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"It's been a minute"


         It was time for Pops to fly back into the city and reunite with his family and friends. He reached out to Lance and let him know that he will arrive on the LSIA around Midnight. All he could think was about what he left behind, a small group of friends where they were all looking forward in becoming a known group, Murdablock
         He was greeted by 25 ruthless individuals all dressed in red, was a dream come true. They have picked him up and took him to the Grove property , where a welcome home party took place. Pops was very proud of Lance , and he knew he would not have disappointed.




          The next day, his son , Kris , came to check up on him. They discussed about what has been going around in the city, and how the family businesses were doing lately. Money were short, couple of companies got shutdown and the armory was feeling too empty. There was little to no income coming in, so they were pretty much broke. But every problem has a solution.




          Later that night, Pops sat deep in thought. Many ideas came through his mind, but none was good enough. What they needed was a one day job with a huge payday. After a couple of beers and some weed he started doing the preparations for a bank heist. It was going to be hard and tricky, but it was doable.




          They did not have time to wait, so the next day the job was already in motion. Lookouts, crowd control, hostages, tools, everything was set and fulfilling their purpose. The heist was a success, they all met at the downtown penthouse, unpacked the cash and split the money six way. It was time for the Davis family to start getting their shit together and invest in creating new business opportunities.



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Another night in Los Santos for Murdablock. As they were checking the drug labs for possible victims, they ran into an new gang called the JackalsMurdablock obviously engaged on the gang and robbed a few of their members. It looks like the Jackals didn't enjoy the warm welcome from Murdablock because one of their members decided to open fire on Moddox later that day. Murdablock does not take targeted attacks lightly and one of their members ended up with a huge convoy behind him. After getting caught the man was taken to the Palmer-Taylor Power Station where he was held hostage. After some questioning, Murdablock found out that the hostage was actually the leader of the JackalsDwayne decided to offer him a deal because he's a nice person. Dwayne told him that if he calls the member that opened fire on Moddox to the power plants, he would spare the leader's life and promised him that his gang wouldn't face repercussions.



As expected, the member was called down to the power plants. At his arrival, the man was placed under gunpoint and was forced to kneel down in front of Dwayne.



Damarco was ordered by Dwayne to give scalp the man. As the man was on his knees begging for his life, Damarco began to scalp the man's head.



But Damarco wasn't pleased by the results. He begged Dwayne to let him cut off his fingers, but Dwayne disallowed him. After minutes of begging, Dwayne broke and allowed Damarco to only cut off the man's pinky finger as a souvenir to remember Murdablock by in the future. Damarco couldn't wait any longer as he immediately started the operation on the man's pinky finger. The man was begging for mercy but Damarco wouldn't budge. After a successful operation, Damarco was satisfied, but Moddox wasn't. After all, that man opened fire on Moddox so he couldn't forgive him. Moddox swiftly grabbed his hatchet as he launched forward slamming the hatchet into the man's toe chopping it off. to end it off, Murdablock stripped the man naked and took his phone.



They robbed him - They cut his finger - They chopped his toe - They stripped him naked - They took his phone - They left him in the middle of nowhere

That man was abandoned with untreated injuries and nothing on him. Ultimately, he was left to die.


Credits to Damarco for the pictures.

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Kevin "Capo" Slash, a notorious criminal that prospers the city of Los Santos. He is a high ranking member in the Murdablock Organization, smuggling drugs and weaponry and organizing heavy crime.


Another day, another nigga caught lackin'


Lance Slash & Kevin "Capo" Slash in custody for murdering Officer 7241.


Capo likes to spend time with his homies, sharing information, taking information and teaching all the members the skills he has for the family to evolve and prosper.



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The mystery car


Following the recent attacks against Murdablock by an unknown aggressor at one of the secret drug labs around the state, the high command team was furious.

After obtaining bodycam footage from one of our members, the gang was able to recognize one of the cars that were involved in the altercation, a chrome Brawler.


The first instinct was to retaliate as harsh as possible, but the high command team decided that it would be for the best to try the diplomatic route and see where it would lead us.

Taking the lead, Mike and Diego reached out to the Sleepers, the newly formed gang that use chrome cars as their signature. They set up a meeting by the beach with one of their higher-ranking members to discuss their actions.


At the end of the meeting, there was still no clue of who the driver could have been. They’ve been told that the Whyos, the gang that Sleepers were in war with might have dropped colours and made a desperate attack against Murdablock.

The whole gang made a convoy towards the Whyos house, hoping that they could get in touch with them and talk about the incident. As Murdablock were waiting on the alley, three higher in command members rolled in to talk to them.

Minutes after explaining them the whole point of that meeting, Mike started searching each of them and their cars to find clothing that would match the description of the aggressor.



As the assembly was drawing to a close, there was still no sign of the possible crew that hit Murdablock such recklessly.

They have told Mike and Diego that the Sleepers have dropped their colours, not them, something quite predictable and suspicious, but there were no clues to draw a stable conclusion.

There was nothing else to do, besides rolling out their people with more questions than they had when they pulled in.


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The Shootout


It was a normal day inside the Murdablock HQ. Everyone was chilling, having a good time with two members of Council "Ski" (Zeta's) and Valentina (Aztekas) 


After asking Council wether or not they were cool with Blatans. It happened.

Blatans rolled up on MurdablockBlatans got wiped in the shootout relativily quickly. However, something was looming over Murdablock that no one expected.


The shootout turned into a massive PD vs Council shootout.


After Lily Berg tried to escape and save her fallen members stuff she got caught and cuffed. It didn't take long for her to end up in the back of a cruiser. However, a member of Triads thought otherwise.

Both Lily and the Triad member escaped from PD and Lily immediately went into hiding in order not to get clapped.


Zeta's Aztekas and Triads fought hard, eventually, the battle was won. Most of Council was gone from PD.


Eventually, Lily sees a few members of MurdablockMike Dellon, Lulu Feather and a member of Triads who also happened to be working at MD.


At last, the members rode of in a Rebla GTS to hide in Murdablock member Moddox Ryder's apartment to lay low.






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Born in Brixton, London, to a single mother, Jacob worked hard to provide for his family. Despite working 2 jobs, his mum never earnt enough to provide for Jacob and his younger sister. 
At the age of 14, he started helping out round the block, looking after stuff for his olders, shotting when he had the chance. He knew there was big money to be made, money that could change his life. So he got to work. He spent long nights in the trap, sat hunched up in the cold. All for the money. He saw friends die around him, victims to the street. But he kept going. It went well - his mum quit her second job, and they were nearing being able to afford their own flat. Then one day it all went wrong...

A rash decision, a flash of red was all it took. Jacob knew staying in London would be the end for him. Someone would come for revenge, or the police would finally catch up to him. With no other choice, he ran...


Months later, Jacob appeared in Los Santos, broke. He wondered for a bit, begging and making money in any way possible. After weeks of living in dirt, he got a call. It was his old friend, Jonathan. They had known each other back in London, and he was doing alot better in the city than Jacob was. He asked how he was, and arranged to meet later that week.

Jonathan had been rolling with Murdablock, and offered to try and bring Jacob into the family. He accepted the offer with open arms, desperate for anyway out of his current situation.

Jacob started hanging out with Murda, getting to know people and settling in. Soon, Lance Slash saw Jacobs hard work, and bought him to to be a full member.


He proved himself to be a hard worker, always ready to ride out on anyone who crossed Murda. Rising the ranks, it wouldn't be long before he was back on top...


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Actively RP'ing against this faction and time and time again they show that they always keep things IC, unlike other groups who have issues going OOC. 

Keep it up and you guys will be official in no time.

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The Meeting.

One night in the city, the highers ups of Murda Block and the council decided to set up a meet. Murda Block memebers gathered up in HQ and began to make their way to the meeting zone in a convoy. After a little while for some unknown reasons we got seperated during the convoy to we decided to regroup at a gas station near the meeting point that was established by the higher ups.


We had arrived at the meeting point and stood face to face with the council, but we were still waiting on a few more people to show up. All was well while everyone was waiting, however little did we know, someone had snitched to the police about the meeting and gave details of where the meetings would go down.


The look outs that were posted outside of the meeting zone began to shout "COPS" so everyone that was in the parking lot waiting for the meeting to commence began running away from the area.


However, on the Murda block radio frequency I heard Lance Slash shouting "Stay and fight, we got this!" so me (Cyrus Halstead) and Elijah Salvatore and a few other Murda block members decided to get higher ground and aim down to provide covering fire from above. This didn`t work well as the cops had moved to another area of the parking lot.


So we pushed back down to where the fight was happening. I held and officer down on his knees while shooting other cops at the same time, eventually, everyone that did not get shot, made it out safely and not in police custody.


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Born in Middle East, Moddox Ryder did not have any parents. He was raised by his grandmother which is in her 60's. They were rather poor and lacked money and barely had enough to eat. Moddox decided to start working at the convenience store at the end of road in their neighborhood to provide to himself and his poor grandmother. He knew that the money that he was working hard for is not enough, his grandmother was getting old and sick, she needed medication, But medication was very expensive and not affordable! Moddox quickly started gathering money thinking about where he should go with his grandmother to get her the proper medication. The first city that came to his mind was Los Santos! He gathered as much money as he can and bought two tickets on the plane. 

Moddox knew that staying back in the middle east would kill his grandmother!


After landing in Los Santos shortly Moddox's grandmother has died. He was feeling down because he tried everything he can to save her and get her the proper medication she needed! 

He threw a small funeral to overcome his grief.


After a couple of weeks, Moddox tried to work hard fishing but it wasn't enough money to get him started in the city. One day he was walking in the bank and started talking to some people that later on became his friends!

They welcomed him and made him feel like a part of the family.


They welcomed him to the crime life but Moddox knew he wanted more. He saw an opportunity at Murdablock and he took it. He started off as a pre-prospect to prove his loyalty and worthiness.



After rolling with Murdablock gang for couple days, Moddox Ryder proved that he had potential and is trust worthy towards the Kingpin Lance Slash, he was immediately promoted to young blood. Moddox Ryder realized that's Murdablock wasn't just any street gang, it was more, a family. Murdablock was a family that took care of each other, They help their members with whatever they got. Moddox felt very welcome in Murdablock and considered everyone of the members and high command a family.


Moddox Ryder kept jumping up the ranks and today he is a Playa'






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A month ago, Tyler Robins was lost in the city. After joining failing gangs over and over Tyler had nowhere to go, he had a couple close friends in the city, his closest being Moddox. Moddox had moved on and was prospecting for a new gang called Murdablock. Murdablock consisted of people that Tyler had only heard of, such as Lance, Capo, Diego Slash and Pops. These are people who are known far and wide throughout the city so Tyler wanted to join to see what it was all about. Tyler finally met back up with Moddox after a couple weeks of not talking and he advised me to join Murdablock, describing it as the next big thing in the city. So Tyler did, he was recruited to be a prospect for Murdablock.

Since Tyler's recruitment he's done so many things throughout out the city, bank robberies, store robberies, gang wars and shootout's with the PD. Within a week of being in Murdablock they had conquered and won a war VS The Crimsons. Once the gang showed so much strength and potential in a short amount of time Tyler knew this was going to be his family he would live and die by. 


Tyler was later officially recruited into Murdablock after just over a week of proving himself to the higher ups and the gang that he was capable and showed potential. He was a Young Blood, since he was promoted twice and is now a Hustler.


Tyler can not wait to prove himself further and see his family grow even stronger. He's a proud member of Murdablock and will wear that title proudly till the day he dies.

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Artur Smith, born in a country in the south western Europe. Artur had a great life, but when he turned 14 his parents died in a car accident, he didn't have anywhere else to go since he didn't have any other relatives. Some time passes and then Artur realised that he has a really good friend of his in the City of Los Santos which was Moe (Mudar Sohaib) so Artur then decided to fly there and see what the city is all about.


Artur then met Moe and they were just roaming together through out the City of Los Santos, Artur and Moe both passed some hard times, one day while Artur was working really hard to in the end get the essentials for living, Moe went up to him and asked him if he wanted to get much more money. He of course said yes, by that day Artur started his criminal life. Sometime passed and one day Artur was sick of rolling alone so he went up to Lance Slash and asked him if he could join the gang that is called MurdaBlock


Artur was then was made Pre-Prospect and was bound to prove himself to fully join MurdaBlock

He then proved him self through out the war MurdaBlock X Crimsons, so he then became a Young Blood


Artur now is still a Young Blood but he will keep proving him self and doing the best he can to get the highest rank in MurdaBlock he can reach, and he will always be proud of this big accomplishment Artur has achievement .


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During the war with Crimson Syndicates, Moddox Ryder was all they way up in Paleto Bay chilling with his friends when he got called through out the radio for backup in Murdablock Headquarters. Crimsons decided to attack when Murdablock gang were most vulnerable. Couple of Murdablock members gathered up and went to help as backup including Moddox Ryder, Dizzi Caliber, and others.


After Moddox Ryder and the others showed up they saw couple crimsons still on scene so they attacked them. They were thirsty for revenge for their brothers that were fallen.


Moddox Ryder kills one of the Crimsons but more Crimsons started showing up and he was out numbered, so he took cover and waited for his fellow members to back him up. After his fellow members came to back him up he attacked them again with dedication to murder all Crimsons 


After he fulfilled his revenge on Crimsons, He helped his Murdablock members loaded up and ready to go to a hospital to get their injuries treated

Moddox Ryder knew cops would show up to the scene so he picked up the dead bodies of the Crimsons and took them down to hide them



He hid the bodies in a corner but it wasn't enough to hide it from the cops so he started thinking.


The first thing Moddox thought about was to get in a vehicle and park it on top of the dead bodies of the Crimsons. He got in to Kamacho and parked it on top of them


Cops showed up to the scene like Moddox thought they would. Jevonte and Moddox were discussing with the cops after they heard numerous shots fired. Moddox and Jevonte convinced the cops they didnt know what they were talking about. The cops packed their stuff up and left the scene without realizing anything.



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Being British born, Jonathan Wellers lived there for the majority of his life. His parents provided for him and he was always grateful for that. Jonathan did however have a noticeable appeal about him, he was always a bit of an adrenaline junkie. He did hard drugs for the fun of it and couldn't get enough. The law eventually caught up with him at the age of 21. Despite him being successful, with a girlfriend and money at such a young age, he was forced into escaping to another country, leaving no trace of his existence. He'd rather lose everything than let the Five-0 win. He arrived at Los Santos airport with only $7000 in hand.


Jonathan Wellers never really took the city seriously at the start. He always stole cars from gang members and got into chases for the adrenaline, but it always almost ended with him waking up at the hospital. He thought he could relive his flamboyant lifestyle in this city, but without the financial support of his parents and his ruined criminal record, he immediately lost the $7000 he came into the city with. He was homeless and broken with no opportunity to have a legal job, sitting on the streets corner with drink at hand. 


However one day, while walking along the street, he saw a Pistol .50 with 50 ammo lying there. Someone must have dropped it and not have realised.

He realised this was his opportunity to start making money. He would offer to sell this gun to people, and took their money and robbed them with the pistol he was pretending to sell. He made over $30k in one day and he realised this was it, he could finally get back on top. 

With the help of some of his friends with gun licenses, Jonathan quickly got his net worth up to a reasonable standard. He would give them a cut, but pocket a lot of the money. He actually started giving people the guns he promised as finally he had some dignity and respect he had to maintain. He had an F620, which he slept in, and a warrener he could use for mining to get some more money. 

Within a week, Jonathan had made over $200k. He bought himself a Specter and decided to join a gang called Los Atlas. This gang rode around in Pink, and Jonathan just wanted people he could reliably call upon just in case he got into some trouble. A day passed, and the gang was wiped immediately by one person alone. His name was Lance Slash. He had heard his name before and knew that he was one of the High Commanders in WCA. Immediately Jonathan knew that he needed someone like this to be his leader. He got into contact with Lance before the gang we know as Murdablock today was created. Lance welcomed Jonathan with open arms, and Jonathan joined as one of the first few members of the gang. As days progressed, the colour and name of the gang was decided. Fast forward to today, Jonathan now has a net worth of $1 million. Finally, he could live the life that he wanted to live when he first arrived to Los Santos. 

Being in the gang for over a month now, Jonathan has earned the respect of his highers and lowers. He treats his lower ranks the same as he would treat those who were higher then him in the gang. He knows Murdablock will be one of the most renown gangs in the city in the future....



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Lennart Berg born in Sweden had no problem with money and education. He worked as a teacher he had no problem and everyone loved him. After a bit of time he started to become bored of his work. He started to use hard drugs and getting charged for reckless driving. After not being able to find a job or have a normal life he took all his money and took the first best plane.

He landed in Los Santos he meet Lily Berg after landing. She was also new to Los Santos, they started to look for jobs and got employeed as money truckers. After some time they had money to buy a car and pay rent.

But Lennart started to question his life again and wanted fast and good money. Lily asked if Lennart have heard about this new gang in town called Los Atlas after some talk they decided to contact them. Lennart took his car and started to drive to Los Santos Customs where Lennart and Lily was going to have a meeting with Los Atlas.

After some talk they were allowed to join. The gang did not last long and after a week it got dismissed. They started to search for something new and ended up contacting Mike Dellon.

After some talk with other Murda members, Lennart and Lily became prospects.

Lennart worked hard and help with some small task and after a bit of time got accepted to Murdablock.

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Luke Roberts Born in a large family in Greece, he was always making money. His house in Greece was burned down by a big wildfire, he lost almost half of his family.

He decided to flee to Los Santos with his grandfather and nephew, where he met a friend who already lives there. That friend works at LSC and he told him to come and work there too, which he planned to do.

Three weeks later, he was hired at LSC and trained to be a good mechanic, but when his grandfather died, he had almost no motivation to work because he had a great relationship with his grandfather, he certainly did not work for six months. therefore. He decided to continue working at LSC because his money was running out. He had finally bought a house and a nice car. After 4 years at LSC he started to find it a bit boring and started researching how to make more money but he had no idea how.

Then a friend asked if he wanted to join a gang called Murda, he accepted the offer and started as a prospect at Murda. He really enjoyed himself there and learned a lot of things and made a lot of friends. Having been a prospect for several months, he was accepted in the hallway and became an official member and is still having a good time. He hopes to be with this gang for a long time.692758366_Murdaphoto.thumb.png.5b4fbce36ea6d5de48132affd835a071.png

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 Martin Bruise and Im 26 yers old, i was born in  Sweden, I came to City about 5 month ago have been in tow different gangs  the first one was the Explosions second one was Shelbys  then i was Solo for about one month, got recommended by a friend to join Murdablock, i went to the block and talked to Lance Slash who is the leader of the gang i became a preprospect for 3 days then got promoted to young blood  after 1 week i became Thug . 




RАGЕ Multiрlаyеr    2020-05-30 21_05_25 (2).png


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9 hours ago, Kurdo251 said:

 Martin Bruise and Im 26 yers old, i was born in  Sweden, I came to City about 5 month ago have been in tow different gangs  the first one was the Explosions second one was Shelbys  then i was Solo for about one month, got recommended by a friend to join Murdablock, i went to the block and talked to Lance Slash who is the leader of the gang i became a preprospect for 3 days then got promoted to young blood  after 1 week i became Thug . 




RАGЕ Multiрlаyеr    2020-05-30 21_05_25 (2).png

That's dope bro.! Best of Luck on the adventures 

-Remember this is (OOC) so try to make the next post in 3rd person point of view.

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Months have passed since Kronos Slash was last seen in town.. There's been rumours that he would of left the town forever, but that was not the case.

He was waiting for the right moment to come out of shadows and feel the life he used to have.





There wouldn't be a day without thinking about his brothers, or about his past. One day, without hesitating, Kronos took his old guns from the safes, and went outside to reach out with his old team.



While watching over the hood, he was welcomed by Kevin and one of the prospects, having some fun and telling some stories of the past, the day was pretty calm, but for Kronos it wasn't over, because there's much to do and many unknowns on the horizon. 


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