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Bank robbery suggestions

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I agree with most of the stuff you've listed. The biggest issue as of now is the almost instant response by PD to the bank robbery. Realistically, you would have time to grab money, jewelry, whatever it may be, before cops get there. Maybe not all of it, but at least some of it. At least 2-5 minutes (IRL). However, cops/SWAT seems to show up within 10-20 seconds of the bank alarm going off and in order to prevent a shootout with cops (as that's not what our intentions are), the heist gets called off.

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I believe the cooldown needs to be lowered.

When banks were actually semi-easy to do and people were spamming them off cooldown is a different state than where we are today.

Now it is incredibly hard to successfully do a bank without getting a PD shootout. I think the cooldown should be lowered back to what it originally was as often times people just set off the alarm without actually grabbing any cash. Then we're forced to wait 24 hours until it's available again.

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