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New to the city? Let’s get you started!

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New to the city? Let’s get you started!

So, you’re fresh off the plane, and you can't wait to sink your teeth into the sweet fruits of Los Santos. Just like the tall buildings above us, having a good start in this beautiful city can be quite a daunting task. However, the team at Weazel News are here to help you find what sparks your interest the most!

Starting in the city, you may not have a large number of funds to your disposal, but this factor will be considered, so don't worry! One of your options as a newcomer to the city is farming. Farming does not require any tools for you to purchase and does not need any training from others. The main difficulty you may face is transporting to and from the farm, as the farms are a significant distance away from the city. However, you can always grab a taxi if you have no means of getting around. Once your there, spend as much time as you like growing your crops and making a profit!

In addition to farming, perhaps you may like to take in the seaside air and spend your hours fishing! Admittedly, this is not very exciting atoll and does require you to purchase a fishing rod and ideally have a car to get around. Consider fishing after spending some time on the farm when you have some funds at your disposal. Thankfully, our seas are full of wildlife, and therefore you can fish anywhere you like on the coast. So, find your spot, dig your heels in the sand and breathe in that refreshing coast air.

If you do obtain yourself a car and wish to engage in an exciting activity, hunting could be a valid option for you. There are several hunting spots around the countryside, all indicated by an orange deer icon on your map / GPS. Make sure you get yourself a hunting knife so you can gut the animal and take its valuable meats after killing it.

When you have some experience navigating the city and interacting with others, perhaps you may consider working for the government!


Written by Nicholas Brown, Editor in Chief at Weazel News.


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