing this Zhavia would still hang around the pier now making friends, where she would have multiple interactions with a "Lola Sakamoto". She would be within a large gang in the city and this would be very interesting. An opportunity would arise for both Pearson and Zhavia to end up being recruited for "Dojin Kai"

Pearson and Zhavia would relish the opportunity to take part in this and become part of a family, learning a lot of new skills such as, Shooting, Call outs, Discipline, Trust and being a Criminal.


Quickly being in Dojin he would learn about other gangs in the city and something known as the "The Council", he would be intrigued by this and ask many questions, "Who are the council?" "What is our relationship with them" "Are they powerful?"

After a few weeks in Dojin-Kai he would be promoted to be a full pledged member and quickly rise through the ranks as he would show is has Dedication, Loyalty and a Good head being able to keep calm in tough situations.

One day he would be chilling with his Dojin-Kai family and hear of a situation involving our High Command getting killed by Zeta's, The radio would be shocked and panic would ensue. We would quickly rush to the situation and find out that Zeta's (One of the biggest and strongest gangs in the city) have robbed and held up our high command outside our HQ. 

Our members would be shocked, however quickly learned that Zetas are disbanding and the city is about to change rapidly. He would be excited for War as this would give him a further opportunity to prove himself, however after a few fights Dojin-Kai's leadership would fail them and leave Los Santos forcing many of the other members to leave. 

After the disappointment of Dojin-Kai disbanding, Pearson and Zhavia would find themselves in a similar situation, having money, guns and vehicles, but no direction. Pearson and Zhavia would take this time to further build their assets to ensure that if they were given the opportunity to join another Family they would relish it but would want to be ready. A few months went by and Pearson had taken his talents to Tequilala, winning Millions.


Doing this allowed Pearson and Zhavia to expand their assets, buying some of the most expensive vehicles in the city, drag.thumb.PNG.421f7555c9bf62bac73fb3d47c951270.PNG

After finding themselves ready to further their growth in the city, Zhavia would talk to her close friend "Davie Dopeck", Davie had been in contact with "James Mcpuffin", James would discuss with Davie about a new Gang who had been formed known as "La Familia". After the discussion Pearson would be intrigued and want to learn more. He would contact James as he knew him from his Dojin-Kai days. James would discuss with Pearson about a Gang who stand for Respect, Strength, and Family. He would discuss with James about what would he need to do in order to get him and Zhavia an opportunity to join. James would quickly set up a meeting with a notorious Gang Member "Black Santa". James would introduce Pearson as "Rich as Fuck" Which was amusing as he had purposed made himself into a position that he would be able to be an asset to a gang, having plenty of money and guns.

Pearson would be given an opportunity to join along with Zhavia and the rest would be history. Pearson would show his loyalty to the gang, taking part in Drug Lab runs, chopping cars, sorting out tough situations when things escalated with other Gangs in the city. 


In the weeks that passed, Pearson would have proved himself to be promoted to be a "Recruiter for LFM" After growing with LFM he would realise that the Gang has grown into one of the biggest in the city and one not to fuck with.

Pearson would grow with the Gang, taking part in many more situations, Gang Meetings, Killing our Enemies and ensuring our new recruits are up to scratch.1660691377_RGMultipler13_09_202005_17_45(2).png.6217f335557c0321367ec1a8d3c757be.png

After a while relationships in the city would change and war would ensue, however this time Pearson, La Familia and their Allies would be ready to wipe out their enemies!




RАGЕ Multiрlayеr    17_09_2020 20_12_12 (2).png


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The Start and the current

After the disbanding of Los Zetas Tyrone and Dave didn't want to let all their training and hard work go to waste so they set out to make their own organization called La Familia Michoacana. They met with the Azteca leaders and asked for their support before starting to recruit and build to help support their old friends and allies like they used to while in Zetas.


Once they had the support of the Azteca's they began to look for quality people in the city as well as taking members recommended to them from allies to be recruited and help LFM grow and prosper.



The familia quickly grew and became a large and recognized organization that was known to protect themselves and their allies fiercely if provoked.



With their long standing time in the city and good reputation they were able to quickly set up neutrality with most of the prominent gangs in the city.



To be in La Familia Michoacana respect among members and especially to high command is a must disrespect is not taken lightly and can come with severe consequences.





With tensions rising in the city LFM began to arm themselves to prepare for battle gangs they were once neutral with where now beginning to hit them out of colors thinking we wouldn't find out. It was found out that members of Triads and Irish had been dressing in other gangs clothes and random outfits to hit other neutral gangs. LFM had meetings with Aztecas to let them know of the coming conflict and GD one of the gangs they had been dressing as and attacking both GD and LFM decided these disrespectful acts had to be answered back with force with the help of morebloods began a week long bloody battle throughout Los Santos.






The Irish and Triads would later provoke Aztecas into joining the fight against them bringing in another powerful ally for LFM and GD things were not looking good for the Irish and Triads.






Even during times of conflict La Familia Michoacana continued to grow and strengthen themselves by training members and promoting those who had proven themselves


The Familia was bigger and stronger than ever ready to face their enemies whenever they came out from hiding.


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There hasn't been as much activity on the streets from The Irish and Los Santos Triads in recent days and it was clear Gangster Disciples, La Familia Michoacana, Aztecas and More Blood were giving them a hard time.


They were often caught out of colours and trying to bring gangs like The Russian Mob or The Crimson Syndicate into the war, with the latter left unsure of what side they were even on.


In the last week, Los Anthrax have tried multiple times to hit the Familia, first in blue and after being forced to drop colours, then in yellow.

We had already seen most of their gang congregating around Eclipse Towers, but one day, after fleeing from a gunfight, we had followed a yellow Kamacho from Tequi-la-la to the apartments.

There were already four people waiting for him at the elevators as we were hoping he'd go home and stash his guns and Jay was in for a surprise.

He claimed he didn't know any of the codes to the safes to the apartment he had keys for, which didn't make much sense, however, we were prepared for this.


Taylor knew he could be waiting for a while as Jay didn't have much information to provide us, so he made some ramen and sat down to a nice book about becoming a shooter whilst others guessed the codes to the safes.


After injuring a vato, Jay took the initiative to scream down the radio frequency, and for that he was embarrassed, made to look out the window and think about the consequences whilst his safes were being broken into.


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