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Report against YuSoHelpful

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Player(s) being reported: YuSoHelpful
Date of interaction reported: 15/10/2019
Unix time stamp from HUD:

Your characters name: Ray Broker

Other player(s) involved: JayGamble


How did the player break the rule(s)? I want to report YuSoHelpful for not looking very closely in to the evidences, because I think he shouldn't jail or ban people if something is connected with his gang ''Zetas'' like for example I had a problem with one of the Zetas member and all turned against me that I was only one punished and the best part I liked that when all this happened there was nearly like 1 min passed and the YuSoHelpful had already explained the situation and he did even had an evidence and everything, like that should be handled in forums with making an report but no he did everything in game. And the best part is when I did make an report of ban appeal or report I didn't even had a chance to answer on something, because those appeals where instantly denied. What I can see that as he is in the Zetas gang he is helping his crew, and making other people punished but his own are always clear and without any punishment. Also I have heard a lot of complaints that the really good Role Player people have been banned or else punished because of Zetas guys lied to the admins which are among with they''re gang and they of course believes to the crew members not some random people who are innocent but sadly I can't prove it but that's what I have heard. So yeah as I told before the admins who are in the gang which had some problems with each other should not decide what to the with the reports or appeals or something like that involved. Now it looks like any report against members of ''Zetas'' are handled by a admin who is actually in ''Zetas'' crew and all of those reports got denied, like really why that is even happening. I really hope that some of the very experienced member takes this report, I really hope, because this needs to be stopped.

Evidence of rule breach:

here I will post all my reports and appeals against them got denied




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Hello & thank you for the report.

First and foremost, I apologize for the late response to your report. Now, onto the report itself:

  1. Yes, it isn't that good of a decision to take reports from his fellow gang members, because bias may become a factor in these reports - it would've been better off left to someone outside of Zetas. Though, he did not breach any points in our Staff Master Policy by doing so, thus I deem this accusation invalid.
  2. In your appeal, it just happened to be that Archaeah concluded the appeal before you had a chance (I presume) to read YuSoHelpful's response and reply yourself. The second appeal got denied because you breached the appealing guidelines - YuSoHelpful was not in the wrong to archive your appeal.
  3. To the report itself, whether or not it was an NCZ breach is questionable, but YuSoHelpful used admin discretion in your situation to determine whether or not Jay_Gamble broke the No Crime Zone rule. Again, as a recap of my first point, YuSoHelpful was not in direct breach of our Staff Master Policy by taking the report, but it could've been handled by someone else.

As a general response to your message that administrators that are in gangs happen to deny reports on their own gang members, we keep an eye on reports regarding these situations. If an administrator is found being unable to remain impartial in these reports, disciplinary action will be taken against them. It is a serious issue that we wish never occurs, but in this report, YuSoHelpful is not in the wrong. Thank you for creating this report, we appreciate the worry.

Report denied

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