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Nikolakis - Nick_Blakok(AFK BAN APPEAL)}

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Character name(s):Nick_Blakok

Admin who issued punishment:Dqniel
Date of punishment:10-11-2019
Punishment received:PERMA-BAN

Reason given for punishment:Utilizing macro to bypass the AFK timer.

Your explanation of what happened:i was in the city and i couldn't achieve to find one stable job that i can make money and have the things that i want .
For this reason and because i was new in the city i had to earn some xp to manage to did an application for one government job.FOR this reason i decided to do this just to earn the xp faster before the applications will close again.

Why should your appeal be accepted?.Well after 3 months.I think is too much and i was waiting too much for this.I know that my behaviour against you,wasn't good  but i learned from my mistakes and i won't do it again.IF you give me one more changce i will show you this and i promise you.I missed it a lot.I hope you will give me one more change and this won't happen again



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Hello, and thank you for submitting this punishment appeal! @nikolakis

In order to provide some insight into the situation which resulted in this players punishment, i will describe the incident to the best of my ability for the reviewing head administrator or above. On the 29th of October, i was messaged by another player of this community in regards to you being in a greek only discord server where you could be seen breaching several server rules as well as discussing different way(s) of breaching the server rules in a conversation with another player. This prompted me and this member of the community to compile and translate most of the things said by you in this discord server, where you could be seen metagaming by exchanging locations and information which had happened in real time while you and another player was playing on the server, asking for answers on the eclipse roleplay quiz, and discussing ways of bypassing the AFK script timer as well as utilizing some form of macro to bypass the AFK script. Following these findings, i decided to actively monitor your account for quite some time and i eventually ended up finding you utilizing a macro to bypass the AFK script which prompted me to ban you for that and the findings found in the aforementioned discord server.

As for the appeal itself, i appreciate the sincerity and remorse you display and while it is true that you have been banned for quite some time i feel as if more effort extending beyond a couple of words could have been added into this punishment appeal. You acknowledge your mistakes however you do not go into much detail what on the steps you have taken right now to ensure that these mistakes will never happen again. Can you please explain in depth and detail why your actions described above are wrong and how you will correct this behaviour if given the opportunity? Furthermore, have you taken any precautions right now to ensure that you do not find yourself in any similar incidents should you be unbanned?

In the meantime, this punishment appeal will be pending review from a head administrator or above.

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Well i know that the things i did it was wrong and all this time that i was waiting to appeal again i was thinking how to be better to ECRP and how to prevent from doing the wrong things again.Generally i am a person who learns from the mistakes and its impossible to do this again.Furthermore in this discord server which i am active all the day and i am speaking with my friends just i will close discord the time that i will be in the City.Furthermore about the AFK timer as i said and before i am a person who learns from the mistake and i will think before i act.I hope you will give me the opportunity to come again in the city and i promise you i do my best.

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grammatic error.

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