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Mohamed Amine Jhidri

ID13 (VDM) - ID35 (Dm) & (NRP)

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Player(s) being reported: ID 13 & ID 35
Date of interaction reported: 10/13/2019

Unix time stamp from HUD: 1570927525
Your characters name: Pedro Gostavo
Other player(s) involved: ID17 , ID 109 , ID 200 , ID 90 , (ID 197 Was with me in car)
Speific rule(s) broken:

Non-Roleplay (NRP) :

  • Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay.

       • Unrealistic stunt jumping or the use of an expensive vehicle to ram into other vehicles.

Deathmatching :

  • Deathmatching is the act of attacking a player or their property without a proper roleplay reason.

  • A player must allow their victim enough time to comply with the demands.

  • Vehicles cannot be used to attack another player more than once including a failed attempt.

  • Attacking another player with no engagement in roleplay is not allowed.

  • You must explain your reason to kill to the player IC and have OOC evidence proving your reason.

How did the player break the rule(s)?

Me and my friend Sangres Niznik (ID197) was Going to the purple shop to buy some bobby pins then these guys quit theyre HQ close to the store and come fast to engage us for no reason when i see them running toward us i scream at sangres to get in the car (i was in the car engine was on and they didnt even give us demands even if they give they cant shoot me while im in the car with engine on  since fear-rp doesnt apply when engine on) then ID35 Start shooting the car as you can see in te footage there is 3 bullets traces in my car .

i cant get footage when the man shoot at me but  i started the record after he shot me directly after that they keep chasing me then  ID13 Ram me  for no reason as you can see in the first footage.

By the way they Dont even know who we was they said ("Are we sure this is russians" and when we stopped at the bank because we didnt do any crimes they said "Is this the russian paradise" this confirmed in the secondary two footages  .

and i like to ask them Kindly to give us a footage from the begining of everything , that will be more helpfull to admins).

* And sorry for my bad grammar *

Evidence :

First Footage : https://streamable.com/md69p

Secondary Footages :



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Hello and thank you for making a report.

Going over the footage that you have provided I do not see any rulebreak. The green car hitting you from behind is in my eyes an accident and not an attempt to ram you. Furthermore, it does not seem that this crash has put you as a disadvantage as you were able to continue straight away. 

If you want to report someone make sure that you have all the required footage available yourself.


Thank you 



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