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Addition Of Blindfolds
With kidnapping and torture RP becoming more and more frequent within the server, especially with the new war rules, I believe a blindfold script/feature should be something that players can use. The main benefit of the system i am about to explain would be to enhance immersion, making the player really not know where they have been taken to and where they are, this would also benefit and nullify the chances of rule breaks, as this script would make meta gaming a location almost impossible without a GPS. 

Silk Sleep Eye Mask & Blindfold With Elastic Strap/headband,Soft ...

How It Would Work.

1. The Blindfold would be bought and sold in General Stores, (it would be realistic as many service stations would sell these for long distance travelling)
2. The item should cost anywhere between 1K-3K - The item should not be too cheap, but at the same time not too expensive, it would be just the average price for a item in a store.
3. 1 Volume Per Blindfold  - A blindfold is not the heaviest item, and also could be tucked into a persons pocket, meaning it should not be a high VOL. 
4. 3 Second Action Timer - The blindfold would need to be put on, by yourself, or another player, this takes a short amount a time, so a short timed action timer would be appropriate. 
5. /Blindfold [ID] Command This command would work very similar to /frisk, where the other party will need to accept with something like /blindfoldapprove [ID], this would stop the chances of people power gaming with this item.
6. The Effects Of Wearing A Blindfold - 
When the blindfold is put on, your screen should fade to black. You would be able to see nothing, but hear EVERYTHING. A animation should play to fade your vision to nothingness. 
2) When the blindfold is removed, The drunk screen effect should play for around 5 seconds, as that would simulate your vision slowly readjusting. (The animation used for drugs when not using a hazmat suit)
7. Removing Your Own Blindfold - This should not be a possibility if the player is zip-tied/handcuffed. As it would be impossible, however, if you get blindfolded without any resistance, you should be able to remove it simply, with RP of course, with /removeblindfold.
8. Excessive Blindfold Timer - To prevent trolling, or excessive blindfold time, a timer should be initiated as soon as the blindfold is placed on a player, which keeps them blindfolded for 30 minutes maximum, after this time, if the player is still blindfolded, the player will have the blindfold removed automatically. 

How would this benefit the server?

Adding this to the server I believe would make Criminal RP much more fun and realistic for gangs and casual criminals. As i mentioned briefly in the introduction, now with the new war rules, gangs are now able to capture members of the rival gang and torture and imprison them, which can ultimately end in a war kill. The blindfolds would be used much earlier in the stage of RP, for example when you are first capturing a hostage, the main purpose of this item would most likely be to prevent the victim seeing where you are taking them to hold them hostage. 

This is obviously just a idea and i am of course open to others giving ideas for this system. Feel free to leave your feedback below , +1 & LIKE if you think this is a good idea!
Thanks for reading!


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