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Kvaksius Kleme_maybach Unban appeal

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Account name:kvaksius
Character name(s)Kleme_maybach
Admin who issued punishment:Server
Date of punishment:2019-08-11
Punishment received:permament
Reason given for punishment:SPEED hacking


Your explanation of what happened :so the story begins when i  downloaded fps counter,because my game felt like trash,so i was watching my fps and driving around city ,then i searched where's my second vehicle and drived to it ,when i tried to unlock it ,nothing happened so i thought that my gta5 just crashed,i restarted my gta5 tried connect to the server and i see text that  i got permanent banned for  speed hacking  from anti cheat
Why should your appeal be accepted?:because its a bug
Post any evidence or further details:no evidence i can do ss of my ban .

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Thanks for the appeal, we have a zero tolerance policy on cheating.  There is not enough evidence without knowing what program you're referring to, an FPS counter does not change the speed of your vehicle.

I would like to take the opportunity to wish you all the best in your future endeavours.



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