Cabbie Report - stranger 8583-1955

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MatthiasG    0

What happened : I was waiting around at the PD and got hit by a car, the medics arrive and patch me up only to witness how a cab driver comes and delivers a guy with an axe that for no reason starts hitting us. The guy gets scared when he sees my friend's AR 15 and jumps back in the cab ordering the cabbie to go, the driver listens and he scrams out of there with the axe murderer.

Player who you are reporting : I didnt know the taxi driver, his server-given alias was : Stranger 8583-1955 [ID:20]

Your player name : Annabelle Jackson

Time and date : 

Aug 8, 2017 | Around 12 o'clock , AM

Evidence :
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Gerard    43




Thank you for your report, we'll get in touch with the specified taxi driver and resolve the issue.







Downtown Cab Co.

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