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Access door bug

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Date and time (provide timezone): December 2, 2019 UTC -5

Character name: John Pilgrim

Issue/bug you are reporting: /accessdoor keypad does not work for another player when they have a house nearby.

Expected behavior:  /accessdoor should open the keypad 

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate

  1. Place a furniture door outside. 
  2. /accessdoortype 1 then enter the code you want.
  3. Lock the door by typing /accessdoor
  4. Have someone that has a house nearby type /accessdoor.

Please note that typing /accessdoor works for the house owner who placed the door and anyone else who does not own a house nearby. However when someone else owns a house nearby they cannot use /accessdoor as the keypad does not open. They cannot lock the door either.

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Did you place the door inside a door wall? There was a bug if you placed the door wall first the doors would not work. Solution was to place the door first and the place the door wall. Not sure if this problem got fixed.

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No that is a different issue. I'm well aware of that bug and I heard that bug will be fixed soon. The door works perfectly fine for me and anyone else that does not have a house nearby but it does not work for someone who owns a house that is located near that house where I put the door down.

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