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ID 33 Fear RP

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Player(s) being reported: ID 33

Date of interaction reported: 10/25/2019 somewhere around 4 AM EU-Amsterdam time

Unix time stamp from HUD: http://prntscr.com/pntycr

Your characters name: Lucas_Daniels

Other player(s) involved: None

Specific rule(s) broken: http://prntscr.com/pntyut

How did the player break the rule(s)? After being chased for a good amount of time by ID 33 and his friend they decided to split up for whatever reason, when ID 33 was alone I decided to take my chance to take him as he was alone at this time. After I got off my bike he stood still close to me so I decided to aim my pistol at ID 33 but he decided to drive off instead of roleplaying to fear for his life.

Evidence of rule breach: [I was livestreaming this while in one of the rooms in the Eclipse discord]



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Hello and thank you for making this report @Exodical.


ID 33 - Rex_Rogers | @SpencerGerrits- Why did you proceed to drive off after a weapon was pointed at you in close range? The demands were heard as you also stopped after the reporting party said them.


All parties mentioned above will be given 24 hours to respond or the report may be concluded without them.

Emulsify and Dqniel.

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Hello, this is the guy being reported. yes he gave me demands while aiming a gun at me close range which I understand would put me under fear RP, however, from my point of view he got off his bike, and his arms looked to be holding something invisible, almost like he was holding an invisible heavy gun or something. I drove off because I did not physically see the gun from my point of view. After realizing what happened, I assumed he aimed a gun at me which is why I stopped because I was confused whether or not he aimed something at me. I can not provide evidence of this because my shadow play has not been working for the last few days, I told him this through PM that my shadow play isn't working so I could not show him what happened from my point of view.  After I stopped if I remember correctly, he came up to me, muttered something and drove off. I then PM'd him saying what happened and how some sort of bug or something happened in my eyes. He then obviously told me he would report me. However, this fear RP breach was not for personal gain whatsoever, as I offered to him through PM to re-do the RP where fear RP would not be broke, basically saying he could rob me because that is how it would have gone. He refused to re-do the RP and he said he was just going to report. This was not a purposefully breach of the rules, it did not cause severe loss for the reporting party and it did not benefit me (because I offered to re-do the rp). Reports are meant for a last resort when players can not resolve problems on their own, however I have screenshot evidence that I offered to re-do the rp and I tried to settle it between us, however he was very ignorant and kept saying that he will report and kept sending me winky faces over PM as I was trying to settle the problem with him. This leads me to believe he didn't truly care about the fear rp breach, he simply wanted to report me and watch me get punished, because he would not agree to re doing the rp or settling it any other way. I hope you will consider not punishing me because I did everything in my power to not have this happen, I realize it was a rule breach but I do not think I should be punished based off something that happened from my point of view, especially when I offered to re do the RP right after it happened. Thank you.

Screenshot #1 https://imgur.com/gallery/ITWBoEz

Screenshot #2 https://imgur.com/gallery/4faXReU

Screenshot #3 https://imgur.com/gallery/TqV0juF

Screenshot #4 https://imgur.com/gallery/4QSnfHD

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Hello, and thank you to everyone who responded with their side of the story and explained the reasoning for their actions which can be seen in the provided evidence above. We would also like to take this opportunity to give our sincerest apologies for the delay and thank all parties involved for remaining patient while this report has been carefully reviewed. After extensively reviewing the provided evidence as well as taking the statements of all parties involved into consideration, we have decided to conclude this report.

Player Rex_Rogers will receive a warning for breaching the fear roleplay rules.

Player Lucas_Daniels will receive a verbal warning for not adhering to the report guidelines.

First and foremost, I would like to address the warning of Rex_Rogers and the reasoning behind it. In the provided evidence of this report, it can be seen that the reporting party approaches you before placing you under direct gunpoint at close range. In turn, you decide to drive away, briefly stop in sufficient range of the reporting party while he has his weapon aimed at you, and then ultimately drive away once again. The issue that arises with this situation is that your actions are not in accordance with our Fear Roleplay rules. As stated in the Fear Roleplay section of the rulebook, your life is considered to be under direct danger when a weapon is pointed at you in close range if you are on a bike, and this is because by being on a bike it would mean that you are entirely vulnerable to any type of damage, and would lack any legitimate protection from gunshots and flying bullets. It is of our belief that you should have complied with the demands being made upon you, especially when a weapon is aimed at you in close range. In saying that however, after careful deliberation and review amongst multiple members of the staff team we decided that there will be no issued punishment extending beyond a simple warning on your administrative log stating that you have been talked to about the Fear Roleplay rules. In this situation you are sincere and remorseful over the transpired events and attempted at redoing the roleplay scenario multiple times under the same circumstanced and we believe it is not fair for you to be punished simply because the reporting party did not adhere and take the report guidelines into consideration and compromised with you in this situation. As players of Eclipse Roleplay we are aware that every roleplaying scenario may not be ideal and that mistakes arguably happen in the heat of the moment, however the best way of solving this would be to compromise with one another and try to come to a resolution personally before pushing for a report.

Secondly, we would like to address the verbal warning of Lucas_Daniels and the reasoning behind it. As stated in the player report guidelines, reporting a player should not be taken lightly and may only be a last resort in situations like these. In the provided evidence of this report you were offered multiple opportunities at redoing the roleplaying scenario less than five (5) minutes after the situation which can be seen in the provided evidence had occurred, and the appropriate response to this situation would have been to take the player report guidelines into consideration and try to find a middle ground with the reported party rather than pushing for a report. The choosing of actions from you is undoubtedly wrong in this situation, as all players should strive to provide mutual respect and enjoyable roleplay to one another, regardless of how frustrating or annoying a situation may be - you should have redone the roleplay in this situation and not push for a report out of what is presumably spite. Let this serve as a reminder for future reference should you ever be faced with a situation like this in the future.

Thank you for making this report! @Exodical

This report is rejected and archived.

Kind regards,

Emulsify & Dqniel.

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