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Four Seas Order

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- Thomas Beaulieu - Chapter 2 -

 Time has passed. Things have changed in the city. More and more people got out for their voice to be heard. More and more people wanted change.

 More and more the government used force to silence the weak, to silence the voice of the people. Humans who wanted to achieve something were labeled as thugs, terrorists, and criminals. 

 They didn’t want people to be able to talk over them. 

 Thomas has seen enough. Enough of everything. He also was one of them. He wanted to achieve change – achieve greatness. Help the city and its citizens, help his friends and his family – he wanted to help himself to get out of the whole, he buried himself in.  

He needed people, people with the same mindset, the same interests. He wanted people, who are able to love, who are able to achieve things - people who he can call family again.  


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(The War)


-The beginning - Part 1 -


It was a casual day,Leo were playing poker at Tequila-la while the rest of FSO Members were driving around and checking labs. Leo heard some rumours over the radio that ''Irish'' might try to hit FSO up north for unknown reason. Time were flying,Leo were winning money and then suddenly he heard Moda saying over the radio: ''Irish just opened fire on me,I need help!'' . Leo rushed to ATM to deposit money,and started heading up north.

While he was on his way to Chiliad he asked over the radio what's the situation inside,he heard a reply from Ling that she's still hiding in the bushes,once he arrived he realised that ''Irish'' killed his family members and chopped their cars. Leo decided to head back to the city and make a new frequency. Time has passed and more people arrived into the city,FSO decided to have a meeting inside of the noodle house.




During the meeting few promotions were given,but main target was to discuss about what happened and how we should react. Charlie briefed what everyone should do and how we will react,so  we made a decision that since Irish had hit us for no reason they were no longer considered our allies and the situation would be handled like if anyone had hit a member of the family.After everything were explained we headed straight to ''Mask Shop'' and purchased ''War Outfits''.  After everyone jumped into their war outfits,we decided to head up north and look for ''Irish''. 




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                                                                                                                   It Was a Pleasure to be around

                                                                                               I met too many nice people in FSO really it was a good journey

                                                                              Thank you team for everything and all the trust....

                                                                                                             I ll see yall Soon.. Love you Team..









                                                                                                                             Love you TEAM..

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(The Conflict)


Kai and his other family members were at Chiliad Lab, rumours had been spread out about Irish was gonna hit FSO.
They were picking some plant and Thomas was outside chiliad lab on-foot, and as soon as Irish came, demands were given by them towards Thomas. Leading to a shootout in less than one minute, Kai got hit by bullets on both of his arms, as medics found him he was immediately brought up to the hospital.

One month after rehabilitation inside the hospital, Kai could finally go back to his house. The first thing he did was to take out his SMG from his safe, reloading it and making sure the load was full. Kai never underestimated his enemies, If the enemy is very strong, all you can do is attack them part by part from all sources. Corner them from all sources to checkmate them finally. Focus on your strengths and concentrate on the weaknesses of your opponents, If one plan fails, alternative plans must be ready to address the challenges to move the things forward.


The second shootout happened at Stabcity Bridge, it was supposed to be a setup ambush plan for them but unfortunately the shootout ended up outside the location of the ambush. Kai droves his elegy as he heard the backup call before the ambush location. He drove it quickly to the location and get out from the vehicle, unslings his Micro-SMG from his back, opening fire on every person that known as Irish. 


Shootout by shootout, Kai was learning more life lesson and decided to remember them as a Tattoo on his body.


Dragons tattoo may represent FSO symbolic also symbolic of legendary animal.
Dual Wield Guns tattoo may represent danger, evil, honor and security.
Beast tattoo may represent power, greed, ruthlessness, ferocity and devilish nature also symbol of  apocalypse.


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Within the past couple of days, the situation between FSO and Irish became more and more heated up north, leading up even into the city, where Ling was approached by few of them.

“From now on, until we’re authorized otherwise, you guys are free to hit in the city”
“So be it”  thought Ling as they let her drive away without further consequences.



It didn’t take more than a couple of days for further developments, as FSO decided to set up an ambush spot, good enough to overcome Irish, without having to worry about the numbers.
Everyone’s hands were feeling kinda itchy at this point,
Drew’s ones in particular, who decided to take the lead for the whole ambush.

After meeting all up, setting the guns and car’s positions, Drew explained once again the plan to all of the team gathered around him.

“This needs to look legit. I want Ling and Floyd to bait Irish outside of the city, and comply with their demands as soon as they get here.”
Both of them agreed without further questions, heading towards the city in Ling’s 9F. Took a while before finding them just sitting around the bank, and the best way to bait them was to piss them off as the best of their capabilities.

“Your lil-dick gang is gonna be used as a mop”
Ling’s hands were sweaty on the top of the steering wheel as she was surrounded by all the Irish’s cars. It was time to hit the accelerator and let them chase her.


Unfortunately, not even one kilometre away from the designed spot, the back of her car was hit by one of them as she was taking the last turn, leading to the ashes the entire plan.
Panicking, she could call one last backup call on the radio before
her and Floyd were put under
Irish’s gunpoint.

And everything went dark.

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