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Los Santos Police Department

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Air Support Division ❤️


Randomly finding the Weazel news CEO


One of my favourite moments was finding a car on a hill during an X-ray patrol. Sent a unit to investigate to only find two people naked in the back of the car.


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Somewhat recently reinstating into the Los Santos Police Department, Ilai Daniels was more than stoked to see what became of some of his old colleagues and friends, whether if they remained around, and if so, what has become of them and their rank.

While on a standard routinely patrol, by Del Perro Beach, Ilai received a radio transmission from an old friend of his and another reinstatee to the LSPD, Detective Mike Adams. The two have known each other for sometime, and used to patrol together very frequently back in the day, as such, it wasn't a surprise to see the two under the same unit again.


The two quickly met at Mission Row where they deployed an Unmarked Buffalo police cruiser, they left Mission Row and quickly changed to code 3, turning their lights and sirens on as they began responding for a nine-one-one call detailing a possible armed mugger going around Hawick Avenue and attempting to rob individuals.

The two arrived on-scene of the original call, however, to no avail as not a single person was present around the entire street. The two attempted to come in contact with the caller by ringing his personal number, provided to them through the use of the Mobile Data Centere, however, they would again come to no avail as the man's phone was off and the call didn't go through.


Not too soon after, the two began responding to a possible code 1 by Strawberry Avenue, multiple LEOs began making radio callouts asking for backup and support in what originally sounded like a gang shootout, upon additional units' arrival, the scene was found to be more quiet than expected, frankly, all suspects were already long gone and not a single one remained on-scene, as such, all units were cleared shortly after the two finished setting up scene management at the scene's entrance, annoying the two as they've just waisted a fair share of their time moving the blockades around to no real purpose.


After clearing from the scene, the two returned to their normal patrol route, swinging by some of the more nicer and calmer areas of Los Santos, primarly taking place on Bay City Avenue, Del Perro Beach and Vespucci Canals.

After a bit of driving around, the two decided to respond to a nine-one-one call detailing an armed robber being present on the Del Perro Pier, they quickly turned their lights and sirens on and made their way there, eventually arriving face-to-face with the caller who began providing the two information about the robber, claiming he was already long gone by the time we arrived.


Without any other tasks left to do, and Mike needing to go off-shift. The two returned to Mission Row, parking their cruiser and re-racking their weapons inside the armoury.

Soon after, they could be seen changing into their normal attires and clothes in the locker room, calling out the disbanding of Twelve Henry Fourteen, Mike's unit.

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(LSPD X Cleo Sullivan)


This is how a regular early morning patrol started. A 911 call about shots fired. Officer Cyrus Raven and Cadet Axel Raven respond to the call. Units arrived on scene and find a woman running down a set of white stairs with a sharp knife in her right hand.


This woman was later identified as ''Cleo Sullivan'' someone Officer Cyrus Raven has interacted with in the past. Through these experiences Officer Raven knows her MO usually involves a sharp knife, used for slicing rather than stabbing.

Cleo was immediately detained following a stressful stand off with units. Cleo was initially uncooperative and aggressive having a knife in her hand but eventually calmed down after Officer Hector Mayfield calmed her down. She was detained and her knife was retrieved and placed into an evidence bag. BLOOD all over it.


Officer Raven and Cadet Raven sprint up the stairs, looking into the room the woman had fled from.


Yet another dead body, this city never changes. After a Medical unit is called on scene to collect some blood an EMT by the name of ''Thanatos LeBek'' arrives on scene, assisting the Los Santos Police Department with the investigation while I.B. makes their way over.


After collecting some blood LSPD IB units arrive on scene, specifically Detectives ''Belle Cavallera'' and ''Elise de la Croix''


Both the detectives and the remaining units on scene do an excellent job collecting any relevant information. This includes witness statements, forensic evidence and statements from the suspect. After a long investigation it is clear Cleo Sullivan was involved and the blood found on the knife she was holding matches the blood from the body. However, we get an additional piece of information that points towards another person having killed the man with a weapon.

The mystery of who killed the man continues for now. However, Ms. Sullivan has since been charged and arrested for GF19: Abuse or Desecration of Dead Human Body  and has been recommended a psychological evaluation with the LSEMS Crisis Response Unit. 

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