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[Transfer Request] Ten YungChill > Thomas Hellby

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Character to Transfer From: Ten YungChill
Character to Transfer To: Thomas Hellby

Requested Transfer:

Asset # Motorcycle - Bati 801 (58O3RBWJ)  (Credit bike)

Reason for Transfer:

I want to transfer this vehicle to another character and here is the story. I want to give this bike to my adopted child. I need to go back to my hometown, China because I need to go to rescue my family from the Corona virus and I don't know if I can comeback to this country or not. My life is perfect while I lived here and I never thanks enough to my adopted son who make my life meaningful. So this is the goodbye gift of my son and I hope he will use it properly.

How would you transfer the asset(s) if approved?

Owners/Devs (credit car transfers)

Edited by ThomasHellby
license plate

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Hello, I've decided not to allow any more credit vehicle transfer request until such functionality is added to the credit store menu.

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