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Henry Whittaker

The Cult Of Kutzlak

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It had been many months since The Cult of Kutzlak had left the city to complete a religious pilgrimage.

Without the Cult having a strong presence in the state many lost their faith in Kutzlak and returned to their ways before The Cult of Kutzlak had entered their lives.

The Cult is returning to the city with a plan to reenter peoples lives in a different way than it has before.


(Prophet Henry returns from the Pilgrimage)

After getting off of his flight the first thing Prophet Henry immediately realized the true depths the city had sunken to in his absence.

There had always been violence in Los Santos but Prophet Henry did not expect to be greeted by the sounds of sirens and gunshots in the nearby vicinity.

Prophet Henry made his way to his car and began to drive around to see how the city had changed since he was gone.

Prophet Henry noticed while driving that there was next to no faith left in the city and that many people were barely surviving.

Even the Epsilon Program which Prophet Henry considered admirable sinners were no where to be found in the city.

It was time for Prophet Henry to return to The Church of Kutzlak, as Prophet Henry drove towards the church he wondered if perhaps someone had vandalized it in his absence.

To his relief the only difference to The Church of Kutzlak was that it was covered in a thick coat of snow.


(Prophet Henry reenters the church for the first time in months)


Once arriving at the church Prophet Henry met with Head Councilman Gerald to discuss the future of The Cult of Kutzlak.

Both men agreed that the previous style of recruitment was not as successful and that it was time for a fresh idea.

After seeing the violence and the state of the city Prophet Henry decided it was time for extreme measures and that from now on The Cult of Kutzlak would be forced to use a more aggressive way to recruit, it was time for a conversion of the city.

No more would missionaries sit of the side of the road recruiting it was time to launch a crusade against the non-believers of Kutzlak and begin forceful conversions...


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The Cult of Kutzlak has been hard at work preparing for the holiday season and the crusade against the non-believers of Kutzlak, both quite festive occasions.

In the spirit of the holidays the leadership of The Cult of Kutzlak is discussing many festive ideas for the Cult of Kutzlak.

Stay tuned for the city will soon be saved by Kutzlak from the non-believers.


Happy holidays to the citizens of Los Santos and to the believers of Kutzlak from Prophet Henry and Head Councilman Gerald!



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