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How to use the car speaker '/carurl'

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This fix works for normal speakers too.
As soon as the car speakers got introduced, just a few knew how they really worked and most of the people I know were asking IC money for OOC knowledge which is borderline RWT and is also very selfish so now I will try to teach you how to use the car speaker without having to spend two hours or more to figure it out by yourself.

  1. You need a youtube link for any content that lasts less than 10 minutes.
  2. You have to check the codecs of the song. The number that represents it has to be around 150 or lower:
    All you have to do is right click on the video and select "Stats for nerds". As you can see, the original version of the song has a number of 398 and it will always be like that if you choose the version posted by the official youtube channel.

    If you want to find a version with low codecs you have to scroll down and you will eventually find a low codecs version. Sometimes you can even find channels that upload the original version of famous songs with a low codecs. Here you have an example:
    As you can see, the codecs here is 135 and that means the link will work.
  3. Last step is simply get into a car that has a car speaker and write /carurl LINK while you are inside the car.
    Here's an url that works 100% for you to test: 


Additional very useful tips:

  • If you tried an url that has a high codecs, your next songs will not work even if the url has a good codecs. To fix that, all you have to do is remove the car speaker by placing it into your inventory and put it back in the vehicle's inventory.
  • If you can't hear the music but you are 100% sure that the url has a low codecs, /logout and log back in until you can hear it.
  • Paste all the url for your favourite songs in a Notepad file so you don't spend around 1 minute for each song and use your RAM on google chrome. Use CTRL+F to find the song if you have many. Here's an example: IHMYcIZ.png

Enjoy the music and make sure you keep your doors open so everybody can hear it!
Here's a link with all the links I looked for: https://docs.google.com/document/d/12d2TkjmoRrfzl7rQPOOLoODz_LdInAFLsyRiLnruM5g/edit?usp=sharing

Me and other people will be constantly updating it with better versions of each song and new songs. You can edit the sheet by requesting the permission to do it and being a part of it makes you discover new songs since most people add their favourites to the sheet. If you are just a bypasser, all you gotta do is CTRL+F and search your song.

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To reset car speakers that dont work because you used a link with a too high codec, just type /carurl to turn the radio off and then it should work again.

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1 minute ago, TheCactus said:

@Aron Simon/logout multiple times.
I had to do it 9 times today until I could hear the music

I see. I got it to work today, but nobody else could hear it apart from me.. bit dodgy!

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