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Gangsta Killa Bloods/G-Shyne (GKB)

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Hello. I'd like to create a big community for those who wish to roleplay as afro-americans - a street gang. I had my first attempt of creating one, but sadly had no luck, I didn't know how things are working around here, that's why I'll leave this one here. Topic it's under construction, it's based on a blood gang (video will be linked downwards). If you're curious of how a street gang works, or if you're passionate of afro-american roleplay, then don't hesitate to join the movement. I'll start my inactivity in a few days, so it won't happen that soon, but would be cool to see a reasonable number of players down for this idea.


- Willing to roleplay (high-quality roleplay, more /me, /do)

-Willing to perform text roleplay (voice chat it's acceptable, but for screenshots and forum stuff, text roleplay it's more enjoyable to see)

-Experience it's not mandatory. If you're serious in what you do and you do it with passion, you're good to go.


-Willing to perform realistic illegal roleplay.



-Grow strong as a black community.

-Take control of south LS.

-Make connections (obtain guns and drugs).


Discord group - https://discord.gg/7C9suP


The image of the gang (better watch the video for inspiration)



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My name is TONY LITTLE. I’m definitely interested in joining your gang. 

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