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Jimmy Pegorino

[Eclipse Guide] Speaker URL Guide

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Hey, I've seen so many comments in technical or discord about how to set up the url on the speakers you buy, 

Here are some examples of how the links should look. http://us4.internet-radio.com:8258/stream http://uk6.internet-radio.com:8124/stream 
Feel free to use these if you want too. Alternatively you could also ask people in game for different radio stations.

Step 1.  https://www.internet-radio.com/

Step 2. Search for the radio station you want to listen to on your speaker, So example would be Meat Liquor.

Step 3. Here is the link so this is an example https://www.internet-radio.com/station/meatliquor/ 

Step 4. You should see a red share box and a new tab on the website will come up

Step 5. When you open the new tab as it opens by it self when you click the radio station you want, This link will appear as an url https://www.internet-radio.com/player/?mount=http://uk1.internet-radio.com:8011/listen.pls&title=Meat Liquor&website=https://meatliquor.com

Step 6 Only Link you need to copy from above is http://uk1.internet-radio.com:8011/stream , You must add the stream instead of the listen so this works for you.

Check out some of the screenshots  


Screen Shot above is when i searched for the Radio Station i want to listen to, You must click on the read name of the radio station so it would be Meat Liquor.


At this stage you can hear the music that is playing for you, If you like it click the red Share box and that should open a new tab for you which looks like below screen shot.


At this stage you will need to click the url at the top and copy it some where and paste it some where you can edit it. The url will look like https://www.internet-radio.com/player/?mount=http://uk1.internet-radio.com:8011/listen.pls&title=Meat Liquor&website=https://meatliquor.com

As you can see above you don't need to use the whole link above for the speaker,  So when you edit the link above you will need this : http://uk1.internet-radio.com:8011/listen remove the /listen part and it should look like this with stream http://uk1.internet-radio.com:8011/stream Copy this and it should work with in your speaker Now you can listen to your music when ever you want.

Hope this helps you and it was a quick guide


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