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Chi 'Charlie' Fang

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Name: Chi ‘Charlie’ Fang → Formerly Charlotte Hill

Date of Birth: 19/JAN/1994

Gender: Female

Hair Color: Red

Eye Color: Green

Language(s): English, French, Mandarin

Affiliation: Member of the Triads




Chi Fang (nee Charlotte Hill) was born in Lee's Summit, MO. She was born to an affluent deeply religious family. Her whole life she felt stifled, trapped, not able to express who she was as a person. Despite that she didn’t have a horrid childhood - other than the fact that she was expected to follow in the footsteps of her older sister. Those footsteps being nothing other than getting married, keeping a clean house, and producing lots of children. She always longed for more and dreaded every passing day as she got older that she was nearing such a dreadful fate. Her chance for escape came with a handsome boy, Anthony. They quickly fell in love during her senior year of high school and following graduation they moved away - to Branson, MO. Life wasn’t perfect but at least she was able to be herself. For three years she was there working hard to support her life. During that time she fell out of love with Anthony - much to his heartbreak but the truth of the matter was that he had plainly been her escape and not much else. They ended things amicably and continued to live together in their spacious apartment. For the first time in her life Charlotte felt in control of her own life - what would she do with it?

Then there was the visitor. Her brother - the only family member she liked - showed up on her front door with news. What news? Mother dearest was deathly ill. Although she was conflicted Charlotte decided it was the right decision to go see her mother before she passed away. The drive back to her hometown was the longest drive of her life but they finally made it back to the farmhouse that housed her family. She walked through the front door and the first thing she felt.. was confusion.  Her mother was in perfect health… nothing wrong with her at all. She found herself locked away into her room where she was informed that she had brought back home safely where she would remain until she was thinking more clearly about the priorities in life.

Charlotte was trapped for two more years in that house - everyday dying a little on the inside. She worked a plan however -being compliant, pretending to agree with her family, yes this, yes that, every moment acting the part that her family had written for her. Over those two years she earned their trust. The idiots. She announced to them the great news - she had been accepted to an extremely conservative religious institution in Alabama for college. They were overjoyed - and didn’t suspect a thing. Why should they? The plans were made and before Charlotte knew it she was climbing into a car for the drive to Alabama (or at least that’s what her parents thought) She drove her car over one state and parked the car in the middle of a national park before calling a taxi to the nearest airport. She was careful not to leave any clues as to where she was heading… the last place anyone would suspect. She boarded a plane and flew to her new life. When she landed, she found herself in Los Santos with nothing but the clothes on her back, enough money for some food, but most importantly… her freedom.



Starting out wasn’t easy. She fished most of the time to make enough money to eat and otherwise just focused on getting to know the city and its people. For the first few months she made many friends and had a great group of people to spend time with.  A few months into her stay in Los Santos an experience changed her life forever. While relaxing at the bank a person who she had not met before walked up and asked a simple question: ‘are you a snitch?’ well the answer is clearly “no” and she was quickly told to get into the car. They informed her on the way to grab a mask as we were going to hit stores. She had a bit of an internal crisis - this isn’t what she was taught was right. But she was the master of her own fate wasn’t she?? Fuck it. She decided she would join them….. And on the first store…. They quickly got arrested.With one quick decision and on one day Charlotte found herself a felon with multiple charges. As a result of those charges she found herself in prison for the first time. 

Prison gave her plenty of time to think about her place in the city and what she wanted to do in the city. She decided then and there that Charlotte would be no more. Charlie was born. Charlie met many people from that point on. A few of them Christopher Durnwell, Hunter Mason, Ben Barnes, and Jace Bianchi brought her around the gang life in Los Santos and she began to see the dark underside of the city. It wasn’t that dark to her.  Christopher brought her around an up and coming gang, Legion where she learned about the gang life. A higher up, Jenna Maye taught her how to cook drugs the right way, another member Tyler Hall joined regularly on these cooks. Another gang, the seaweeds, had been giving Charlie trouble robbing her almost daily whenever they saw her around so life wasn’t all shits and giggles. 

One day while she was trying to sell some fish she got robbed by two people clad in blue. They told Charlie that if she wanted to truly be safe in the city all she needed to do was go talk to the people in blue at the store behind the bank. This gave Charlie a lot to think about. The next day she met someone outside the store by chance who introduced himself as Hunter Mason. He offered to go fishing with her and she took him up on the offer. They spend the whole night fishing and talking and found in each other kindred spirits. There was something familiar about this person but she couldn’t place it. She shared her goal of purchasing an elegy retro and Hunter said that he would help but that there were much quicker ways to make money than fishing. He drove her around and they chopped cars and did some cooks. She was curious why no one ever messed with them during these trips and he told her about the Zetas, a gang, of which he was a member. He pulled out his mask and that’s when it hit her. This was the same guy that had robbed her a few days prior at the fishing sell point!  They shared a good laugh over the whole thing and from that point on they were inseparable. They would spend nights hunting, responding to zeta backup calls, and otherwise setting up cooks. Before she knew it she had earned enough for her new elegy. Legion fell apart at this time and Charlie knew that as much as Hunter and her clicked that Zetas were not the home for her. She never stopped hanging with Hunter but she found herself without a family again.


Charlie wasn’t affiliated with anyone and relied on making connections to not get robbed on a daily basis. She did pretty well for herself in this time making connections. She counted amongst her acquaintances members of all the major gangs. She had talked to two members of Wanted but nothing went all the way through. By chance a group came together of friends who were eager to find safety in numbers but also to make their own mark on the city. This group of friends would do different activities such as cooking, robbing stores, etc in numbers for safety. During this time the biggest opposition came from a gang named The Rooks who would often come and rob us of all our hard work and supplies. It was a hard going but we had each other and worked hard to make it at the end of the day.


After a few months the NAG Family went their separate ways with many of our members leaving the city, others pursuing legal pursuits, and others joining different gangs in the city. It was also around this time that her dear friend, Hunter Mason, left the city for seemingly good. Charlie was left back at square one.




Charlie had heard of the Triads but she had only seen them around the city a few times. Twice she had run into them while checking labs and once they had robbed her while she was at Chili cooking. But other than that she hadn’t heard anything other than what she knew from her friends Jin Kwang and Tyler Hall who had always spoken highly of them. She ran back into an old friend of hers who had a new name, Lucas London. He had recently joined the Triads and had nothing but good things to say. Between Lucas London, Tyler Hall, and Jin Kwang she got a fuller picture of this group and what they were to this city of Los Santos. The more she learned about them the more she wanted to be a part of this family. She worked hard to be around and show off what she had to offer in hopes of being recruited.

Finally one day Jin Kwang invited her to trial for The Triads. She happily took this chance to trial and to show that she had a lot to give and that she would be a great addition to the family. She worked closely with two of the other female members Nova and Niki Zhou, as well as Jason Shen during this time. She passed her trial just as the gang went to war with Vice. Finally Charlie found herself feeling at home. More at home than she had felt her entire life - she had found her family. And now she was going to work hard to prove her place there.


She rose through the ranks from Blue Lantern to Straw Sandal through hard work enjoying every minute of it. She saw many faces come and go - friends she had loved who went on to pursue other things and close friends came into the gang as well. All three who had originally brought her to this family left the gang. But her determination and commitment to the Triads had never wavered once.  She was disheartened to see her close friends Tyler Pong, Jin Kwang, and Lucas Kwang all leave the gang but she wished them all well as they went on to different things. On the other side of the spectrum, though she was absolutely delighted when another one of her closest friends, Jace Bianchi joined the gang. Jace and Charlie went far back to when she had first met Hunter in the city. When she came into town and heard the news that he was on trial she was so stoked for she felt he would make a great addition - and he has. 

Change is a part of life and with some losses and some great victories Charlie counts herself lucky to be a part of what she considers the best family in the city. In her time with the triads three things have became of utmost importance to her: 

  1. Supporting her fellow sisters in the Triads. When she first joined it was through the overwhelming kindness and direction of Nova and Niki Zhou that she found her way. She therefore in turn always supports and helps her sisters in anyway.

  2. Guiding the new faces in the gang. Charlie always makes herself available to lend a helping hand and to educate those who are new to the gang so that they are set up for success. 

  3. Being present when needed - No matter if someone ran into a fence or finds themselves surrounded by countless enemies Charlie will always come when needed. She is fully prepared to go down with her family. No one will stand alone. She expects nothing less from any other member of The Triads.

During this time she was adopted into the Fang family. This is how she became known as Chi ‘Charlie’ Fang. She counts this a great honor and always works hard to bring honor to the Fang name. Most recently she found herself promoted to a new rank - Red Pole. She was incredibly humbled to be honored with such a position. Her new goal now to use this position for the best of the gang always and to continue to work hard and be a good example. Time will only tell what is next for Charlie Fang. It's been quite a ride thus far and doesn’t show any signs of slowing anytime soon.




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