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Story of Maximi Skupnik

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Just as his brother Artyon, Maximi was a retard who had a bad drinking habit. But this one was a bit less worse then Artyon's. They both decided to mote to Los Santos together but when they got there they both split up! It was a sad end for the brother's and they never knew if they would make it back together as Maximi wanted to become legal while Artyon wanted to me Illegal.

Maximi Started his life off by applying for PD he had everything so perfect but he got declined for only speeding a little bit too much. This got Maximi really sad and upset but he didn't give up! He later on decided to apply for DCC, better known as Downtab Cab Cartel and he got accepted! In his interview he met his future favorit Manager called, Gunner Owen. Maximi did alot of mistakes on the interview but Gunner saw potential in the russian retard and decided to give him the job! Maximi was really happy but also sad. Happy because now he had a job but sad because he couldn't drink vodka while being at it! Either way as time flew past Maximi learnt alot of thing's and had a fun time, until one DCC employee who did not like Maximi made up a fake story and snitched on him for no reason. This excluded in Maximi  getting fired from DCC and most of the Managers and employee's were really sad for their loss. The best taxidriver had just gotten fired from the company and no one still knows how the employees of DCC got through that shit. Maximi Skupnik was really sad and upset and made up forhimself that he is gonna go criminal and later in his career kill the guy that fired him and so he did. He also saved the numbers of Gunner Owen and Ray Broker and told them that they were his favoritt managers and that if they ever need help he will protect them.

He went into the criminal life with his close friend and tried to join zetas. They both got into the Pre Prospect but things from here went south. Maximi's friend did some stupid shit that could have gotten them kicked and Maximi did even stupider shit and got them kicked. Now they are stuck without any option but continue their criminal life. But no one knows what they took. It's been a week and no one has seen any of them and police have been warned about the two men missing. Their wifes are really afraid and dont know what happend and hope that the russian retard and his close friend come back in the near future

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