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Edit & Search In The Contacts App

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This is something super simple that I feel like would be super useful. Through times of playing on the ECRP server I have had a lot of contacts in my phone and certain contacts remembered as a nickname so it's easy like "Zeta Player" but then say they leave that gang you would have to delete the contact to change the name. Also if you have a lot of contacts it can be kind of eye straining to look through all them to find that 1 person you are trying to contact.



  1. I think it would be super useful to add a "Edit" in the contacts app so if you need to change someones name or number you can easily do so.
  2. I also think there should be a "Search" button as well just in case you do have a lot of contacts you can easily search for the person you are trying to contact and it would be less eye straining.
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