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Mickeyyy (staff member) Ignorance, unwilling to help players.

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Player(s) being reported: Mickeyyy (staff member)
Date of interaction reported: 17/10/2019
Unix time stamp from HUD: Unkown

Your characters name: Dakota_Reed

Other player(s) involved: None.

Specific rule(s) broken: Not a specific rule from the player report requirements, but he ignored me constantly.

How did the player break the rule(s)?

I was at the hospital doing a surgery and I crashed all of a sudden. When I logged in back I was in a random apartment, literally stuck, with no exit. So I made a /report asking if someone can teleport me out. In the meantime, I went for a smoke because I already stated my problem, and I was hoping that is solved. I came back, passed like 20 minutes, nothing. I crashed once again due to my internet connection, I logged in back, made another report, Mickeyy denied it instantly. Right after, I /reported again, but he totally ignored me and he preferred to leave me there stuck. Pretty rude from a staff member to do such things. 

Evidence of rule breach:



Still stuck.


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1. i never saw your first report

2. You made a second report that stated nothing other than "I have been waiting for 30 mins??? Hello???" so i denied it and continued rping. 

I have nothing else to add? This forum is for serious rule breaches which this was not. It was not even a rule breach. It was you being rude in the form of a report title. I am not ignorant or unwilling to help as many community members know. So I dont understand why because you made a rude in-game report title and it was denied that you feel the need to call me ignorant.

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I just stated that I did not see your first, I saw your second and I denied it then continued RP'ing. I dont rp with my eyes glued to staff chat. You are upset because I denied it. Why not report every mod+ that was online for ignoring as well then? Calling me ignorant is an insult, I am not a stupid individual. The world does not revolve around you, there are people who wait longer.

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This fourm is for rule breaches of any kind, and as a staff member you should know this. Ximena claims to have made four reports, the first one you claimed you did not see. The second you decided to instantly deny instead of investigating it, or leaving it be for another staff member. By responding to a report you put yourself in the situation, so I can completely see why Ximena would be upset about this. Other moderators might not have responded to the next reports after you denied it, due to them thinking that you are dealing with the player's problem.


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After review, the majority of your /reports were after Mickeyyy had denied the report of 

17/Oct/19 04:08 PM Dakota_Reed /report 1 Hello? I'm waiting for 30 minutes. Really?

Which came as your second and your first expired due to logging out.

Denying this report is actually what we expect and train; The report did not have details of any rule breaches or state an issue. Just that you're waiting; If your /report had a description of a real issue such as "I have been stuck in an interior for 30 minutes, please assist" then it would not be denied.

The initial report you made was 30 minutes prior and logs show Mickeyyy was actively RPing at this time and was unable to answer your report. I'm sorry you had to wait but that does not make the action of denying a report which had no issue wrong.

Subsequent reports were fine & not denied. There are a lot of people who need help in game at times and admins are volunteering their time to help out and have the freedom to play when they need to also. Again, sorry for the wait but there was no wrongdoing here or malice against you, so no action will be taken.

Thanks for the report.

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