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Looking for Owner Financing

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This is a long shot, I am looking to own a business however I don't have millions to spend. Where you would come in is, you would buy the business for lets say a gas station for 4 million, I would in then turn around and buy the building from for lets say 500k a week for a total of 8 million in total. This is just an example to see if someone is interested in making a return on their investment. 


I am willing to sign any documentation that would make you feel comfortable in this arrangement, and have made deals like this before. You can reply to this post or shoot me a text at #5648141

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Hello there!


My name is Joe, I applaud your idea. In theory it can sound fruitful but however in this city, especially when it comes to the millions in value the idea but their is no legal obligation to pay currently. I.e Person A buys property from Person B but falls behind on payment. The law enforcement can only do so much, at the most they can undo the transaction after a lengthy and stressful battle of proving what's what. And that's including with the proper paperwork, i.e name of both parties, property, dates of all necessary transactions, etc.


If their was a method where business's could be sold with government backing i.e similar to money loaning this could be fruitful. Until then I will have to, with respect turn down your offer.

Kind regards,


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