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New colours during dark days of Los Santos

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New colours during dark days of Los Santos


After a long lasting summer, autumn finally arrived in Los Santos. The long nights made people enjoy daytime more, but days were dark as nights - filled with grey clouds and thunderstorms. This lead to more issues of people‘s mood falling down. People started to become angry over petty things and aggression started to spread across the city more and more. Sadness that the darkness brought was seeping in and taking over happy people‘s lifes. People were getting more sad, angrier and thus the crime rate increased highly and the government received unhappy complaints about the city more than ever before. 


image.png.2e5e744606c3d401d6d1837e4c89eeb7.pngBut as they couldn‘t change the weather and the vibe that autumn brings, they had to figure something out that would make the citizens at least a bit happier. So after having few discussions they found a solution for this time. They decided that if the autumn doesn’t bring colour to people‘s lives, people got to do it themselves. So they ordered a big shipment of new various colours and design clothing that people in this town couldn’t get before and it worked out. Stores were filled with people and you could hear the excitement in their voices and see a lot of smiling faces. After that happiness overcame sadness.. at least for a little while.


Besides that, if we’re going to start talking about the new winds of fashion arriving to the city of Los Santos, we should probably mention some other fashionable changes.  Recently a few famous barbers from all over the world moved into Los Santos and made people wait in endless lines just to get their new haircut. People were more than excited to try out the scissors of the well known hairdressers and see what their magic hands could do. You can see it yourself by visiting a hairdresser right in the city centre.  As brand new things were presented to people, resulting in pleasure that was more than enough to cheer people‘s mood and life’s up. The autumn doesn‘t seem so dark and depressing anymore.                                                                                               

   - Freelance Writer Beansy                                         image.png.50a3c4ddc5a87dd17fa38e2b8c0f4369.png

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