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Allow players to see their face attributes visible on UCP.

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Big +1 the character screation system feel outdated.


However, face attributes are actually visible in the panel, just gotta go through a few steps.

Here is how you can find your face attributes:

Firstly, log into https://panel.eclipse-rp.net/

Next, press F12. Your screen should look like this


Next, click Network. If the F12 panel seems to be blank when you click network, just refresh the page.

Your screen should look like this:



Now you wanna find "playerinfo". Double click on it, it should open up a screen that looks like this:



Click on the side arrow, which will then show you a list of all your characters in order of how they appear in your panel. For this example I'll be showing my 3rd character's attributes.


When you open up this character's attributes list, it'll show pretty much everything that the server saves for that character. Aliases, radio binds, etc. For face attributes, click on the side arrow next to "Character"


When you clikc on this arrow, it will open up the list of all of your character's face attributes, "GTAO_FACE_FEATURES_LIST" gives the exact values that makes that character's face in terms of modifications made to the facial structure.


Also disclaimer, I made this post on a laptop on a train so if it's shit, I appologise. 🙂

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