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Raul "El Cerebro" Guerra

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Time has finally come to reveal what stands behind the persona of Raul Guerra. What is his history in the city of Los Santos, his connections to Novo Los Aztecas and how it all came along.


Raul Guerra was born in Los Santos and for the first 10 years lived in the downtown area, near El Burro Heights. His mother and father were immigrants from Puerto Rico. Considering that a lot of people imigrated from various south american countries and other places with latin population, the North Americans did not embrace it with open arms, opposite in matter of fact as a lot of hate and race crime started to happen. Durring those years the community protection groups emarged, consisting of young and strong men who swore to protect their communities from any physical harm. Rauls father also became one of such activists.

With the continious Mexican and other Hispanic/Latino people immigration hitting roof highs, these community protector groups became bigger and bigger and it was not long till they started to realise the power they had. Each of these communities started to divide their territories where they operated and took any other block member in their block as a hostile action. From patriotic community groups most of them became orginised criminal organisations. Truth to be told you cannot blame all on the hate and race crime around them, it was also the daily struggle to survive and the criminal world was an easy way out of that struggle and chance to earn better money for their familias.

Rauls father quickly became a trusted member of his group that they named - Varrio Los Aztecas. The group had their own territory that they protected, their own business niche and inside policies. Raul never saw how it actually grew to be what it was when he was born, but he still managed to see the struggle that came at the end of the era of most of these groups.


The Varrio Los Aztecas were one of the dominating latino forces in the Los Santos city and a lot of things had happened in the time of existing for almost 20 years. As everything in life goes full circle, the full circle came for the Varrio Los Aztecas as well. Finally the FIB and PD had caught up with all the illegal activities and parts taken in the criminal world, had enough evidence to shut the group down. Everything started to crumble and during this downfall Rauls father refused to give it away without a fight and fight was what he got. One of the PD raids on a Varrio Los Aztecas warehouse ,where they stored weapons,  ended in a shootout where Rauls father was fatally shot. That was the last drop for Rauls mother and she packed her and Rauls bags and left the house. They moved to Rauls cousins who chose a different path and lived in a small apartment in the city. He spent next 10 years of his life sharing a small room with two of his cousins.


When Raul turned 20 he decided to go to Puerto Rico and experience his culture at its fullest. He wanted to see where his mother and father were born and grew up. Where did they fell in love, how did they live and after all - why did they fled that place. Raul had family still living in Puerto Rico and they were more than happy to take him in. Next 5 years he spent in Puerto Rico, but not much is know about that time in Raul's life.


Upon arriving back in Los Santos Raul realised that the city has changed a lot and not to the best side. The gangs were running the town and similar to what happened when Varrio Los Aztecas were made, the immigration was skyrocketing in Los Santos making the city overpopulated and not being able to supply everyone with jobs, housing and comfort. Exactly the same people turned to whatever means they needed to survive and the survival with time became a lifestyle. The crime levels in the city were so high that PD just simply did not have enough manpower and resources to control it.

Soon after being back in the city he met up with his long-term childhood friends - Salvadore and Hector. They were close friends since their fathers were part of the VLA group. After Raul moved they still kept contact through out the years and their connection through the Latino community and their friendship was strong. 

The next week Salvadore called Raul and Hector to discuss something. Salvadore was known to be quite temperamental and some who could easy lose control and what was happening in the city was irritating him. He talked to both of them and was very firm on the idea that we need to take back our Barrio where we grew up. He had this idea in his mind to rebuild what their fathers once had and protect the community. Raul listened to all of what Salvadore had to say but was not convinced, so he said no at that moment.


In a need to make money and pay for the living, Raul applied as a driver in DCC. During the interview process Raul struggled with the traffic laws due to living for the last 5 years in Puerto Rico where traffic is not that strict as here. Nonetheless the DCC management saw Raul as a hard worker and decided to give him a chance. He became the trainee on probation until proven his ability to became a full trainee. He mainly worked late nights and early mornings, when most of the drivers have finished their shifts. He wanted to show that he is willing to sacrifice his sleep to offer the service to the customers of Los Santos. It was a very lonely time as not many people were around and most of the time he was just sitting in his taxi waiting for a call to come in.

A month or so passed and for the very first time he experienced the crime on his skin. When he was hired he was warned about the crime against the taxi drivers and was informed that company's policy allows to carry a fire arm for self defense, but Raul ignored it. In the upcoming weeks the attacks and robberies became more and more often and that made Raul think. He either could keep being a victim or he could fight the crime, but fighting crime was not effective as a taxi driver, which lead to two choices - join law enforcement or Salvadore.


Two or three months passed since the conversation about Salvadore's plan and while Raul was looking for alternative lifestyle opportunities, Salvadore and Hector proceeded with starting up the plan. They have had already acquired a property in the old Barrio in El Burro Heights and moved there. They were getting some support from the local Latino people that still were living in the area and also like minded people had joined the cause.

Raul had another sit-down and talk with Salvadore and Hector and they all agreed on Rauls position in the group and how to approached the plan of reviving what once were Varrio Los Aztecas. As the group of the next generation Varrio Los Aztecas it was only logical that the new name was chosen for this new group - Novo Los Aztecas.

Raul became a consejero for the NLA, someone who was the one dealing with diplomacy when needed as Raul had good communication skills and could keep himself in line even when he shouldn't. He was loyal and believed in mutual respect, even between enemies. For that reason Raul had earned a nickname - El Carebro, which in translation to English means The Brain.

The next months went very smooth for Novo Los Aztecas with new members joining and the group growing slowly, community accepting them and overall living a peaceful life.


As everything was going very well with the familia, Raul saw an opportunity to build some relationships outside the state. He decided to travel to Mexico and speak with some local gun dealers to see could they involve themselves into gun business, considering NLA had no drug policy. In full confidence that Salvador and Hector will take care of things, Raul left to Mexico.

Faith had put NLA on a path of doom as the big players of the city started to pay attention to the group and decided that it is time for them to chip in the respect that they deserve from NLA. As the consejero was away, Hector and Salvadore took the charge in having the discussions about possible deals and what exactly was asked from them. Raul was kept informed about the situation but him not being there and Salvadore's pride with his temper made everything go bad. Novo Los Aztecas familia was painted as targets for disrespect.
Raul was in a position where he could not leave Mexico so he tried to deal with the situations via Hector and Hector was acting as the spokesperson and desperately trying to defuse the situation that arose between the groups of Triads, Zetas and NLA. 

That did not help and Hector feeling like he let down the familia or even made it worse, decided to sacrifice his own life to buy some time for the familia hoping that Raul would return on time to deal with it.

After finding out about Hectors death Raul returned to the city.


The hunting by all three sides have been ongoing for some time now, but Raul was not keen on fighting and war as it serves no benefit. His main goal was to make sure that the familia goes back to how it was, so that Hectors sacrifice would not be in vain. 

A meeting was set and for the first time Raul met with the leaders of the Triads and Los Zetas and the talks went as they were suppose to go in the first place. Understandably the requirements were higher than the initial offer, but it was what it was.

Raul has returned as the consejero of the Novo Los Aztecas and will make sure his familia is never again put in such spot.

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On 6/22/2020 at 8:08 AM, AmiroGp said:

Awesome story ❤️


On 6/22/2020 at 9:30 AM, Arnis said:

Good story homes 


On 6/22/2020 at 11:00 AM, Chris Bluestone said:

Father of Vato’s 

Ahh, thank you guys, did not even realise this was picked up and read half a year later haha. I guess I could update with the events after this story but meh, who cares.

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1 hour ago, Chris Bluestone said:

I think its going to be hard these days ! 😄

Thats Truuuuuuuuuuuuueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 😄

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