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Jabar Williams


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"Helping you buy what you can't afford."

Look rich, feel poor. IOU provides a range of services to guarantee that money is being spent well. We offer everything from loans and savings, to investments and various VIP services for our most loyal customers. Our belief is the quality of our team defines our expertise. Like with any good recipe, the quality of the product is only as good as it's ingredients. Our reputation defines us and keeps your investments secure. Your investments and loans are handled by our experienced and growth driven team of financial advisers.


At IOU we strive to bring our clients a level of service never seen before in Los Santos. With years of shared experience, our team is capable of providing a myriad of niche services with one key goal in mind: "Get your money working for you"

We would like to inform you of the following criteria for taking out a loan:

  1. The loan must be above $200,000 in value to be considered.
  2. The borrower must have collateral which is valued at equal or greater than the value of the loan, as determined by IOU.
  3. The lender, IOU, has the right to decline a loan based on their judgement of your application.


Our golden values of reliability and customer safety is the key for our high customer loyalty. We have a mission to help you reach your financial goals reliably, with no exception.



Don't delay, call IOU today! 1-800-IOU-LOANS ((https://discord.gg/J29JB2d))





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