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Daichead Gadaí

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Several weeks ago, Lola had learned from Collie that he was kidnapped, stabbed, and shot by someone named Sofia Miller. Up until that point, she had been good friends with the girl and expressed no ill-intentions towards her, so the news came to a surprise. She had noticed her on the back of one of the member's bikes, and told him to take her some place secluded. When he let her know they were out front, Lola pulled on on her. Sofia responded in total disbelief, complying with the demands of who she thought was a good friend of hers.

Once Sofia had clocked onto why she was held on her knees at gunpoint, Lola began to interrogate and humiliate her. 


Lola walked to stand behind her and kicked her in the back so that she fell to the floor. Lola continued to threaten and berate her under the barrel of her gun. She had planned to torture her the same way she tortured one of Daichead Gadai's High Commands, before finally killing her. 


Threat and hostility was something that the Daichead Gadai did not respond to kindly, regardless of its magnitude. An action of hers that took place a long time ago had finally caught up to her until she got what was deserved.

Lola let Sofia share her final words before finishing her.


(( All parties involved consented to the RP that took place in this post. ))

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Growing up and moving on

Garvy flew over from a small town in Ireland called Limerick, he grew up in a rough area and would always get in fights and stabbings. To make money he would have to either sell drugs, rob houses, and cars. He Flew into Los Santos to pursue a career in car trades, he would acquire illegal cars and send them to Los Santos from Limerick on a ferry to resell for profit.


The start of my criminal activities 

After some time in the city, Garvy got into a small-time gang called Narcos and would use his expertise of robbing cars and selling drugs to help the gang make money. After a few weeks the gang sadly came to an end.

Learning the ways of the sensei

After a while, he met some more Irish lads and they introduced him to a gang called Dojin-kai. Garvy joined Dojin, they burnt him into their gang with the symbol of the kai, they all had different skills that benefited each other greatly, they were thought dojo and other useful fighting skills that would be put into use a lot during over the coming weeks. Garvy progressed upwards in the ranks and started to make a lot of money quickly.


The war

It was just a normal day robbing cars and selling drugs when Garvy heard a call over the radio that they needed help at sea labs, they all soon arrived in 4 doors and hopped out and started fighting against the council some got out and some died. Later that day the council downed war on the Dojin kai. They lost lots of fights and the majority of the members left the gang and didn’t come to the city. The gang was left with no leadership to help them through their war. In the end, the gang disbanded and most of the members went different ways.
Joining Daichead Gadaí

After a few days of being out of town, Garvy returned to see a message on his phone from an unknown number. He phoned them and had a conversation with them, to his surprise the unknown number turned out to be Collie Fegan. He reached out to him and informed him that he had started a new gang and disused setting up a future meeting where they could introduce themselves to each other and the other Irish member that were invited to the meeting.SaDHMZU6cWpgL4T60oIQoJEt2gkNSAccFZMA2wNDy4Zsad2N4xv-bLKcqRxkVYNpvrzDqMrOvCn8M-WfvvdBPhV3ZR17A0Vd4dwduQn_KrZNXKs1POgBRxELNF6Cp-hnZ80DFUBZ


Garvy joined daichead gadai as a fuil nua. As a result of him showing dedication to the Irish cause, Garvy was recently promoted to the rank of Óglaigh. Garvy has continued to show his determination and strength to strive in Daichead Gadaí.


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It was a quiet day in Los Santos and Ronnie was just cruising around the city when a call came in over the radio. It was Jake Okibi from the Triads asking if anyone needed some  imports. Ronnie asked if he could order in some weapons and Jake said to meet him in Little Seoul.


When Ronnie arrived, Jake was already there taking an order for Lance, another member of Daichead Gadaí. Ronnie requested what he would like to be ordered and handed over a bunch of cash held together with an elastic band.




The order was now made, both Ronnie and Lance’s order would be coming in the same shipment, so they prepared themselves together to ensure we could collect our orders safely and without interruption. The pair went and brought themselves some crowbars so they would be able to promptly open the creates upon arrival.


The pair were now ready, but there was still a lot of time before the shipment was due to come in. So they decided to head down to Steamboat Beers and bide their time there where they would be out of sight. Whilst inside waiting, Lance found a bluetooth speaker and began to play some music for everyone to enjoy.




The time had come where the shipment was about to land, Ronnie and Lance drove to the spot where they were greeted by Jake again and another member of the Triads who had come to help make sure that no one interfered. The drop was successfully secured and the weapons that Ronnie had ordered were stored away in his Armory.




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The day started out simple Roland had just woke up, when he immediately saw a ad on his phone about the burnout nation elegy race, He remembered he had signed up for that race so he quickly made his way over to the event.




The race was about to begin, Roland's name was called on the megaphone, he quickly made his way over towards the cars and got into one. He was very confident and wanted the number one prize which was 100,000 thousand dollars.




The first race was perfect, Roland started off in first place and kept that position the whole race finishing all 3 laps in first place. He was very happy with what he had achieved and was now very confident. He was told that his name would be once again called up when ready, he took this time to leave and relax.




It was time for the last and final race, the race did not start how Roland expected it to, Roland was in third place for the first two laps, he managed to slowly catch up to the second place racer and he did, he passed him, this made the second place racer angry, so she attempted to ram Roland out of the way but she failed, Roland quickly recovered and finished the race in second place and won a prize of 50,000 thousand dollars.



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Several months ago, the fight against Rooks continued to rage on, causing chaos within and out of the city. Lola had responded to a back-up call over the radio, to which she eventually caught up to a car occupied by what was assumed to be were Rooks members. She was led into an alleyway where the firing erupted from the rooftops of their turf and she was shot down. Shots were exchanged, with more Daichead Gadai members flooding the alley in numbers.

Sirens blared shortly after and the call to leave the scene was called over the radio, causing everyone to scatter. Once the cruisers began to efficiently block the entrances of the alleyway, no one was able to reach Lola in time. She continued to bleed, her hands desperately moving over her wounds as to prevent herself from losing anymore blood.

Once the medics arrived, they quickly tended to her wounds, working carefully to stop the bleeding. Once treated at the hospital, she was escorted into a cruiser with Jason Steel. After several miles, she realised that he was driving her to Mission Row even though she anticipated serving years of sentence in Prison. As she was still recovering from her wounds, very little was exchanged between the two for the rest of the ride.

Once she was taken into an office, Jason Steel unclasped the handcuffs from her wrists and was joined by another detective, Damien Blix.


She was at a loss for words and unsure of how to respond. She had only been in Daichead Gadai for no longer than two weeks, so what could he possibly want to know from her and what exactly did he think was she willing to share? They began to talk about her former organisation, the Dojin-Kai, and questioned why she seemed to switch to hastily and without the regard of who she previously considered family. 


She seethed at Damien's comments. What does he know about family? Family doesn't abandon, but that is what her Sakamoto brothers did that the members of the Daichead Gadai didn't. They questioned what she was doing at the scene, who she was fighting with and against, and attempted to extract every little amount of information from her that they could.

The three continued to argue back and forth throughout the rest of the interrogation. Lola was determined to leave the interrogation room not having shared any incriminating details about her fellow members, to which she assumed she did successfully. After several hours, the interrogation came to an end. She was placed in handcuffs once more and taken to Prison, where she served her sentences for attempted murder.


(( The events that took place in this post happened a while ago and do not represent current in-game situations. ))

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The Return


So where it all started Los Zetas. Ski a Born Z were apart of the Los Zetas for many months a place where he was made The Famous Cartel after the Cartel had ended and a few backs and forth miscommunication conflict within the group itself Ski found himself lost in a city figuring out and catching up to the new ways of life after returning to the city.



Ski left town for a short while after getting bored of the city felt he needed a rest he had no time for the Zetas which resulted in him being removed but that wasn't the case. 
 After Ski putting all his time and effort into his so-called family he was informed that a few Zetas were shit-talking him behind his back One thing Ski hates the most is Rats and will never forget the tricks and traits he were taught during his time in the Z Cartel despite what his fellow soldiers and commanders say Ski will always have a Z in him.




Every Master was once a beginner the ways he was taught is unstoppable unless it were his fellow Cartel members From Radio communication's Robbery's to kidnappings to Weapon and Drug dealing
 it was only time before we became Millionaires.




Time past by it was time to step into a New Era word spread that one of Ski's fellow friends Jimmy Gambino a Fellow Z was interested in joining a new group to help them build within the city goes by the name of Daichead-Gadai also known as Irish Ski met up with a fellow Zeta Collie Fegan and expressed his reasons of joining and why he would like to be under his leadership few days past by and Ski was officially a member of the Irish Cartel.


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A fight erupted on Aztecas’ turf between Aztecs, Gangster Disciples, and Rooks several weeks ago. Daichead Gadai had heard the shots in the midst of pursuing a chase, and a call over the radio was made, alerting everyone that the shots were coming from Aztecas turf. Everyone quickly responded to the call in-case back-up was needed and began to peel out of the chase. The firing had ceased by the time they arrived and bodies, both dead and alive, were scattered all through the alleyway and rooftops of the turf. Members quickly mounted out and off of their vehicles, responding to people that might have still needed their wounds tended to. Once cleared, all seemed well, so Daichead Gadai left the scene.

Later, a rumour started to spread amongst GD members. It was presumed that, when at the scene, members of Daichead Gadai were looting guns off of their dead members. The Daichead Gadai underboss, Stephen Joyce, gave them the benefit of the doubt and decided to speak to Oti Maxell to resolve what happened and return what was taken. At this point, Daichead Gadai sometimes fought with GD against the Rooks, so trust was established. Unfortunately, Oti was not able to tell Stephen what was lost, so nothing could possibly be resolved.

When the phone call ended, Stephen let everyone know that the phone call was left without resolution. Later the same night, Oti declared that they would start fighting them in retaliation for a probable pistol they thought Daichead Gadai stole.

The fights between Daichead Gadai and Gangster Disciples rippled throughout the entire city, with losses on both sides.




While still in conflict with Daichead Gadai, GD declared “war” with Triads through text with the alliance of La Familia Michoacana. The decision to join the fight against GD was easy, as were the fights themselves. There was bloodshed upon bloodshed, until the true reasons behind why the fights were happening in the first place started to become unclear.





Once the fights started to subside, Daichead Gadai received a text from Aztecas and were informed that one of their members were out of colours and hitting them up North. When asked who the member was, the Aztecas named someone that had left Daichead Gadai day prior. 


The miscommunication was drastic, but attempts to be diplomatic to clear Daichead Gadai’s name were ignored and Aztecas decided to join in on the fight. The fights now as it stands; Gangster Disciples, Aztecas, LFM, plus the formation of NIC and EBK which absorbed members of More Blood and Rooks, against Triads and Daichead Gadai.

Chases ensued within the city. With the severe disparity in numbers this time around, the Daichead Gadai and Triads were forced to fight tactically.




A meeting was set in place between Daichead Gadai and Aztecas where both parties would have the opportunity to share their concerns and perhaps their reasons behind why tensions began and then later sustained. Problems that were unbeknownst to the Daichead Gadai higher-ups present at the meeting were put forward, as well as their severities. Between disagreements and spouts of hostility, different levels of issues were addressed. At the end, the groups were able to deal with situations civilly. 


Moving forward, everyone agreed that it would be better to prioritise transparency in order to co-exist in the long-term. While the tensions between the two groups were not completely resolved, their relationships with one another was better than the day before.

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A Higher up meeting was called between Daichead Gadaí and Triads about how we are going to move forward with this conflict between Aztecas, LFM and GD. Suggestions, plans and ideas went back and forth deciding what would be best for us before we tell it to the rest of our members.


The rest of Daichead Gadaí and Triads met up and it was then explained to the rest of the group how we are going to do this moving forward. Everyone was excited and looking forward to the change and to retaliate back to their actions.




After Triads chop turf was taken we gradually got it back and decided to turn it back on Aztecas and bolt cut the gates of the HQ and pulled out all the cars. They were all taken to Aztecas main chop and we slowly knocked it down until they never owned it.


We will keep putting up a fight and not stop for what we believe in. Ádh mór do chách.

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