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The Plague was founded by Charles de L’Orme in 1620 in Naples, it rose to power and later spread throughout Europe, and as of recently in 1988 it also spread to America.

The group found heavy resistance in the conquest for power and was almost extinguished by the FBI in the early 2000s, but luckly bounced back In 2019.

Their current objective remains the same, conquest.

With the new leader that rose to power, the Plague will become unstoppable, a new dawn has come down upon us, and it is up to him to embrace it and fullfil his destiny.

The new leader had just recently discovered his bloodline through an envelope, that was left to him by his ancestor.

Upon opening the envelope he discovered a family tree that leads back to the 1600s, a note containing the location of where he can find his ancestral family ring and insignia, with it he also discovered where his allegiance lies The Plague.

This where it all starts….




Ranking System

Don (Leader)


Consigliere (Counselor)


Maestro (Master of Weaponry/Drugs/Thefts/Assassinations)


Assassino (Assassin)


Soldato (Soldier)


Associato (Associate)





The dresscode applies to using a all types of suits and a bird-like beak mask, along a brown tie, shoes, a wide-brimmed hat, an outer over-clothing garment and dark pants, all of this is optional except for the MASK.



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It would have been cool if you guys were infected with a plague and if you guys infect someone with your blood than they will also have it and must join you guys since he's infected.

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Had some RP interactions with these boys today, great RP and cant wait to see what you offer in the future! 

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Did this group disband? see many members of your gang already and running around with other crews

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