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Paleto Bay Parking

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Date and time (provide timezone): GMT + 2 (happened first time 2 weeks ago and has stayed bugged since.)

Character name: Javier_Torrero

Issue/bug you are reporting: When i park my cars in the Paleto Bay parking lot and i do /vehiclestats, it says that they are in Mors insurance. I've triple checked this, they are not in Mors, they are in Paleto Parking.

Expected behavior:  It should say "in the parking garage" instead of "in Mors insurance"

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: Park any vehicle in the Paleto Bay parking lot and do /vehiclestats, instead of saying its in parking it will say its in Mors.

Vehicle license plate number*: "CRIMEPAY" and "FXCK12" are the 2 vehicles that are in the parking and it shows the glitch. (this glitch happens with all the cars i put in these license plates are the ones inside now..)

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