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Remove player ID from MDC Search

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5 hours ago, awp8883 said:


-1 Have you ever tried to type a name like @GiorgosK's name like over and over and over into the MDC?


Sounds like you’re too lazy. Imagine you meet someone with a crazy last name. IRL you’d have to deal with it, not just type in a floating number above their head cus you’re incapable of taking the time to spell it out correctly. This is exactly why it gets ABUSED, along with the fact, we as civilians would rarely be able to tell, let alone report it. Your IC script has OOC benefits and it needs to be readjusted. 90% of the -1 votes are PD/SD. You see legals and criminals upvoting this. Every PD voting -1 is closing their eyes to avoid the truth outside of their faction’s bubble. sorrynotsorry 

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On 5/19/2020 at 11:41 PM, Victor Einhart said:


Imagine this next scenario:

You catch a player and that player RPs that they have tossed their ID away.  To continue IC, you must go to Mission Row and check to see if they have fingerprints on file in our database.  After roleplaying scanning this person's fingerprints, how do you propose searching for them in the MDC to check if a record of fingerprints exists or not?  


Have a static station at the PD office that would let you search player's name by ID. This wouldn't remove the whole system, but would help in reducing the metagaming risk associated with the MDC in it's current state.

+1 This change would only bring a deeper layer of roleplay.

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+1, both from PD's side and criminals side.

I agree, it's easier to use ID's, but it doesn't mean it's impossible to use Fname_Lname. Not to mention if you put in a part of the name, the MDC will actually show the record of the person with the name closest to what you filled in, also only showing it of the person that is online.
Some might didn't know this yet. /PM's work the same way.

When I was in PD, I really only used it after seeing a license, but it was purely because it is indeed just easier. 1 time, due to my keyboard randomly failing, I accidentally pressed charges on the wrong person because of this, which is hard to explain IC as ID's are OOC.
From my criminal side, it's obviously hard to confirm if things were done legit or not so I won't assume, but I just find it very uncomfortable knowing ID's can be used. IRL names would be used aswell, player ID's aren't a thing there

When it comes to the RP of scanning fingerprints, seeing if the person is registrated, you don't need an ID either honestly. Just make use of the commands to RP; /me and /do's.

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Police MDC:

- PD wants to continue using ID numbers instead of full names due to laziness/"too hard to type names" (from what I read, apparently the MDC autofills the name once you type enough letters so that excuse is irrelevant)
- Tells us to report if they think its metagaming (impossible to prove)
- If we report PD for metagaming, it has to be an IA report which will most likely never get through/swept under the rug
- If PD reports other players logging on them and not continuing RP, it can just go on forums to be reviewed
- Also, it would have ruined your RP by the time the IA gets accepted or even looked at, by that time you're in jail and had to pay a hefty fine
- Einhart talked about a scenario of having to force RP due to players logging/"refusing to RP"
- Why don't PD report those players instead of try to "forceRP" by basically metagaming the ID
- Every comment that has a -1 on this thread has shown that they want to use the ID for their own advantages without giving fair play to the rest
- Sometimes people get away from PD and that's okay, PD doesn't have to use ID tags to catch people, there are sooooo many other ways around it which would result in more RP
- From what it seems, PD doesn't want to RP and just wants to lock up as many people as possible in the shortest time possible.
- Sometimes you have to investigate for a couple days by finding out who "John_Doe" hangs around with, find his number, track it, the location he is seen the most, etc.
- Theres literally infinite ways to arrest someone after they have gotten away from PD, lazy RP is no excuse


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This suggestion has since been implemented. I hope your suggestion prevents the metagaming. 

1 hour ago, Lester Acosta said:

play to win and not rp cops punching the air rn lmao

No need to be toxic about it. I’m happy to see a suggestion get implemented, seems like it doesn’t happen very often.

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