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Simple World UI Tweaks

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The new world interaction UI is quite off putting for most, I believe adding some of the following changes would make it feel more natural. 

1. Increase the hitbox of the UI to match the object it's on, example the whole door being interactable. 

2. Fully disable scroll wheel to draw weapons, this would prevent accidentally drawing weapons when trying to use the UI. 

3. Along with scrolling, allow mouse over interaction, example yoy move your mouse from lock to enter as a secondary option to scrolling. 

4. Move the UI interaction menu on larger objects to eye level, this solves having to always look at the ground to interact with doors, stores etc. 

5. Move the UI interaction menu to the correct side of movable objects, currently it is on door hinges and not door handles. 

6. Reintroduce /accesssafe for a temporary time period to "bugged" safes to be correct by players. 

7. Re-add the chat commands for those who prefer to type over utilising the UI, more options doesn't hurt. 


Any further ideas, I'll happily edit and add them in. 


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Another suggestion, which isn't really UI related but falls under the same category:

Either make it so that when you drop stuff it goes under your feet again, or make it so that it goes a few feet in front of your character where he's facing. Right now you have to pray that when you drop something it doesn't end up in a wall or a piece of furniture making it ungrabbable without moderator intervention.

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