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Liam_Gunarr (Non-RP)

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Player(s) being reported: Liam_Gunarr
Date of interaction reported: 22.10.2019
Unix time stamp from HUD: 1571779337
Your characters name: Chloe_Payne

Other player(s) involved: it was many on the scene but none directly involved.

Specific rule(s) broken:

8. Non-Roleplay (NRP)

  • Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay.

How did the player break the rule(s)?

We were in a chace in the city and a car belonging to zetas stalled, they ran out of the car and spread out. We started to run after them and the whole area was surrounded by zetas. One person was accidently droven over on his bike and was injured. So Liam Gunarr decides to go off his bike to drag his friend out of the area, so first non rp situation would be him jumping off his bike with an AK in his hands surrounded by PD and SD. second rulebreak would be him trying to carry his friend while having both of his hands on his weapon, how would you be able to carry someone when your hands are occupied? third offence would be (yes i know its not fear rp as long as he have his gun in his arms) but how is it realistic to roll back and start shooting when you have a carbine to your head and also surrounded by cops as it wont go well for you.

Evidence of rule breach:


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Ok i saw one of your cops VDM one of my gang members and knowing PD from personal experience they tend to sweep it under the rug and claim they did nothing wrong. And that in fact happened the cop that ran him over was yelling at Cole telling him that he drove into the officer and it was Cole's fault. Anyways I saw a contender and a chance to get one of my wanted gang members away from cops so i got off my bike and went to get him out. Yes SD was near me but "surrounding me" is excessive maybe 1-2 cops where really close to me when i got off but i also had 3 of my people next to and another 10 close as well along with another green which could have been seen as assistance.  You then came to me and said "Hands up" i took a brief glance to see if officers were out of there car and it appeared none of them had gotten out. My bike was in EXTREMELY close proximity so i rolled back shooting to neutralize you and get out before the other officers got out of their cars. Also an AK would have a strap so i could sling it over my shoulder before picking him up. Also you claimed your last "rulebreak"  "third offence would be (yes i know its not fear rp as long as he have his gun in his arms) " wasn't really a rule break if you hadn't noticed. 

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its not VDM first of all if a cop drive over someone once, second of all that is not relevent for this report. if Cole feel like reporting that he can do so i a differenrent report. 

When it comes to how many was out of the car it was actually alot officers and sheriffs out of the car, if the Admin who takes this report want to see this i can make a new and longer clip but as i got admin reports in i had to clip it short. and it was no /me slings your ak behind your back what so ever, it was tried to carry him /do S? , he did not have a chance to respond before i interacted but that /me slings your ak on your back should have happened before the carry one 🙂 

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OK so I am kind of shocked but if you didn't know if you run someone over for no reason that is VDM i am unsure how you don't know that. Another officer saw it happen and saw it that Cole was a 10-16 so there wont be a report on that. So if i came to SD and just run you over only once i wouldn't be VDM'ing you? So the script allows me to put an AK on my back using Tab or my scroll wheel just like the script allows you get in your car and out of your car. Do you RP getting into your car and getting out of it every time? Him being run over is extremely relevant in this report i mean he is the ONLY reason i got off my bike. 

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Would like to add cause I was mentioned, I had an active /report 4 up the instant I got hit by the Sheriff, I cancelled it upon being told I was not being arrested as I believed it would’ve been petty for me to report him as I wouldn’t have been losing the weapons and ammo I had on my person, or be charged with what i was wanted for at that time. Also just gave him the benefit of doubt from camera angles and the angle he came at he could have lost control as it was kind of ramped meaning he would have gotten air time resulting in him losing control of the car.

Added points:

I think I actually /reported a bit after the incident actually I can’t remember.

The Sheriff and I had a but of an altercation ICly (which is a given, I just got injured surrounded by PD and SD whilst being armed and having heavy weapon ammo on me which I could have been charged with, also had multiple charges on me which I was wanted for.) which all got resolved and I apologised for not being careful and so did the Sheriff and we went our seperate ways.


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Hello, and thank you for being patient as this was being reviewed.

After careful deliberation, and consultation with multiple staff members, we have come to the following conclusion:

Player ID 184 - Liam Gunarr - @Hootless will receive a Verbal Warning for the NonRP shown in the video. We do not feel that it was FearRP to shoot, as he had a gun in his hand and was facing his attacker. We do feel that it was NonRP/Powergaming for him to use his assault rifle after he was in the process of picking someone up from the ground. The correct course of action would've been to roleplay dropping/stopping the picking up, and then continuing from there. The sole reason why he has not received a more stringent punishment is because the person shouldn't of been injured, as they were injured as a result of accidental vdm. The injury was later voided, and as such, we do not believe Liam's actions to have influenced the situation sufficiently to warrant severe punishment.


@alexalex303 & XposeD

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