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[Refund Request] Marcus Jons ($49000)

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Character to be refunded: Marcus Jons
Date and time of incident: 11/01/2020 (1578702611)

Requested refund (what and how much): 
1x AK 40 bullets (12k + 3k)         = 15k
1x Pump Shotgun 17 ammo,(8k + 1.3k) = 9.3k
1x Heavy Pistol 66 ammo,(+-5.5k)      = +-5.5k
1x Heavy pistol 36 ammo,(+-3k)      = +-3k
1x Pistol .50, 45 ammo, (+-7k)      = +-7k
Radio, Bag, GPS, Golf Club.         = +-5k + 2.5k(.50 10 ammo) + 1.7k(Meat)
Bag inventory: Couple human meats, + 1x Pistol .50 with around 10 bullets.(Can be seen being taken from bag by an officer, dont have photo of how many meats
were in the bag but from his expression we can tell that there was alot, lets just say 5 meats as I dont have a picture.)
1x Pistol +- 10 ammo,(Around 2.5k)
Meat 5 x 350(Average price of human meat)(1,7k)

Description of incident resulting in loss: Guy Fear rpd/Stall rpd in the middle of being robbed and cops all around. As he got onto his bike, not giving me
his weapon, he fear-rpd, aswell as this stalling as he didnt drop his gun resulting into cops running into me when I could've ran away after him dropping
me his weapon.

Evidence of loss: 

Comments: Thank you for taking a look at my Refund Request! :)

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