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Public Relations Handbook

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Public Relations Handbook


Introduction to Public Relations
This is the Official Public Relations Division Handbook for the Downtown Cab Company. The following handbook has been created and developed to provide instruction and guidance in organising promotional events with or without other companies, conduct several different marketing campaigns to expand and grow the services of the Downtown Cab Company as well as releasing official press releases and monthly news letter to ensure excellent communication with various different media outlets, the DCC and most importantly the community of Los Santos. In addition to this, the purpose of this handbook is to assist members of the Public Relations Division in becoming familiarized with the policies, rules and obligations that arise in connection to their position so that they may refer back to when conducting their duties. Please take note that these procedures may be subject to change or revocation at any point in the future. If you have any questions, please contact the head of the Public Relations Division. 


Internal and External Events
Holding promotional events with or without the other companies is an important task within the Public Relations Division. The internal promotional events can come in the form of team building events, get-togethers, meeting and anything of the likes. The external promotional events can come in the form of public get togethers, public career fairs, car shows and anything of the likes. These promotional events are considered to be very effective communication tools both at an internal and external level and the purpose of it is to increase motivation and improve working moods, promote business and sales, enable and facilitate interpersonal work relationships among employees.

Being a member of the Public Relations Division will mean that you will work alongside many other members of the same division and plan, organize and successfully carry out these promotional events. Each member is required to be creative, show initiative and possess the ability of being able to work together with other people in groups in order to positively contribute to the success of these promotional events and ensure that they are fully carried out. There are no set duties for any member within the Public Relations Division in these 
promotional events, and instead the duties for each event may be discussed internally within the division alternatively be given to any member at the discretion of the Head of the Public Relations Division. Please take note that any member can contribute with ideas and plans for any event (which is what they are supposed to do), but it is ultimately the decision of the Head of the Public Relations Division to approve it before anything comes to fruition. 


Holding marketing and or advertisement campaigns is one of the more prominent features of being a member of the Public Relations Division. Utilizing Weazel News and or any other independent news source to advertise and hold marketing campaigns for the company is one of the core parts that come with being in this division and builds communication between the company and the general populous externally, as well as maintaining face for the company and helping in drawing customers.

In order to hold a consistent and high quality advertisement and or marketing campaign, the ads must be in accordance with the following procedural guidelines seen below. 

You will require permission from the Head of the Public Relations Division to order a set of bulk adverts, however once permission has been granted, You will be able to order them yourselves. The amount of advertisements needed will vary depending on its intended purpose and shall be provided by the Head of the Public Relations Division.
The advertisements, whether they are intended to advertise the company, a promotional event or anything of the likes must be suitable for a taxi company, advertise the company and avoid the risk of being offensive to others. Common sense should be taken into account.
You must keep any receipts pertaining to the purchase of the bulk advertisements which may be shown at a later date to the Head of the Public Relations Division in order to receive reimbursement. ((Any proof of roleplay alternatively screenshotting your screen is seen as sufficient)). Please bear in mind the reimbursement won't be instantaneous and you may need to wait a number of days in order for High Command to approve it. 
The Public Relations Division is regulated by its own budget and economic restrictions. The Public Relations Division is given a monthly budget of $150,000-$300.000. 

The following examples shown below are a different set of advertisements that you could utilize when ordering the adverts. Please take note that you are not required to follow this and we are happy for you to display any creativity into these advertisements, however we recommend using the below examples of advertisements to minimise any complications and or risks with the adverts. 


Example of Adverts.
Here for your everyday travels, The Downtown Cab Company! Call #1111.
Taking you from point A to point B, The Downtown Cab Company! Call #1111.

The Downtown Cab Company is now hiring, apply online now!
The Downtown Cab Company Is Looking For Entry Level Drivers. Apply online now!

-Come Down to the DCC Car Show on [Date] at [Time]. Enter your car and win a prize. For more info about the DCC car Show contact [Name, Number].
- DCC Represents a Sponsored Rally Event. $XXX,XXX Prize! [INFO Link].

Monthly Newsletters
The members of the Public Relations Division are also tasked with creating a monthly newsletter that showcase important information, news, different types of updates among other things. The intended purpose of these newsletters are to give the general populous and the employees of the Downtown Cab Company an overview of what has occurred the last month, as well as what they can look forward to in the future and a reminder for events and upcoming meetings. The monthly newsletter is not a priority for the division, and each members specific priority will still be on regular taxi driver duties rather than constant Public Relations duties, which will be in turn dealt with by the head and assistant head of the division.

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