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Hell is empty, the devil's here. || Lucy Donovan

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Name: Lucy Donovan (Née McMahon)

Nationality/Background: Irish

Date of Birth: April 11th 1994 - 25 Years old,

Gender: Female,

Hair colour: Red,

Eye colour: Blue/grey,

Language(s): English & Learning Mandarin,

Relationship: Taken,

Affiliations: Member of The Triads.






Lucy was born into a large family. Albeit most of her siblings have different fathers. The quadruplets Lucy, Angela, Eve, and Mackenzie are considered the babies, since they were the last children to come all holding the same father. Lucy was the oldest of the three; born twelve minutes before Angela, then finally came Mackenzie who was born fifteen minutes after Angela. Being the eldest of the three, Lucy naturally, was a rebellious spirit. The youngest sister Mackenzie was babied by their mother. Lucy always looked up to their father, he was a Naval Captain. Sadly, their father was killed while deployed and the girls were still young, it hit hardest on Lucy, who then in turn, went completely off the rails. Lucy was placed under arrest multiple times, placed in holding cell after holding cell for petty crimes as a way to act out, perhaps for a cry for attention.




Lucy then fell into some rough times when she inadvertently got herself caught up into the paramilitary political movements of the IRA. Lucy didn’t exactly agree with their cause, but saw it as a way to get her hands on things she wanted, and in the process she learned a whole lot from the small group of acquaintances she made. Meanwhile, their mother had moved on, and had begun dating an officer who frequently had detained and thrown Lucy into a cells overnight. 


Things were awkward with Lucy’s new “step father” - John, the officer held a high rank within the force and was becoming a pain to Lucy. As her new "parental guardian", John made it his personal mission to lecture and pursue Lucy about her criminal activities. It began to annoy her how he stuck his nose in her personal life and tried to enforce himself as some kind of father figure. She certainly wasn't ever going to see him as a father figure.


At seventeen, Lucy had gotten herself in another incident where she was arrested for armed robbery, then promptly incited a riot across the city centre. John was the officer who came and arrested her, thanks to her distraction of the riot her accomplices managed to escape. She waited hours alone in a small interrogation room, her hands cuffed to the table. Finally she heard the door open, but much to her chagrin, the person who stepped through the door was John. He made his way into the room, shaking his head disapproving. He scolded her, telling her how disappointed and heartbroken her mother would be. Lucy rolled her eyes, she didn't care. Her mother was an alcoholic who never paid any attention to any of them, aside from Mackenzie. 


John told Lucy this was the end for her, unless she did something for him. He wanted the names of those she helped escape, the very people who helped her rob the jewellery store. Lucy grinned, spitting in his general direction and told him to fuck himself. However, what happened next was what made Lucy the monster she is today. The very thing that broke her mentally. This was the first of many incidents were John sexually assaulted Lucy. He called it their little "arrangement." Lucy couldn't and wouldn't speak up about it. After all, who would believe her? 


This happened on a number of occasions and Lucy seemed powerless to stop it. However, by the age of twenty-three, she noticed John was becoming more bold and letting down his guard often. Lucy had been detained once more, and John said he would personally escort her home. Lucy lived alone so of course, John invited himself in. 


While he was sleeping, Lucy went into her kitchen and found the biggest knife she could. She stood for a moment in the doorway of her bedroom watching him sleep. Disgusted of the man in front of her. The knife rose high in the air… before she knew it the knife was plunged deep into his flesh, piercing through his chest. Multiple times she pulled the knife out and stabbed it back in. Blood soaked the area. With nothing left for her in Ireland, Lucy took John's wallet, taking his bank card and booked herself a flight to America, as far away as possible. 


Lucy didn't bother to hide the crime scene, she knew if she was ever to return to ireland, she would be thrown away. So, she never returned. Lucy purchased herself a motorbike and rode around America. Killing John made lucy think, she was good at killing, hell she enjoyed it… 


It took her awhile but she soon became established as a hitwoman. Lucy was paid on several occasions to take out certain targets for a high price. Lucy showed no mercy for those she was paid to kill, and she cared little for the reason behind the hits. A job was a job. Eventually, Lucy found herself in Los Santos, the place of her next hit. Which was also what made her stay in the city. 


While enacting her kill, Lucy was confronted by some men in dark green suits, all as heavily armed as she was. Suspicions of each other were high and there was a bit of stand off between them. The men introduced themselves as the Irish Mafia, and Lucy couldn't help but laugh. While the men kept their weapons, Lucy tucked hers away; a grin clean across her lips. Lucy told them she wanted no trouble, she was here for work and that she was leaving. Lucy eventually became close with them and found connections in the Irish Mafia. For the first time, Lucy felt like she had a place she belonged. 


A year past, and Lucy had finally settled into Los Santos, a place she finally felt welcomed. However, the year was unkind to her organisation, and she lost many people she held close to her. Lucy was left alone once more after the Irish disbanded, her friends all scattered and left without a trace. Being wanted back in Ireland left her with little options. Lucy returned to her life of organised crime, reopening her business as a hitwoman; this time with more skills and experience thanks to her time with the Irish Mafia.


Lucy began to grow cold and lonely, the voices and screams of those she was paid to torture and/or kill began to torment her in the night; she would see figures of those she killed following her. She knew it was just her head trying to guilt her, but she was good at her job. Nobody knew or would find any evidence of her crimes. The loneliness and fear had gotten too much for her and she longed for something, someone to help her, that was when she found her family.


 The Triads.


They gave her a place within their ranks, gave this experienced killer and torturer a place to feel welcome and in doing so, they saved her life. They acknowledged her talents and she continues to be a weapon for their cause, doing as she's ordered in order to protect her family.


 Her family...


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