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Fossil Fuels, A Blessing or A Curse? Let’s Crack Out the Answer!

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Fossil Fuels, A Blessing or A Curse? Let’s Crack Out the Answer!

Sweating, you briskly run your sweltering hands across your drizzly forehead, and you think to yourself “Why on earth is it so hot today?”. But you don’t pay much heed to the question for long before you realize the gasping tank in your car is begging to be filled with some sweet juicy fuel. So off you go to the closest gas station of sacrifice, that gives the earth no option but to pay the price. Detaching the handle, opening the cap and dispatching that black liquid into the rear of your car, it suddenly strikes you. This is the problem! The fuel is the problem! You realize that by drowning your car in that tincture of terror known as “gas” you work towards the destruction of this decaying planet!

The team at Weazel news has decided to address this issue and consider both the benefits and the negatives that fossil fuels provide to the thriving city of Los Santos. We must not forget; Fossil fuels are one of the biggest sources of power we have today and have contributed a huge amount to the growth of the city. How would we drive without it? How would we turn out lights on without it? How would we even turn our engine on without it? The answer? We wouldn’t! However, its now time to highlight the negative impacts it has on our environment. To begin with, average outside temperature has risen by a mighty 5 degrees Celsius! That’s a record breaking, almost catastrophic amount! This indicates that action must be taken to reduce our carbon emissions that the usage of fossil fuels produces.

In reaction to this shocking figure, we decided to get the opinion of the general public, to see what they think on the manner. Connor Ryaan was one of the people questioned, and we asked him what he thinks is the problem with our behaviour that works towards promoting carbon emissions. His first response claimed that “There are too many farmers”, and that their “tractors” contribute a huge amount to the use of fossil fuels. To support this judgement, research shows that 30% of fossil fuel use comes from driving tractors. Mister Ryaan was completely correct in his statement! In addition to this, we also asked him what he would be doing to reduce his fossil fuel consumption. He responded swiftly with the answer of “turning off my engine when its not in use”. We think this is a brilliant response and recommend that everyone should do the same. Taking steps in reducing our fossil fuel consumption is key to protecting this planet!


Written by – Nicholas Brown, Writer of Weazel News

Edited by Jelle079
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