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[Refund Request] Billy Spark 10 empty Crates worth of 20000$

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Character to be refunded: Billy Spark
Date and time of incident: 22/05/2020
Requested refund (what and how much): 10 empty crates worth of 20000$ (bought it 2k each)
Description of incident resulting in loss: On the last server crash i lost all of my 10 crates which i had on the floor of the interrior of my RV (journey van)
i didn't take any screenshots because it never occured to my mind that it was ever possible to loose my crates because of a server crash like that... i farmed rly hard to get those 20k$ so i can buy my crates it sin't fair that i loose all of them because of a bug that happened on the server from your side ! please refund me my crates or their worth in $ so i can buy them again....  



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Thank you for posting this refund request.

After reviewing the request and evidence attached to it, I've decided that you cannot receive a refund for any of the item(s) from your refund request.

  • The refund process takes a lot of time and the majority of requests require developer level access, therefore, to prevent a refund backlog (refunds not being processed for months), refunds of monetary value less than $25.000 will not be accepted. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this rule.

This decision is final. Unless instructed too, if you post another refund request pertaining to this incident you will be muted from posting on the forums for a temporary period.


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