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Four Seas Order

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Charlie sat in the back of a cop cruiser, cuffed and awaiting transport over to Bolingbroke. Just another day in life, honestly. Usually the cops were quick about it shuttling you off to serve your time. But this time was painstakingly slow. The cops were taking their sweet time… as if trying to get information out of Charlie. Information about Triads, about her friends, about her family. 

“Only men of poor virtue turn their back on their family”

This cop turned around to face Charlie. “Is this really what you call family? They are just sitting there letting you get arrested right now. They just use you for when you're needed, and when you're not, you’re tossed aside” The cop gestured to the Triads observing waiting to fully understand the situation, assessing whether it was the right moment to step in or not. Charlie looked around seeing almost 10 cops, there was no opportunity for intervention at this point. Charlie spat at the plexi-glass window separating her from the officer. 

“Don’t speak about what you don’t know. Family is everything.” 


Some months later Charlie found herself being asked to speak by Jae Fang. Charlie may have taken the Kwang name but she will always be a Fang at heart. She did not forget that day when she stood next to Jae and Joo that was sealed into her family history. So when Jae asked to speak about important matters it wasn’t a matter of if.. It was when.


They holed up in a meeting room at Triad HQ and Jae explained that he had a proposition to offer. Charlie, as always, expressed that whatever it was he had her support. 


Jae shared his plan of extending the family. Starting a new group that would in part go back to our roots. Jae and Charlie reminisced to the older days when they were new trials with the Triads. Many faces had come and gone since then… but family remained. Jae asked her to come on board as his second in command.


Charlie was conflicted… this would mean taking a step back from the family she had known for these many years and stepping out into something new. But at the same time Jae was her family too and she full heartedly supported his plan. After much talking she went and drove the streets of Little Seoul. The memories that poured out in that drive. She remembered on her first day of trial, Kai Fang (now Draco) had shown her the streets, told her the history, explained the importance of the many different landmarks. She left that drive resolved. She would come on board and help create this new group with Jae.


She told Jae the news as soon as she got back and they got to planning. Soon they had a solid plan and started to look for who else to bring on board with them. Charlie had a few Triads in mind to have help advise as they had been there through thick and thin. She invited Prozacel Will, Brandon Fitz, and Donny Bruno to join them. They would serve as valuable members to help guide new faces in their ways as they had proven themselves time and time again as Triads.


Then came word that another gang, Crimson Syndicate, in the city had disbanded. Triads had had a few interactions with this gang and had come to know a number of their members to be of value. Jae reached out that he had learned a number of their group had interest in joining the group. 


We all linked up to meet one another. Jae and Charlie took their time getting to know each individual…. Would they be good fits to join us? Would they be a good fit for the family. After interviewing the few that had passed through were invited to trial. And the new family began… 



They got started right away with training, building the treasury and building a presence.There is no telling where it will go from here but we will see. 



Family is Everything.

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Many different factors go into the creation of a new group. It begins with a strong core of high command. Your closest members and those you can confide in to lead the group in the right direction. Next comes early recruitment, recruiting quality soldiers that will enforce your ideas in the field. Third comes diplomacy. Diplomacy not only requires you to reach out to other groups, but to maintain that relationship with them over time and build it up as you become more pronounced in the city.

The first two points had been taken care of, but the diplomacy still needed to be worked on.

Murdablock unexpectedly got introduced to the new group at a clothing store, but proper meetings needed to be setup between Zetas, Aztecas, and Dojin to formally introduce the new group.


Flint Capone met Jae and Brandon at the Noodle Shop in Little Seoul. Flint was briefed on the major points of the group and how they would be operating. Any questions or concerns were answered, and a small meeting to introduce the new group to the Zetas was setup for later that night. This meeting would only be the beginning of a long-term relationship with the Zetas.

Jae then reached out to Carlos Rodriguez from Aztecas to setup a time to go over the basics of the Four Seas Order. Carlos met Jae and a few others at the Noodle Shop. Carlos was told about the goals and reasoning behind the new group, and within a short amount of time, he was caught up to speed on what was going on with the group. The Four Seas Order made their way to Paleto to meet a few of the Aztecas and share information.

Dojin-Kai had been asking a lot of questions about the Four Seas Order, so a meeting was setup at The Koi. Mike Laurie handled the meeting on behalf of Dojin-Kai, and Jae and Brandon handled the Four Seas Order side of things. Mike had a few questions about the Order, but they were quickly answered and he was caught up on who the new group consisted of, their colors, masks, hangout spots, and more.


Some members of the Four Seas Order were invited to meet with the Zetas and Aztecas in order to go over a game plan for the night. A joint frequency was made and shared between the few members of each group in order to coordinate attacks and plans for the next few hours of the late night.


This would be the beginning of relationships between the Four Seas Order, Triads, Zetas, Aztecas, Dojin-Kai, and more groups within the city. The Four Seas Order have begun to spread the word about their name and who they are.

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Recently returning to Los Santos, Jason Nightwood was looking for an opportunity to return to his old ways of life and secure a stable way to acquire funds and make a living.

After meeting with a few old Triads, he was told of The Four Seas Order, and after speaking with Jae, he was gladly accepted in.
Although Jason very recently got himself a job at Bayview Auto Center, he was more than happy to be a part of a crew again, especially one where he knew the majority of members. 


After his long absence, Jason knew that some of his weapons and equipment wasn't in the best shape, and decided to go and and maintain a few of his weapons. He decided to do so by using a bit of oil which he saved after his shift at Bayview, hoping to use it to clean his weaponry up and ensure it is not rusty or dirty.

Jason made sure that he wasn't spotted taking the oil can, although it was a very cheap and low-quality one, he'd rather no one knew it was taken away.

After clocking off-shift, Jason made his way back to his old home, where a few of his weapons were located.

 Upon arrival, Jason gathered an AK-47 and a Remington Pump Shotgun, starting with the AK-47, Jason quickly disassembled the weapon before carefully oiling it up.


After finishing with the AK-47, Jason moved on to the Remington Pump Shotgun, after disassembling it as well he quickly repeated the process. Carefully oiling the weapon up and cleaning it afterwards, ensuring it is in its best possible quality.

Unfortunately for Jason, the oil in his can finished before he could move on to what remained of his now small cache of weaponry. As such, he grabbed the two weapons and returned them to their safe, hoping to clean the rest of his cache as soon as possible.


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(The Noodle Shop)


As the Four Seas Order grew larger, it was time to secure a location to operate out of. The Triads had offered the Noodle House for $2 million, but it would be a while before the treasury was big enough to afford it. Bruce Wong and Jae Fang discussed the possibility of renting out the building until Four Seas Order was ready to purchase it. Bruce sat down inside the Noodle House and wrote up a contract outlining the details of the rental agreement.


The contract would explain everything from payment dues, dates, utilities, holders, and more.


Bruce and Jae then met in the meeting room of the Noodle House. Bruce showed Jae the contract and explained the details of it. Jae then read it over himself and signed on the dotted line. The Noodle House would now be rented out to Jae until Four Seas Order had enough money to buy it outright, setting a tangible goal for the group over the next couple of weeks.


The original copy would be moved to a safe inside the Noodle House away from the public to ensure it's safety.



With the deal in place, the Four Seas Order would have an opportunity to purchase their first property. In the meantime, they could operate out of the heart of Little Seoul, plan events for the Noodle House, and build their treasury in order to own the building outright.

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(The First Wave)




It had been a little more than a week since Jae and Charlie had taken on the first wave of trials for the Four Seas Order. It was time for our first gang meeting.We all came together at our HQ for our first meeting, and we would see who would join the family officially that day. The previous day Jae, Charlie, and Brandon had gone aside to discuss all the trials and their progress during that week.


Jae started the meeting off going over the past week as well as talking through our treasury runs and what goals we would be working on for the next few weeks. The mood in the room was optimistic. Then he handed it off to Charlie for the promotion ceremony.


Charlie called up those who were being promoted and asked them to kneel in front of the rest. After naming those who would be promoted she explained the importance of being serious about committing to the Order. She paused for any who had any concerns to voice them. No one did. 


Charlie continued with the oath asking each to repeat after her which they did. She then took the bowl over to Jae offering him her switchblade. He took it and sliced his hand letting some blood drop into the bowl. Charlie handed him the bowl taking the switchblade and did the same, wincing slightly as some drops fell into the bowl.

Taking the bowl she walked over to each of the trials pausing in front of them. “Today, drinking from this bowl, creates a union. Do you wish to officially join the Four Seas Order today?” She then offered the bowl to the trials. Each, one by one, drank from the bowl thoughtfully expressing their desire to join the family. 



Taking the bowl back she walked back up before smashing the bowl on the ground watching the trials jump in surprise as the glass pieces dashed across the floor. She expressed that the bowl represented what would happen to those who betrayed the Order. Finally she leaned over and blew out the incense watching as blue smoke rose through the room. 

You may now stand as Blue Koi of the Four Seas Order.

Jae finished off by explaining that two other promotions were yet to come later that evening.

And thus the first wave of recruitment passed and a new dawn for the Four Seas Order began.

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(The Journey)



Just as most good things do, they come to an end, and as one gang ended, The Crimson Syndicates,


another gang rose, The Four Seas Order. Travis had caught wind of a new group that was to come soon, so he got to work. Trying to get his money up and working diligently with a goal at mind. To get into this group, one way or another. That he would take a select few to bring with him to join the new gang The Four Seas Order. John had finally picked his select few out of the group that was there at the meeting. Those names happen to be Jay, Travis, John himself, Ralphael, and last Isaac. We were exhilarated with his decision to pick us as the select few to bring us to The Four Seas Order. The Crimson Syndicates were to officially disband. We were to immediately go to Triad HQ where they were there to meet the new Founders and Co-Founders of this new adventure to come. Upon arrival we swiftly moved out of the cars to meet Jae Fang who would be the Leader of this new group, and Chi 'Charlie' Kwang who would be Co-founder of this new group. The group of Ex-Crimsons were thrilled and could not wait to get to work and what would hopefully eventually lead to their very new lives.


After long and through meetings to understand who everyone was and what they thought about everyone else. They would soon have a meeting deciding whether we were worthy enough of becoming a part of this new group, and five hours later the decision was made. We were all to be set onto trials for the group and we were to roll around not in colors. Now this was not the normal, typically. As this could be a potential starting group they made one exception, that we were able to get into uniform to identify ourselves among the rest.



He would soon come to learn and know lots of faces within the group itself, and many others that would also soon come to follow in the footsteps of Jae and Chi. He would come to appreciate that very simple fact that because of the work he put into The Crimson Syndicate, this would be his final reward. He would join a group that would have potential to become very big things.



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(Taking A Break)

“The noodles are on.”



It had been a busy day for everyone. Lots of chasing, shooting, watching people sit at the bank. There seemed to never be a rest in sight. Everyone was doing hard work, leaning on one another, improving our call outs, improving our teamwork, and just altogether working together. Finally there seemed to be a break in the fighting for the day. FSO grouped up at Noodle House to relax a little bit. It all started when Jay Lau put a huge pot of noodles on the stove that we realized we had a chance to provide a little bit of relaxation for everyone we were fighting alongside.


Charlie flipped on her radio and sent out the news: “For anyone who is bored at the moment, come on by, the noodles are on”

Before FSO knew it, we had people stopping by coming in to relax, clean their tools, just sit in some peace and quiet. It was a tranquil place where jokes were shared, conversation had, and people who didn’t know each other got to know one another.


Jay Lau, Conner Decker, and Johmarcus Johnson worked hard in the kitchen cooking up noodles and putting bowls of steaming hot noodles on the counter for everyone to enjoy. Our Azteca friends requested some tacos and some tequila. We didn’t have any on hand but sure enough Jay Lau made a special trip to the store to accommodate. Being a good host is such an important quality and one that FSO takes very seriously. Chi did however draw the line when one customer asked for Fish and Chips and instead offered some of her homemade shrimp ramen.


Everyone relaxed, ate food, and enjoyed their time together not having to focus on chases or shootouts for even a brief few moments. 


Soon we all gathered around one table as we began to share our shared experiences in the city. From gangs that we had been a part of to gangs that had only sprung up for a moment. We discussed tales and stories from the city's history. Reminiscing on the great gangs of the city and how they got there. Everyone shared and everyone listened. The amount of experience in the room was astounding.


In times of war these moments are so special, getting to pause and laugh, relax, leaving the hustle and bustle behind even for a few moments. 

After a short bit a call came over radio that backup was needed. And as quickly as Noodle Shop filled up it emptied out as we all left to respond.

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When Chi came into town she was greeted with a welcome message: “We have enough in the treasury to purchase the Noodle House!” This was more than welcome as the gang was in a season of some change and a reminder of our goals was just what the doctor ordered. Brandon and Chi discussed whether to wait for Jae to return from vacation to purchase our HQ but we decided that this was an important move to motivate our guy’s in the midst of the conflict around the city. We reached out to Bruce Wong and let him know we were ready to put down the purchase.


In due time he reached out and let us know that we could meet him and some other high command at the Triad HQ Board Room. Three of us; Brandon Fitz, Dlugi Macshea, and Chi herself attended this meeting. They were greeted with familiar faces as they entered, namely, Bruce Wong, Al Draco and Zach Wong. Once we all arrived the contract was printed out and the purchase contract was signed.



From there we moved to Los Santos Bank where we could transfer the sum for the purchase to Bruce Wong. Brandon received the amount in a safety deposit box and gave it over to Bruce. After checking the amount he deposited it therefore sealing the deal of the purchase.


Finally they headed over to Noodle House where Bruce gave Chi the keys to their new HQ. Brandon and Chi made sure to express their gratitude for this new property and for the deal they had with Bruce regarding it. 


Four Seas Order will never forget the kindness shown to them by the Triads, nor the relationships they have within it. We discussed upcoming events and how the Noodle House would be used. Chi personally extended an invitation to Bruce and all Triads to attend our grand opening of the Noodle House for noodles - on the house. The mood was optimistic all around - Four Seas Order finally had an HQ to call home and to base operations out of and to create relations with other groups in the city. This was an ultimately important move in our organizations history.


Following the purchase we called all available FSO to Noodle House. Once inside members were presented with their copy of the keys and given the great news. Everyone was ecstatic - this was something we had worked hard day and night for. Despite anything negative that had happened that week this shined brightly as an accomplishment that would buoy us on towards our other goals and future as well. We all took a moment to kneel and express gratitude as well as think of our intentions as we move into this HQ.


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It seemed like just another day. Waking up, getting freq, checking up.


But someone had other plans.


“Check Dlugi. Grab your shit, Zetas disbanding, outcasts tried hunting us. Time to return the favour”.


Seems like a lot of information to take in at once. Seems like someone has a death wish.


Quickly walking over to a safe, grabbing his AK-47 summed up the morning exercise. Thankfully this toy was cleaned a few days prior in anticipation for other situations. Dlugi eagerly secures it in a bag, pocketing a magazine.


“We’re outside if you want a pickup Dlugi”


There seemed to be a bit of calmness on the radio. Almost as if people were still processing the situation at hand.


Fully packed out 4-doors, sports cars, trunks at the ready. The organisation was impeccable. And of course, finding people to put into MD didn’t seem like a distant wish. 


The one important bit of detail people forgot, was that it was Zetas disbanding. The people were still sticking around. For us, it was free game. Red or green, neutral or enemy... nobody cared. You talked shit, you got hit. And it was ensured that you felt it.


Obviously, the rest of the council came to aid. Due to politics, Triads and Aztecas didn’t initiate, unless they were initiated against first.


And you can bet that certain people made that mistake. Annoy a wolf, the whole pack will come after your ass.


A few days have gone by, many bullets and  casualties later, the opposition could’ve been found at one place in particular.


After a few more days, Dlugi found himself joining the Four Seas Order. At first glance, it wasn’t anything spectacular. Another gang with more goals, and even more hopes for the future.


“Fuck it. I’m in.”


After talking to Brandon Fitz, Fitz made sure that the FSO would see to Dlugi’s recruitment. A familiar smile appeared under his mask, as Dlugi has received yet another chance to prove himself.


Friendships were made quite quickly. Most of the people in FSO Dlugi knew already from previous encounters. Be it other disbanded gangs, or ex-legal workers who got bored of their 9-5 jobs, all were welcome to get a shot at the Crim life, and check out what it had to offer.


Amongst other responsibilities, the grind for cash was in full motion. Drug lab after drug lab, hustle after hustle. Finally enough was gathered for FSO to buy the HQ they wanted for so long. Bruce Wong was willing to sell it for 2 million. Dlugi obviously did his part for this, assisting in any way possible. The deal was closed, Noodle House now under new owners.


A while passed, and Dlugi was promoted to Yellow Crane, a rank with more responsibilities. He could now proceed with training runs and recruitment opportunities. Eager to get started, he set up a callout training the next day. All the participants surprised him with great callouts. Everyone kept up, nobody lost eyes on the target vehicle. Impressive for a small gang, he had to admit.


More training runs, more imports, more gunfire. The Four Seas Order seemed to be coming out on top. Granted, a few have done lengthy sentences in SADOC, only to be welcomed back on the radio frequency.


Grind doesn’t stop, as long as motivations are high.


Another chance was given to him. Another chance he can’t and will not fuck up.


Like a wise friend of his once said:

"Colour is temporary, family is permanent"



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A new beginning

Jean had great hopes his path was clear and open within the Triads, months had passed, sacrifices were made and the once reputable businessman became an acquaintance of the known criminal scums of the city.

Has he tought his reputation was building up inside the group, one day, what seemed to be a regular meeting for Jean turned out to be what felt like a hundred blades stabbing thru his back.

"Jean, we don't see you often, we will have to bench you" are the words that came out Bruce Wong's mouth...
 At this very moment, Jean felt like his whole world was shattered appart. As Jean's mind was still battling over the phrase he just heard, he still had to attend the meeting silently.
Multiple persons were called up front for promotions and what used to be an enjoyable ceremony, turned into a torturing nightmare as he saw new faces being put up in his place.

Jean was told after the meeting that he was still the "homie" and could still wear the color and the mask, but he felt otherwise...

Days passed and the thought of the recent events were still hunting Jean's mind.
He went up to observatory to try and meet up with an old friend of his that used to be racing and luckily, they were around the area so Jean spent the night with them, driving around the track, venting off any stress.


As he needed some sort of relaxation he went to the pier to fish and socialize with the people around.


Altough, on a rainy night, Jean got shot at in cold blood after being asked if he was triads. 

Luckily, a woman named Ana got out of her way to save him, but this event became a turning point for him as he figured he wouldn't represent a gang that hadn't been loyal to him just to be targeted and potentially killed for good.
He then dropped the color, disposed of the mask and decided he would roll on it's own for a few...

One night, he received a text from Simon wondering what he was up to. After a quick discussion, they rolled up towards labs together, ocean being the first stop.

Arriving at the area, familiar faces were around and a few red purpleish cars could be seen. Four Seas Order was there and Jean already knew these people and the ones in charge of it.
Missing the old days in which he was part of a family, he quickly proposed his service to Charlie and in a matter of seconds, the whole crew was around Jean, greeting him very warmly.

Jean immediately felt he belonged in the group, made a quick stop at LSC to get his car painted got some fresh clothes and then spent the rest of the night running errands with them.

This night would ultimately dictate a new beginning for Jean as he knows, for sure, the best is yet to come.

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The best things come in threes. The first time Charlie met Donny was the night she threw a party on an island to hang out with some Misfit friends she had made over many months. At that party they enjoyed some drugs, some dancing and music, and even took some great shots with their shotguns and other guns. Unbeknownst to them across the sea on the mainland there were several detectives monitoring this group outing with binoculars. They were none too impressed with the heavy weaponry.

Inevitably when the party was over Charlie, Donny, Trevor were in the same car and all of a sudden we looked behind us and there were two detectives in full pursuit. The megaphone rang out “pull over or lethal force will be used It was up to Donny to get us out of there! And it went great.


The cop rammed us off the road stalling us and then a shootout ensued. In the madness Trevor was injured so much he fell into a coma and had to take a trip to the hospital but Charlie and Donny took a nice trip to visit the lovely guards at DOC.

From this misadventure on Charlie knew that she could trust these two. Over many months she also had many more memories with Trevor and Donny and many times trusted them with her life. They never let her down. When she made the move to start FSO with Jae, she knew which two people she immediately wanted with her. It was a time for new beginnings - but with beginnings also comes endings.

Sadly all good things come to an end - so when Charlie received word that the Kwang family was coming to a close she knew that where she went from here was of great importance. She decided now was the time to choose who were those she could truly trust to not let her down. She knew just who to offer this family name to. And so the Lau Family came together. 


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Donny's Story


Donny Bruno originally came to Los Santos from Sicily, Italy. He had been involved with low level crime syndicates in his hometown, but little did he know this would only be the beginning of his life as a criminal. In the late 1990’s Donny moved to Los Santos where he began his new life as a legal worker. Like many others, Donny began to mine as his primary source of income. 

This monotonous job was not fulfilling to Donny though, and it did not take long for him to seek out a new criminal organization to get involved with. Donny met Mikkel at the mines who ended up being a higher up with The Misfits. At the time, The Misfits were a relatively new organization who were just establishing their place in Los Santos. Donny communicated back and forth with Mikkel and eventually ended up as a prospect for the organization. Donny worked his way through the prospect phase and became a member of The Misfits for several months. 


This group had taught Donny what it took to be a criminal in this city and how to carry yourself as one. Through this, one of the many connections Donny made was with Chi Kwang of the Los Santos Triads. Chi held parties late at night when there was nothing else to do in the city and Donny was always invited. He became good friends with chi and through these parties, he met many more Triads.

_FRAJ32MAWjAfcjs_IXRcQuRlC7Y-40hkiFAo5uJnjY__cld9XTCo4J0jU2Cw9b1DDdjvIgXPlzcYMMQVEJR443CQg40GczMHxFs0Md-tFbdvP_BvPxPqUbLItLR4Eejsmb6tppv gyf467ChedvISv-kg1p7wP5gdv5XtO26Uw9znFOqDhrwBPIJ86HW0IAKwgZvyA5j4yn68PR25I__ibiuAqIrhLexEKCz8MsB2ojh0M8iuSc8wduo_LJoISP6Mra4Hjg_2f1ojavW

 Donny had seen the triads around quite a bit and admired their professionalism and prestige. Eventually, The Misfits ended up at war with The Triads and The Zetas. Had everything been normal with The Misfits, Donny would have gladly stuck around to fight back, but seeing as their leader had been out of town for weeks, the organization was already crumbling with no central leadership and poor communication. Even at this time of war though, The Triads fought fair. They did not hit the Misfits HQ and avoided us in the city. Donny knew it would only be a matter of time until the Misfits crumbled, so he met with Vince Draco of the triads to find out if he could become a trial for them. Donny knew how this would be viewed by his friends from the misfits, and even though he thought what he was doing was wrong, he knew that the Triads had never wronged him and that he could gain more momentum in the criminal world by joining them. Vince allowed him to become a trial, and after a few months, Donny worked his way up to the rank of 49er.

iGKD2N2ALViowjdMMYBdndQB1RhQC3FCwJAxntDez25L2qJmM3vx_kVoIZb4in4UmWYzFrsxza4vOg4g_QHEHGi2ODzCy9p-0AiFao3chDPUVMcIRO_6mrh8pPFdM1hUX9tj97HP sMf3ND5qcnnUNj-9MsWq6fqcEdaw32HiqxSgGboqYdTdUBnX7TGRbBOnpolJWRyiLy9ssJpFHTCxprKg0PYUoe9_uybF2_e6xLB4IV5kMz4WcE_EFTUNq2knjM0IWBdAMZfKt-a9 dB1axorT4o6TWKAYVamNhKYCOubj9qd_ZtTDyrtmZ8iiGx0-x6udHx0K31Phrc4NrhkSEK9iI-I4EPmyA_IF0eMvZsROhkTpXYPPuMtDTvpdtJu5bABKKtU9bTfNmNbejsToO-C8

 Around this time, Donny felt that it was time for him to return home to Italy. He loved meeting so many new friends in Los Santos, but he had gone so long without seeing his family. One day, Donny approached Kai Fang, another Triads higherup and discussed this with him. Donny gave up his mask and explained that he must move away from the city for some time. This was a hard decision for Donny. He had worked so hard to establish connections and make new friends in the city, but he knew that he could not abandon his family back home. 


After a few months back home in Italy, Donny received a call from his old friend Chi Kwang. She explained how her and another Triad, Jae Fang, were planning on leaving the triads to form their own organization: The Four Seas Order. They invited Donny to join them as one of the founding members. This offer was tempting to Donny. He felt conflicted to leave his family, but after some thought, he decided to take Jae and Chi up on their offer and move back to Los Santos. When he stepped off the plane, the first thing he did was arrange a meeting with the two to discuss their plans in more detail. In the end, they agreed to bring Donny in as a Green Koi. Donny’s family in Italy was furious that he had abandoned them once again. Tensions rose between him and his family and it got to the point where they said they never wanted to see him again. This weighed on Donny and he felt as though he had wronged his family again, but he came to the realization that if he wanted to leave his mark on Los Santos, they would only hold him back. Eventually Chi and Donny formed a new family: the Lau Family. This is where Donny belonged now and he felt no regret leaving his old life behind.

NRLr2XhqCWheaVIlXRbf-uWkvk2rfE4TLoNN0ZQZKtMbPKdx3JXh9m6fCkQRKnWPym3zvUFzisZg5ddpI3C1rVUf4CUOcwPx2IdX67E_drfXk6mfTECAc8Y0QD5rmJnpW5z24jgz pc3Y-1ns-uc7KtmLMwkTQTfaAIWxcRBqDa0k9OUO82j_texTpGnVreixhNopNhnemSUuQONbwgAeGl2p_FpOX4lXrqxiOOrQkL0qxFLOL5xfp8yvc6jDj2lizhkkxK-A88l8gm83

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New Journey - 新旅程 (Xīn lǚchéng)

Kai Zhuo was born on 1 December 1995 in Shanghai, China. He used to work as a butcher back at the days in Shanghai, but behind the counter, he has been working for 14k Triads that operate in Shanghai since a couple of years ago. He works for Gyang Xui, second hand of 14k Triads in Shanghai, and even though he loves his job as a butcher, he's been asked to gathers some informations around, becoming informant of 14k Triads. He also used to extortion other butchers and business owners at the market with the promise of protection from 14k Triads, proving and showing plenty of respect and loyalty for them. He considers his job as an illegal stuff import, extortionist and informant for Triads done. He decided to move to Los Santos to start his new life and find a new group with Chinese culture in it.

The Four Seas - 四海 (Sìhǎi)

Kai discovers a local Chinese restaurant in the city, trying to check it out and for some reason it still under construction, he went into the parking lot to check around and try to stay until there's a customer come to check out the restaurant, during the time when he was waiting for the customer, there are 4 people walk slowly towards him. Kai introduces himself and asking for the reason for the restaurant why its closed. Kai notice 4 of the guy using the same outfit with different color and different type of the tops, In the meanwhile Fitz asking for his name, Kai would answer his question gently using Chinese Accent, they offered Kai to sleep and stay for a night inside noodles and talk about story.


New Trial - 新审判 (Xīn shěnpàn)

Kai enjoyed every moment and situation with the group, Fitz teach him a lot of things, he learned a lot of stuff in the city and every member looks friendly. Kai starts his interview with Costa Black and Simon, he answered every question truthfully including his past as well, after few days Kai got a text from Simon that he got accepted as Trial in Four Seas Order, his test start by evading the cops and communication between group and him in the radio. his black clothes with Chinese decoration have their own meanings.

Wanted - 通缉 (Tōngjī)

Being a criminal means you need to take a high risk to get caught or chase by cops, Kai has been thinking about it since a long time ago to become active criminal. He always takes every single risk and chance to get and make more money from every illegal activity, but after thinking about it twice, he realizes that it's all not just because of money. he has a family after every single situation that involve him. it will also give him a chance to become official member.

Kai is getting chase by 2 cruisers and it keeps increasing more and more every single pursuit, 2 helicopters and 20 cruisers behind him it just because he's hard to get caught. until the first day, he got arrested for 8 years inside the prison for store robbery, possessing illegal firearms, taking police officer as a hostage, stealing government vehicle, attempted murder, and more. Kai was driving his elegy when he got chased by 2 cruisers behind him, he went to the power plant by the east highway near Wanted Refresh 24/7, unlucky Kai hit a wall and got stalled.

His car is stalled, he quickly jumps out from the car and unholster his .50 Caliber from his back with a silencer attached on his gun, pointed his gun towards one of their officers and yelling towards all of them "Do not shoot or this officer gonna die as soon you pull the trigger", He asks for a cruiser's key so he can drive it due to his elegy stalled after the crash to the wall.


He succeeds out from hostage situation after the car crash, driving the cruiser to the setup location of hakuchou drag that has been planned but sadly the location compromised, the helicopter was already there and one of the cruisers blocking the road.

The stolen cruiser that he drives got flip when he tried to get away from the chase and it makes the engine stalled.
He ends up surrender by showing both of his hands up on the air and get down on his knees. Kai always escape and get away from the cops and that's the reason they put more cruisers while pursuit against him


After every effort and proving himself, he got promoted to become an official member of Four Seas Order.
"Wanted" tattoo in letters running on his right forehead above his right eye has a lot of meaning.


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(The Cook-Off)

The noodle shop was inching closer and closer to opening - The Silver Pandas and Chi were working hard on what all needed to be taken care of. One thing came to mind - the menu. Chi pulled out the old menu that Al Draco had given her a while back and smiled. It gave good memories but these dishes were undeniably Triad dishes. Charlie decided it was time to update the menu. A great idea was brought up - a cook off. They would figure out who in the Four Seas Order would win the bragging rights as the best chef - and in the process we could get some new dishes to add to the menu. Chi announced the cook off to everyone at a meeting and news spread. 


The day came and Chi brought the assembled judges forward and explained the terms. There were two judges, Simon Delacroix and Chris Kellermann, who would judge the final dishes. There would be two phases. In the first phase, the contestants would go and gather their supplies. In the second phase, the contestants would cook their dishes and present them to be judged.


A timer was set and then the contestants were sent on their way to phase one.


Phase 1: Ingredients  -

Thomas Beaulieu came up with his plan. He first contacted his butcher and set up a meeting to pick up some minced meat. While the butcher was working on cutting the meat, Beaulieu went to the store to pick up the other ingredients he needed to cook with.




Once the ingredients were collected, Beaulieu headed down to the butcher to collect his meat.




Meanwhile, Dlugi MacShea worked on gathering his ingredients for his dish. He headed to the store off East Highway and began purchasing his items.




At the same time, Aki headed to Vespucci Beach to gather some seaweed.




After gathering the seaweed, Aki went up to the hunting grounds to find a chicken to use in her dish.




Aki then went back to Little Seoul and found a trash bin, searching through its contents to find something to use.


After finding a moldy orange, Aki headed up towards Sandy Shores and went inside the Ace Liquor. She headed upstairs to the drug materials and found a flask to use.


It was then time for the three contestants to head back to Noodle House and work on preparing their dishes.

To be continued...

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Besides all the gang stuff day in and day out there is quite a bit that goes on behind the scenes in the week of FSO. There is a lot of business and diplomacy. This is where Chi gets to shine more than anywhere else.


The week starts with Chi touching base with her higher ups and high command on their areas of control. Talking with Prozacel about our weekly orders to see what work needed to be done that week. He was more than capable of handling the administration of the orders. After a quick chat Chi moved on to meeting with her Purple Cranes: Simon (head of recruitment) and Dlugi (head of training). Discussing each trial in detail and going over recruitment needs and training that would go on during the following week. 



After that meeting its time for the gang meeting for the week. Two trials pass and there are some promotions around the room as well. A great time of celebration.


After meeting it is time to get to work! Setting up at a lab is the best and quickest way to make some of the needed supplies for this week's order. Just because you’re working doesn't mean you can't have fun. 


After the lab it was off to the mines for a bit. But alas apparently mining is illegal these days… Oh wait that’s right … Chi is a bit of a speeder - guess she earned herself a reckless operation. In a totally appropriate use of force the officers charged the mines with their weapons out over a nonviolent felony. Oh well off to serve some time - not the first time and certainly not the last. 


At the end of the week all parties are ready to make the sale. Prozacel lead the transaction and the customer left with everything they needed and our treasury was a little more flush. All in a week of business for FSO.





A week isn’t all about business however - there is lots of diplomacy and relations to look after. Whether it be keeping up with current allies and friends in the city. 



Or meeting up with up and coming gangs in the city to establish relations.


Unfortunately not all relations come up positive. After attempting to bait a negative meeting at Noodle House and being ignored for about an hour, a few trouble makers decided to shoot their guns at the Noodle House. Cops caught up to these troublemakers quickly as they had called the cops there themselves to complain about our dance party on the roof. It was very interesting to watch them try to evade the cops moments later.



It has been a pretty packed week but there is no where else Chi would rather be than right here with her family. She ended her week reading some fan mail someone had left in the parking lot for them. 



Ending the week her favorite way - with a smile. God Bless the haters - thanks for the free rent! 


“Haters are my favorite. I’ve built an empire with the bricks they’ve thrown at me. Keep on hating.”

– C.M. Punk



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- Thomas Beaulieu - Chapter 1 -

„You are sitting here all quiet for about 2 hours. I’m getting curious. Tell me, who are you?” The bartender asked.

“Interesting question.”, the unknown man answered, while slowly drinking his glass of whiskey. “Does anyone know who I am? Do you know who I am? Hell, do even I know who I am?” The man closes his eyes and exhales slowly.

 “Thomas.” He nods. “Thomas Beaulieu. A poet, 34 years old. Travelled here all the way from Paris, for this one question.” He pauses. “I’m trying to get to know the person behind this name, behind this face.”


Thomas Beaulieu is a man, who is trying his best to keep up with the world. He is a traveler, trying to explore everything there is. Spain, India, Germany, Italy, Scotland and many more places weren’t enough to satisfy him, to give him the feeling of being wanted, to give him the feeling of being enough, to give him the feeling of being himself.


 It was another trip as usual for Thomas, he packed his clothes, packed a bunch of food, and traveled without a proper reason to a country, a city, which would change his life entirely.

Paleto Bay – a small city in the state of San Andreas. What looks like another boring city, filled with nothing but uninteresting people, turned out to be the exact opposite. It would turn out to be the best decision Thomas had ever made, changing his views completely.


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Gang Sign


Jae was on vacation once he come back there are a lot of new faces so he decided to have a small meeting to get to know everyone's names. during his vacation Charlie Lau as 2nd in command take control of FSO activities, there are a lot of issues that happened between FSO, PD and Rooks. After the small meeting, we continue with callout training lead by Dlugi and we have another meeting again with Crimson.


The meeting between FSO and Crimson have done successfully everyone knows each other and trade phone number after that Kai approached Chi and talk quietly using mandarin language, "How about Albani, they're using white as well? because I think crimson is using white." , Chi nods her head twice and reply to Kai "I'll ask about that ok" after everyone get to know each other's number, Chi opens her mouth and talk "How are you guys with Albani? they're part of ash's crew and they're using white as well". One of their higherup replies to Chi's questions "We're gonna find out maybe we're gonna use the same mask or sign the gang using a mask instead of color".


FSO and Aztecas have a good relation, same as Triads. While picking some plants we heard a backup call on the frequency, We drive our vehicle to the Ocean lab. unpredictable it was ash's crew member and some random, We pulled up to ocean lab and start shooting them as we saw our friend getting robbed. We killed them all so we chill a little bit and smoke some joint before we leave Ocean lab.


A week after the shootout at ocean lab, we heard cartel spread out their intel and member inside the city. We were scouting Rook's turf area and their informant as well. After camping at their turf, there were 3 people using BF-400 pulled up trying to sell some drugs, we jump from the roof and pointing our gun to their face, Kai starts searching every person for their phone and trying to confirm they're rooks. Tyler can confirm that they're rooks and start cutting their hair and have a small conversation with them. one of them throws the words of "Traitor" towards Tyler. Tyler reply to his words with "Who you calling traitor? you just join rooks 1 month and I was high command there, you know nothing about the gang. rooks are dead, Dmitry left me and rex, and you guys are next, you guys just bunch of random that driving BF-400, Stop talking about something that you don't know", The situation becomes so heat and Kai trying to calm Tyler's emotion.


We continue our activities by doing some store robberies, getting some packed money and laundry the money to get more influence and trust from the Cartel and grind some money. After that we split up and drive away from the store, We pull up and park our vehicle at noodle.


15 - 30 Minutes later after we pull up and park out vehicle at noodle, When we were chilling on the rooftop, 2 people that approached us previously call the cops on us because we were holding a gun, LSPD pulled up and 3 of us got arrested, Gerrard, Kai, and Travis.

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- Thomas Beaulieu - Chapter 2 -

 Time has passed. Things have changed in the city. More and more people got out for their voice to be heard. More and more people wanted change.

 More and more the government used force to silence the weak, to silence the voice of the people. Humans who wanted to achieve something were labeled as thugs, terrorists, and criminals. 

 They didn’t want people to be able to talk over them. 

 Thomas has seen enough. Enough of everything. He also was one of them. He wanted to achieve change – achieve greatness. Help the city and its citizens, help his friends and his family – he wanted to help himself to get out of the whole, he buried himself in.  

He needed people, people with the same mindset, the same interests. He wanted people, who are able to love, who are able to achieve things - people who he can call family again.  


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