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Character to be refunded: Pablo Cross Date and time of incident: Every time the server restarts. Requested refund (what and how much):10 Speakers OR 100K Description of incident resulting in loss: As soon as I wake up in the city I put a speaker on my roof top. A lot of people hang out at my house everyday all day so I always have a speaker with music. Every time the server restarts it goes away and I have to buy a new one. I did not care at first but now it's getting to the point where I'm loosing A LOT of money in speaker. I have lost over 100K in speakers now and I don't even want the money. I just want my speakers back because it's getting really expensive to buy them. 100K down in speakers just to be lost. Evidence of loss: Everyone that hangs out at my house always knows there is a speaker there. I have multiple different videos of the speaker being there then the server restarting and it being gone. Comments:

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