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Admins aren't what they should be..

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Today I had a couple problems on the server and made a couple reports, no response. For like 15 minutes no response. I think this is bad because admins should be a lot more responsive. I mean come on they're admins they're supposed to solve problems. Also when I eventually got an admin to respond, to every one of my problems he just said he didn't care. What great staff.


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You were denied a report 4, 4 times between you and your friend. Each one was asking for help with a vehicle glitch. Everytime they were denied you made another. 

THEN you both tagged me in discord asking for help.

Then you tell me that you kept making the report 4's because "you had too get the point across somehow" 

A vehicle glitch is not an urgent issue. 10-15 minutes is not a slow response. 

We as staff are roleplayers first and staff second. Your vehicle glitch does not come before our rp.

Also I said i dont care to you saying you had to get your point across somehow, because you are expected to follow the same rules as everyone else but I said it in caps which i did not mean to so I typed it again in lower case.

Once you brought the issue to the question channel a community member gave you the answer almost immediately. So you did not have to spam report 4's and you did not have to tag me to get my attention.

We are Not servants, we ARE roleplayers.

Report will be closed.

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